Russian parliament passes new bill Putin can do two more terms

On March 31, the Russian Federation Council (the upper house of parliament) unanimously passed a bill on the term of office of the President of the Russian Federation. According to this new bill, the current President Putin can run for another term after the end of the current term, and will be re-elected for up to two consecutive terms.

According to a report from Russia’s Interfax News Agency on March 31, Putin’s current term of office will end in 2024. According to the newly passed bill, Putin can continue to participate in the presidential election in 2024, and if he wins consecutive elections, he may be re-elected until 2036. On the 24th, the Russian State Duma (the lower house of parliament) has passed this bill. The bill clarifies that the president of the Russian Federation cannot exceed two terms of office. However, it also pointed out that the restriction does not apply to those who serve as head of state before the bill takes effect. The previous term of office was all “returned to zero.” According to reports, after the approval of the Russian Federation Council, Putin will sign the bill within two weeks to make it formally effective.

RIA Novosti quoted Matviyenko, chairman of the Russian Federation Council, as saying that at present, people are extremely concerned about what will happen in Russia after 2024. This anxiety is closely related to what is happening in the world. “We see that the business community is worried, and investors are also worried. This of course will affect the stability of the country. In addition, some people are trying to shake and weaken Russia and implement policies to contain Russia. Many of our partners are also rubbing hands and thinking about How to cooperate with Russia without Putin.” She said that the passage of this bill is very timely and will help stabilize the domestic situation. According to reports, Putin has stated on multiple occasions that he has not yet made a final decision on whether to run for president after 2024.

“If the EU can meet each other halfway, Russia is willing to resume normal cooperation.” Against the background of the deteriorating relations between Russia and Europe, on March 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a video meeting with French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel, showing that Willingness to improve Russia-Europe relations. The leaders of the three countries discussed the prospects for the registration of the Russian “Satellite-V” new crown vaccine in the European Union, and exchanged views on urgent international issues such as the situation in Ukraine.

According to a report by the “Russian newspaper” on March 31, the contents of the video meeting between Putin and Merkel and Macron include the situation in Donbass, Belarus and the Middle East, as well as the prospect of registering the Russian new crown vaccine in the European Union. The Kremlin Information Bureau announced that the three parties discussed the status quo of relations between Russia and the European Union. Putin stated that Moscow is willing to resume “normal and depoliticized” cooperation, provided that the EU is willing to do so in the same direction. According to the report, the talks were generally conducted in a pragmatic and open-minded atmosphere, and the three parties agreed to continue to work together on urgent international issues.

Agence France-Presse quoted a press release from the French Presidential Palace Elysée Palace on March 31, stating that the three leaders discussed the current COVID-19 pandemic and the progress of the European Medicines Agency’s evaluation of the “Satellite-V” COVID-19 vaccine developed by Russia. The possibility of cooperation between Russia and Europe on vaccines. Currently, the European Medicines Agency is evaluating the “Satellite-V” new crown vaccine. The communiqué stated that the evaluation of Russian vaccines will adopt the same standards as other vaccine evaluations.

French “Le Monde” reported that the 27 EU countries have disagreements over whether to use the “Satellite-V” vaccine that has not yet been approved by the European regulatory authorities. Germany insists on cooperating with Russia on the vaccine issue, while France refuses to make concessions. European sources believe that negotiations with Russian vaccine manufacturers will soon begin, because some countries, mainly Germany, are putting pressure in this direction. Merkel said that the EU must use the “satellite-V” vaccine. If the EU does not order it, Germany will order it on its own. Austrian Chancellor Kurz also announced that he is negotiating with Russia on the purchase of 1 million doses of the “Satellite-V” vaccine. Macron said on the 26th that Russia and other countries are trying to use vaccines as weapons to launch a “world war” at the level of political influence. Regarding the position of the European Union, the Press Service of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service stated in a statement on March 30 that the European Union was trying to take emergency measures to discredit Russia’s new crown vaccine under the tough US directive. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova said on the same day: “It is really frightening to look at what is happening within the EU bureaucracy. The myth that Russia is aggressive and deserves to be isolated, it has created over the years, is collapsing. In mutual benefit Cooperation on the basis of reciprocity is the motto of Russian political action.”

Regarding the Syrian issue, Macron and Merkel emphasized the importance of France, Germany and Russia in their efforts to promote the current political transition process and improve the security situation. France and Germany are concerned about the humanitarian situation in Syria and call for continued cross-border support for people in need. The leaders of the two countries also expressed their support for the work of the Syrian Constitutional Council.

The Elysée Palace Communiqué stated that the leaders of the three countries exchanged views on the Iranian nuclear issue and agreed to collaborate to promote the early reopening of dialogue and enable Iran to resume its obligations under the Iran nuclear agreement as soon as possible. The leaders of the three parties clearly expressed their support for the maintenance and implementation of the “Joint Comprehensive Action Plan” on the Iranian nuclear issue and will continue to coordinate actions in this area.

The three parties also exchanged views on the situation in Ukraine in detail, reiterated the irreplaceability of the 2015 Minsk Agreement package of measures, and emphasized that this should be the basis for solving the internal conflict in Ukraine. Agence France-Presse stated that Macron and Merkel hope that Russia will commit to maintaining a ceasefire in Ukraine. Putin emphasized that the Ukrainian authorities must implement the high-level consensus reached by relevant parties before, and firstly establish direct dialogue with Donetsk and Lugansk, and resolve the relevant legal issues that give the Donbass region a special status. Russia has expressed serious concern about the Ukrainian side’s initiation and escalation of armed confrontation at the Udong region’s contact line and its refusal to implement the “extra measures to strengthen the ceasefire system” agreed by the tripartite contact group on Ukraine in July last year. In addition, when talking about the situation in Belarus, Putin pointed out that the internal affairs of sovereign states should not tolerate external interference.

The “Voice of Deutsche Welle” stated on March 31 that Macron and Merkel also expressed concern about the fate of Russian opposition activist Navalny, demanding that Russia respect the rights of Navalny who is serving a sentence in prison, and pay attention to it. Its health.

On March 31, Russia’s “Viewpoint” reported that the Vice-Chairman of the Russian Federation Council (the upper house of parliament) Kosachev said that the meeting of the leaders of the three countries showed that Russia, Germany and France still retain the potential for future cooperation. They are formulating a broad agenda, focusing on responding to the new crown pneumonia epidemic and starting real contacts on urgent international issues. Although the parties did not reach a consensus on all issues, the dialogue between leaders was conducted in a pragmatic and frank atmosphere, which inspires people’s optimism about improving relations. The political observer of the Russian “Kommersant” Deliz believes that this meeting is an opportunity to improve Russia-Europe relations. Of course, this does not mean that the relationship will warm up, but in this way shows that Russia and Europe are still in contact. German News Television stated that just in early March, the European Union imposed sanctions on four Russian officials on the grounds of human rights issues. The talks are conducive to the strengthening of cooperation between the two sides in the field of vaccines, but there are still many obstacles to the full return of relations between the two sides, such as the Crimea issue and the Navaline incident.

“Confessions” of the President’s Son! The memoir of US President Biden’s son Hunter Biden, “The Good Things”, will be released on April 6, but many media have already seen it through channels. In this new book, Hunter recalled the tragic experience of losing a loved one in his early years, and also “chased and suppressed” former President Trump. Compared with his elder brother who died young, Hunter can be regarded as a “cheating father”: he took drugs, alcohol, whoring, and even had a relationship with his sister-in-law, moreover because of his involvement in the famous “Tongwumen” incident. And it does not cause trouble for the father, and these large-scale content is almost unambiguously revealed in this memoir.

Alcohol and drug abuse is because of “loneliness”

According to the “New York Times” report on March 30, Hunter described in his memoirs the grief of losing a loved one in his early years: On December 18, 1972, mother Nelia drove with three children and encountered a situation on the way to pick a Christmas tree. There was a disaster. This tragedy caused Hunter and brother Bo Biden to lose their mother and sister Naomi, who was only one year old at the time. When he woke up from the hospital bed, his elder brother, who was only 3 years old at the time, was still in shock and kept chanting “I love you, I love you” to Hunter repeatedly.

Hunter, 51, developed the habit of drinking very early. He revealed in the book that he was only 8 years old when he drank champagne for the first time. After attending work, he even had to “drink big drinks” every day after get off work. Before and after Biden became vice president, Hunter repeatedly failed to abstain from alcohol until his stomach function deteriorated, “even noodles could not be digested”, and his weight plummeted by about 20 kilograms. After Biden took office as Vice President, Hunter drank vodka for a month in an apartment in Washington.

Not only that, he has also been contaminated with drug abuse. For a while, he got acquainted with a homeless addict, and asked him to move in with him, and called this strange friendship “the symbiotic relationship of two poisonous insects.” Hunter boldly revealed in the book that because of his addiction, he quickly upgraded from drug use to drug production. When faced with a urine test and other occasions, he also tried every means to get through the confusion, such as buying “clean urine” from people.

Hunter emphasized in the book that his own vices cannot be attributed to the painful childhood experience, “If you say so, you are throwing the pot.” He admitted that he had been “lost” and always felt “lonely in the crowd.” He was grateful that his father did not abandon him because of his depravity, nor did he comment on him. He described in the book that Biden also took great pains to get him to quit the bad habit: once his father deliberately took two consultants home, but he strongly resisted. The father and son chased and escaped, and finally Biden caught him outdoors and held him for a long time.

Admit that the marriage change was due to the derailed sister-in-law

The book “Good Things” also records the shocking love affair between Hunter and his eldest brother’s widow, Hailey. His brother Bo unfortunately passed away from brain cancer in 2015. Unexpectedly, Hunter cheated on his sister-in-law Hailey after more than a year. His wife, Kathleen at the time, accidentally discovered an improper relationship between the two on a tablet.

According to the media’s previous understanding, Hunter’s divorce with Kathleen in 2017 was mainly due to the former’s drug use, prostitution and wastage of money, but Hunter admitted for the first time in his memoirs that this unethical love was the “last straw” to the breakdown of the marriage. “. The New York Post quoted an insider as saying: “Cathlyn has been helping him to get rid of drugs and alcohol for years, but never expected that he would sleep with his brother’s woman. She called him a pervert.”

In fact, this scandal was exposed by the gossip media in 2017. At that time, Hunter begged his father to “send his blessings.” Biden, who was struggling to ride a tiger, had to say in a statement: “After experiencing the grief of losing a loved one, Hunter and Hailey We feel very lucky to find each other and regain our lives together.” Hunt also said in the new book: “Our relationship started when both parties were eager to find the lost love.”

Hunter’s relationship with Hayley ended in 2019. The bloody thing is that Hunter also visited the strip club during the quarrel between the two, and after giving birth to a daughter with the stripper Roberts, he refused to admit the father-daughter relationship and went to court to reach a settlement. In May 2019, Hunter met his current wife and South African producer Melissa Cohen through a friend introduction. The two were “love at first sight” on their first date, and they were married in just 10 days. In March last year, the two sons were named “Bo” after the birth, as a memorial to their brother. After taking office as president, Biden bought a crib for his grandson in the White House.

Full fire on Trump

Hunter once became the focus of Washington for his “Tong Wumen”. In his book, he criticized former President Trump, his family, and political allies. In his view, Trump is a “despicable man” with a “despicable mission”, and personal attacks are his “only means.” He also taunted Trump’s two sons: “I am not Eric and Donald Jr. I can only work for my father. I am all on my own.”

The British “Guardian” noted that Hunter took a sloppy attitude towards joining the board of directors of the Ukrainian gas company Brisma Group. He stated that there were no ethical issues during this career, but admitted that his surname was indeed a “plus point.” The New York Times sarcastically stated that Hunter’s description of the Ukrainian incident was lacklustre, like “a report written by a student who did not want to hand in his homework”.

Hunter’s new book has received good reviews in the industry before, and some best-selling authors praised the book as “readable”. In the face of reporters’ questions, White House Press Secretary Psaki once called this a book “about a personal life journey” and it was not convenient to extend too much. She also relayed to reporters what the president and his wife said that they dared to talk publicly about their sons. I am proud of the addiction and think it can inspire people who are in trouble in life.