Witnesses to the Freud case testify in tears

On March 31, local time, Xiao Wan, a former white police officer in the United States, was charged with the murder of Floyd, an African-American man. The trial in Minnesota has entered its third day. The convenience store clerk who suspected that Freud paid the counterfeit bills and caused the store to call the police for the first time appeared in court to testify. The police played part of the video of the incident in court, restoring the last moments of Freud’s kneeling death. So far, Xiao Wan has insisted that he did not commit murder or manslaughter. And his defense lawyer tried to blame Freud’s death on his drug use and poor health.

According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on the 1st, on the third day of the public trial, the Minneapolis Hennepin County Court released a video of about 20 minutes of the body-carried law enforcement recorder-approaching Freud’s vehicle from the police , Until he was taken to an ambulance. The video showed that Xiao Wan pressed his knee against Freud’s neck for more than 9 minutes, and Freud repeatedly asked not to hurt him. The video shows that Freud once begged the police, “Don’t kill me, I just died my mother”.

The New York Post reported that the law enforcement recorder showed that after being handcuffed, Freud continued to plead with the arresting officers Wren and Kuhn, stating that he would no longer resist, and he would do whatever he wanted. what. But when the police tried to put Freud in the car, there was a scuffle between the two sides. Freud began to cry and resist, and said that he had claustrophobia and anxiety. During the dispute, Freud continued to beg for mercy, and Xiao Wan, the police officer who came to support, rushed there. When the police dragged him out of the car and brought him under control on the ground, Freud could be heard calling his mother and telling his family that he loved them. He also said, “I’m not a bad person, not that kind of person.” Then, the scene of kneeling and killing was staged, which lasted 9 minutes and 29 seconds, during which Freud repeatedly said that he could not breathe and called his mother’s name.

Currently, Xiao Wan faces charges of third-degree murder, second-degree murder, and manslaughter. But he denied murder and manslaughter. The defendant’s defense attorney argued that Freud’s death was not caused by Xiao Wan’s kneeling and pressing for a long time, but was related to Freud’s overdose of drugs and basic diseases such as heart disease and high blood pressure. At the same time, since Xiao Wan is at a significant disadvantage in weight compared to Freud, his kneeling and pressing behavior cannot be regarded as excessive law enforcement. According to the BBC, observers said that videos of Freud’s actions before and during the arrest may be used by the defendant’s defense as drugs related to his death.

However, witnesses who testified on March 31 did not think so. Convenience store employee Martin said in the court that Freud had visited the store where he worked before he was arrested, and there was a brief interaction between them. Martin said that he seemed to be excited, but he was sane and able to have a conversation. He described Freud as “friendly and approachable.” Surveillance video from the convenience store showed Freud laughing, chatting with other customers, and walking around inside. Martin said that Freud bought a pack of cigarettes from the store, but the $20 he gave was counterfeit currency, “He didn’t see it, I did.” Martin accepted counterfeit money and did not argue with Freud about the authenticity of the money. However, Martin was afraid of being deducted from his salary for collecting counterfeit money, and finally chose to tell the convenience store manager. The manager twice urged Martin and other shop assistants to get Freud back into the shop to solve the problem. After Freud refused to return, the store manager asked an employee to call the police. Martin stated that he was “surprised and guilty” after witnessing Freud’s arrest. He said: “If I hadn’t accepted this banknote at the time, this incident could have been avoided.” Martin said that he soon gave up his job in a convenience store because he felt unsafe.

Christopher Belfrey, who was also shopping at the convenience store, testified that he saw the police walk up to Freud’s car and pointed a gun at the window. The 61-year-old eyewitness McMillan witnessed Freud’s death on his knees. According to CNN, McMillan testified that he repeatedly told Freud to listen to the police, not to resist, and to go to the police car, “you can’t win.” Although most of the video released by the court on March 31 had been made public before, McMillan, who saw the video, was still crying. He said that when he saw the scene of Kneeling and Killing, he was “very helpless and desperate. I don’t have a mother, and I understand Freud very well.” In the above video released by the court, you can hear McMillan telling Xiao Wan: “Your knee is pressed against his neck. This is wrong.” And the witness Williamson who has practiced mixed martial arts said that Xiao Wan was using it. With a dangerous “blood choke” action, he moved his knees back and forth to increase the pressure on Freud’s back and neck. He said, “I was extremely angry at the time.”

“I’m sorry for Freud’s death, and I haven’t slept for several days. I always think that I should have helped him, even if I was fighting for him.” 18-year-old witness Danella testified Shi said with tears. At that time, she used her mobile phone to film Freud’s death and made it public on social media. Because of this video, a “Black Man’s Fate is Fate” parade broke out across the United States. Danella choked and said, “Looking at the dead Freud, I think of myself, father, brothers, relatives and friends as black people.” She told the court that the reason for filming the video was to see “a person frightened.” Begging for mercy”.

According to CNN, Minneapolis firefighter Hansen testified that he tried to take first aid measures against Freud but was stopped by the police. On the day of the incident, Hansen, who was not on duty, was walking and found Freud in handcuffs and motionless after being subdued by three adult men. She said that I walked to the police with the idea of ​​feeling Freud’s pulse and taking first aid measures, but was stopped by the police. When the prosecutor asked, “How do you feel when you can’t help?” Hansen said with tears, “It’s too painful.”

The BBC commented on March 31 that in May last year, the video of Xiao Wan kneeling on Freud’s neck was seen all over the world. For many people, Freud’s death became a symbol of police brutality, especially for people of color, and triggered large-scale demonstrations. Despite strong global protests, this is not easy to solve. American policemen are rarely convicted of deaths on duty. The verdict in this case will be regarded as a sign of how the US legal system handles deaths caused by police officers during their duty.