After 20 years, the German team lost again in the World Preliminaries

The German team lost at home and lost to the North Macedonia team! Agence France-Presse used “extremely embarrassing” to describe the frustrated German team. On March 31, in the third round of Group J of the European group stage of the World Preliminary, the German team at home lost 1:2 to the North Macedonia team. The biggest upset of this round of competition. German coach Loew said: “We are all very disappointed. Tiredness makes the team make mistakes on the court, the pace of the game is very slow, which makes us lose our due threat.”

For German football, this defeat is absolutely humiliating, and it also broke a bunch of records: This is the first time that the German team lost to the North Macedonia team, and it was the first time that Germany lost in the World Cup qualifiers in the past 20 years. Their last defeat in the World Cup preliminaries dates back to their 1:5 loss to England in 2001. In fact, the German team has only lost 3 times in the world preliminaries. This defeat also caused Germany to miss the chance to tie the team’s unbeaten record (36 games) in the world preliminaries.

What made the German fans even more angry was that the German team’s performance in this game was very poor. There were 13 shots in the game and only 2 of them were on target. The only goal was a non-sports goal-a penalty kick. Loew admitted after the game, “The player failed to control the game, but let the opponent seize the opportunity to defend against countermeasures.” The British “Guardian” said that in the face of opponents whose strength on paper is far less than its own, the German team has not yet converted its huge advantage into goals, and Loew’s coaching ability should be questioned.

The German player Werner kicked in an empty goal and was criticized by foreign media. ESPN said that as a new-generation shooter, the German striker Werner, who played for Chelsea, was disappointing. “Givemesport” website stated that Werner’s performance this season is average, and his panic performance during the key touches of the game is the epitome of his performance this season. The German shooter always lacks self-confidence, and he may be put on the shelves by Chelsea.

Agence France-Presse said the North Macedonia team ranked 65th in the world, 52 places lower than the German team. But the German team was passive because it lost the ball too early, and the North Macedonia team was able to implement the established tactics more resolutely. North Macedonia is just a small Balkan country with a population of just over 2 million, and it is also a former southern country. In the former Yugoslavia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia have very strong football strengths, but North Macedonia has always been behind in football. The “Global Times” special correspondent has traveled to this country several times, feeling that the local football atmosphere is not as good as that of the former Yugoslavian football duo of Serbia and Croatia.

This victory made the entire country of North Macedonia boil: Makfax News Agency, “Evening News” and other major domestic media in Macedonia published news of the national team’s victory in the first place. The 38-year-old striker Pandev, who scored the first goal, was praised by public opinion in North Macedonia. Media such as Neighboring Serbia‚Äôs “Political News” and Croatia’s “INDEXHR” website also praised the outstanding performance of the North Macedonia team.

This is not the first time North Macedonia has shocked international football. On November 13 last year, they used a victory to rewrite the 72-year history of the European Cup. In the playoffs of the 2020 European Cup qualifiers that day, Pandev also scored in the audience. The only goal to help North Macedonia beat Georgia 1:0, broke into the European Cup for the first time