Italians are so particular about eating noodles that they are “outrageous”

The Italians adjacent to the Mediterranean have not only nurtured an ancient and splendid civilization with 3000 years of history, but also created a broad and profound noodle-eating culture. Regarding pasta, people have a deep-seated obsession. The ingredients are well matched. For example, lobster should be served with barrel-shaped canalon, hot cheese should be served with cat ears, and meat sauce should be served with lasagna. If you invite an Italian to come home for dinner and serve him a meat sauce with vermicelli, then his heart must be tormented under his kind smile, because in his opinion, you don’t understand Italians and you don’t understand. How to eat spaghetti correctly.

Colorful noodle shapes

In China, from south to north, east to west, from dandan noodles to fried noodles, from Yangchun noodles to Lanzhou noodles, the soup base and marinade are often the essence. The focus is on the taste, from the vividness of the sauce to the The taste of noodles.

Compared to Chinese pasta, pasta puts more effort on the pasta itself. For more than 3,000 years, according to legend, Italians have created more than 300 pasta shapes, and they are still in the process of imagining and creating them. The English word spaghetti is derived from Italian, but it cannot cover its true and full meaning, because in Italian, this word can only represent the simplest and most common kind of slender pasta.

The Italians give each shape of noodles a special name, some names are even very romantic, for example, Fickuccine means small ribbon, the shape of this noodle is like a ribbon on a gift box; Ca-pellini means Angel’s hair, this kind of dried noodles is as long as angel hair, revealing a full girl’s heart. In addition, names such as bow tie, screw turn, and wheel surface show the shape very intuitively and vividly. If you can name all the pasta names, congratulations, you already have hundreds of words.

Bologna meat sauce is quite particular

Bologna, located in central Italy, is the capital of Emilia-Romagna. There is not only the oldest university in the world, but also the most well-known food in Italy-Bologna Bolognese.

Under the “Twin Towers”, the famous landmark of Bologna, there is an internet celebrity shop called SfogliaRina. The meat sauce of this shop is very famous in the local area. Every time I come to Bologna, I will check in. As soon as you enter the store, you will see a long wooden table with food lovers sitting together, which has the charm of a large school dining hall.

After being seated, the waiter carried a large blackboard oncoming to him. It was filled with the names of the dishes of the day in fancy fonts, and the noodles with meat sauce would always appear in the most conspicuous position. I have consulted with the proprietress of the restaurant several times. It seems simple but very particular. I choose a few months-old veal to be ground into fillings, with San Marzano tomatoes and Italian bacon for sauce. Add chopped onion, diced celery, red wine, milk, etc., simmer for more than 3 hours to match the noodles. The noodles must be made of handmade egg lasagna to be authentic, because the Italians think that it can put more meat sauce. The taste is better.

“Undercooked” Pasta

When I first arrived in Italy, my first meal was a seafood restaurant near my home. Compared with the domestic atmosphere of the door, the entrance of this small hall can be described as inconspicuous. When you open the door, you will see a wall of photos and team emblems. The photo of the owner and many Serie A stars is enough to set off this house. The restaurant is extraordinary, and I have more expectations for the dishes, but the first dish surprised me. The first impression of a seafood noodle entrance is-if it is not cooked, I will not eat the second bite until the host’s Because I was anxious for the second course, I had to come and ask if it was unpalatable. I only knew that the durum wheat used in pasta has higher protein, so it has firmness when cooked. Because after eating pasta, you will feel full for a long time, which is one reason why pasta is used as a diet food by many people.

The seafood noodles I ordered are served with white sauce. They use unsalted butter, milk, and black pepper to make a thick sauce, with seafood only added with salt. The rich milky aroma does not cover the seafood. Sweetness. And this sauce must be paired with the most classic spaghetti, in order to hang more sauce to collide with the tip of the tongue.

Classic spaghetti mainly has four sauces, red, green, white and black, which resemble the colors of their national flag and the characteristics that Italians like to black themselves. Locals once jokingly said that three different pasta were flipped on the white cloth to form the national flag.

The green sauce is made of basil, pine nuts and olive oil. The most famous is Genoa’s green garlic sauce. My colleague sent me a bottle of it from a business trip in Genoa. Once I opened the lid, it gave me a strong aroma of garlic. Spoon two scoops of sauce on the cooked noodles and mix it, and a classic green sauce noodle is born.

My Italian friend named me Pastasciut-taro, which means pasta master, from Naples to Venice in the south, and I would not hesitate to order a piece of pasta wherever I go. I remember when I visited the Venice Film Festival for the first time, I went straight to the restaurant and ordered a famous cuttlefish noodle. The boss looked at it and said that I was true love, but when I heard that it was the first time I had eaten it, it showed up again. Gave a surprised look.

Cuttlefish noodles are regarded as a dark dish in the local area. Venice, which relies on the sea to eat the sea, has countless seafood varieties. A plate of black cuttlefish noodles is definitely not comparable to the colorful seafood noodles in terms of presentation, so why has it gained the locals Is it respected? Because it is based on the classic red sauce and then added with fresh cuttlefish juice, the effect of tomato juice is to highlight the sweetness of the cuttlefish itself, awakening the taste buds with the taste of the deep sea.

Italian noodles show the optimistic character of the locals and the profound historical background. Compared with other European countries’ feasting on meat, Italians are proud of the fine and varied spaghetti produced.