Lift the veil of the “love hotel” in the neon country

Love hotels will be decorated in themed style, and the price of rooms with more luxurious facilities will be higher.

In the year I lived in Japan, I never heard a Japanese friend mention “Love Hotel” initiatively. The only impression I had was a sporadic report from the Chinese media. I thought that when you walk into any love hotel, it must be a tram car or a set of a Japanese classroom. This impression, which only exists in words, finally became alive because of a temporary trip by her boyfriend: “Let’s go to ラブホテル (love hotel).”

Open a room with a swimming pool
The appearance of a love hotel is slightly different from that of an ordinary business hotel in Japan. Business hotels like a simple and bright style, while love hotels are relatively pompous. The logo font is more elegant and changeable, and the exterior wall may be decorated with colorful neon lights. Some love hotels will adopt themed styles in the architecture, such as dark, luxurious, and castle styles.

Most love hotels appear secretly on street corners. After the sky is completely dark, if there are colored lights on the exterior walls of the hotel and two options of “rest” and “stay” are provided, it must be a love hotel.

Many love hotels in big cities appear regionally. It is said that there are hundreds of love hotels on the lover slope in Shibuya, Tokyo. That day, my boyfriend dragged me through the alley. When I turned a corner, I saw all kinds of neon-style light boxes, flashing in the dark night.

After missing ten rooms, we found a small arch bridge at the entrance of a hotel. Below the arch bridge was a 10-meter-long pool. The landscaping fountain in the pool was shining blue in the dark, reflecting each other with the hotel’s blue signboard.

We boarded the arch bridge and walked into the hotel, but did not see anyone after entering the door. The lights in the hall were dim, and only a giant photo wall greeted us silently. Different styles of room interior photos are neatly arranged on the wall, and each photo has an alphanumeric combination in the lower right corner, representing the room number and room level. The background light of some room pictures is not turned on, and you can only vaguely see the outline of the room; the background light of some room pictures is bright, making people can’t help but look at it. There is an operation screen below the giant photo wall where you can enter the room number.

The photos of the rooms are arranged by level, and the photos of high-level (A etc.) rooms are on the top, with more luxurious facilities and higher prices. I looked at the top group of rooms on the photo wall, and read the introduction silently: “Indoor luxury pool room, starry room that can sleep in the city by watching the stars, large outdoor terrace room…”

We decided to choose a room with a swimming pool. After inputting the room number on the operation screen, the whole hall made happy music. The photo of the room flickered and dimmed after the sound of music. We were a little confused for an instant, because we didn’t see any room card or key, only the elevator that opened the door not far away.

/ It is said that there are hundreds of love hotels on the Lover Hill in Shibuya, Tokyo. /

All automation services
We walked to the floor according to the room number. There was a dim light on both sides of the wall. The thick carpet absorbed all the sound of footsteps, and it was as quiet as a different world. We walked all the way, all the doors were closed, but the room in the distance in front of us showed a gleam of light, which was our room.

A couple passing by a love hotel in Shibuya, Tokyo

The door had been opened long ago, and it belonged to a very large room that seemed to open up the three-bedroom. The light changed from the gloom in the corridor just now and became bright and gentle. We walked into the house, and the heavy door slowly closed behind us, only to realize that the door was locked.

There is an actuarial machine by the door, you can swipe your card or enter cash. When the guest leaves, the door will open automatically after payment is made on this actuarial machine.

In this extra large room, there are 2 pieces of open bedroom space. On the left, there is a huge screen from the ground up to my neck, and a bed with 2 King Sizes; on the right, there is also a huge TV screen and another super-large bed.

I jumped onto the bed and measured the width of the whole bed with my body. “I want to roll 5 times, no, 6 times to complete the bed!” I exclaimed, while adjusting the brightness of the entire room from the head of the bed and the mood lights of different colors.

“Come and see here!” Hearing the shout, I walked off the soft bed and reached the corner on the other side of the room. The first thing that catches the eye is a huge massage seat. Behind the seat is a video game machine commonly found in game halls. Next to the game machine is a half-person-high vending machine with many independent grids. .

This vending machine is transparent on all sides, and there is a light box underneath for additional lighting, which allows you to see the products you want to buy in a 360-degree view. Each grid is loaded with different sex toys, as long as the payment is over, the door of the grid you want will open. “It’s actually a vending machine, without saying a word, it’s not embarrassing at all. This method is very smart!” The boyfriend sighed while studying.

/ The love hotel is a very important and attractive part of Japanese culture. It has been evolving since its rise in the 1970s. /

“But where is the pool? Did you see the pool?” I asked. I was attracted by the huge open space in the center of the city, and I forgot the most important reason for choosing this room-the swimming pool. My eyes searched everywhere, and I found the first door, and when I opened it, I found that it was a bathtub with a jacuzzi; I found the second door, but I couldn’t open it. “Your one is an exit, don’t open it.” Behind him came a lazy and funny voice from her boyfriend.

Love hotels are not curious
Until the third door is opened. “This is really amazing!” I shouted. What catches the eye is an oval swimming pool about 15 meters long with a set of life-saving equipment beside the pool.

The blue pool water swayed and swayed under the white lights, and the pool water was clear. The entire indoor swimming pool is in a confined space with no external windows, but there is no peculiar smell. However, there is a big reminder next to it to remind the guests-“Don’t swim naked.” Just for the sake of wonder, we naturally didn’t bring any swimwear, so we had to leave the pool with no interest.

“What if I’m hungry and want to eat? I can’t get out of this room without paying. I need to pay again when I go out and come in.” I thought of a key question.

“Room service? There should be a menu on the table.”

“Aren’t all room services expensive?”

With that said, I opened a special food menu on the table. The richness of the dishes on it is comparable to that of ordinary restaurants, and the price is not much different from that of outside restaurants. “It seems that this hotel doesn’t want to kill guests on food!” As I watched, I opened another album next to it, and saw that it was full of all kinds of Cosplay costumes that can be rented, nurse uniforms, school uniforms, etc. Secretary outfits, etc. everything.

That night, we were all exclaiming about the various luxurious and interesting facilities here, and felt that it is really rare to enjoy such a luxurious space in this place with little money. Moreover, this is completely different from the love hotel I read on the Internet.

Most of the introductory articles on the island country’s love hotel on the Chinese Internet are “erotic.” But in fact, the love hotel is the product of Japan’s refined management in the hotel field. Just like the Japanese food and beverage industry, a store specializes in one type of food, such as udon specialty stores, gyudon specialty stores, ramen stores, etc. Love hotels, like business hotels, are the most common part of Japanese life.

The love hotel is a very important and attractive part of Japanese culture. It has evolved since its rise in the 1970s. The current love hotel retains its original irreplaceable position in the custom industry, and it is also a fragment of Japanese daily life. Although people don’t often discuss it on the table, and not everyone has been there, if it really disappears, many people will be deeply troubled by it. If you have the opportunity to go to Japan next time, go experience the charm of the love hotel for yourself.