April Fools’ Day Party Busy Police

Belgian Facebook account issued an announcement in March announcing that a large party will be held on April Fools’ Day in a park in the capital Brussels. This was originally an April Fool’s Day joke, but as nearly 20,000 people said they planned to attend the party, the local police were busy.

This announcement was released in March of this year, and it promised to involve DJs, singers and famous producers. The “host date” coincides with Belgium’s third blockade, and the country stipulates that no more than 4 people can gather. The police repeatedly reminded the public: “The party is not authorized and will not be held and additional police will be sent to the scene.” However, residents of Brussels still flocked to the scene that day, causing chaos. The police said that those who did not comply with the epidemic prevention rules will be prosecuted, and they have begun investigating the people behind the announcement on Facebook. However, the organizer who issued the announcement stated that the party will not be cancelled and they have changed the time to 2022.

After a series of death scandals of AstraZeneca’s new crown vaccine, in order to change its negative impression, the manufacturer decided to complete the rename of the vaccine within 6 months, from AstraZeneca to Vaxzevria.

Russian “Viewpoint” reported on the 1st that due to the recent decline in reputation, AstraZeneca vaccine manufacturers hope to adopt commercial methods to reshape their product image. It is reported that the renaming of drugs must undergo rigorous scientific research, but the manufacturer is not prepared to make any improvements to the vaccine itself. In this regard, Russian biosafety scientist Dumanov said that this is an incredible and broken method. “The new crown vaccine is related to the safety of many countries and regions. It is different from other brands on the market.” Most experts believe that this move is unlikely to increase people’s trust in their vaccines, but will be seen as a trick, leading people to be more vigilant about it.

How many cups of coffee is appropriate for a person to drink every day? RIA Novosti reported on the 1st that Staro Dubova, the chief nutritionist of the Moscow Health and Health Service, said that many people like to drink a few cups of coffee a day. There is usually no strict limit on the amount of coffee, but it must be taken with caution because excessive drinking Coffee can harm your health.

Starodubova said that drinking coffee in small or moderate amounts can prevent myocardial infarction, such as drinking 1-2 cups of weak coffee or coffee with milk a day. However, experts suggest that caffeine intake should be limited: no more than 3 mg of caffeine per kilogram of body weight, which means that a person weighing 70 kg should consume a maximum of 210 mg of caffeine per day, that is, no more than 5-6 cups of black tea or 3 small cups of espresso. If you exceed 6 cups a day, there is a risk of stroke. People with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease should be extra careful when drinking coffee and control their coffee intake.

Starodupova does not recommend people who suffer from digestive tract diseases such as peptic ulcer or acute gastritis to drink coffee, because the stimulating effect of coffee will make the condition worse. But coffee and lemon can provide the human body with twice the dose of antioxidants.

Because of her good body and good looks, Anna Khramzova, a former member of the State Guards of the Russian Federation, was once called the “most beautiful soldier in Russia” and “the live-action black widow” by public opinion. However, last year, this too popular “military internet celebrity” was expelled for accidentally revealing the internal situation of his original unit in his social platform Instagram account. According to a report from “Russia Today” on March 31, Khramzova filed a lawsuit against her former unit and revealed to the media that there was serious gender discrimination in the army. However, her complaint was completely rejected by a court in Yekaterinburg that day, and she said that she would continue to appeal.

The British “Daily Mail” reported that Hramzova was born in a military and police family, has a law degree, and worked as a police officer before taking up a post in the Russian National Guard. In 2019, she came to the fore in the beauty pageant held in the military, but she suffered from it after she became famous. She said that her popularity made many colleagues feel “jealous”, and she was soon isolated and marginalized in the army, and she was even subjected to cyber violence. She firmly believes that the real reason for her expulsion was “offending people”, not the so-called violation of discipline. She just took a video with the background of the administrative building of the unit, which is “insignificant”.