Britain tests the “new crown vaccine passport”

With the smooth progress of the new crown vaccination work, the UK’s “phased opening” plan has been officially put on the agenda. In order to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention, the British government plans to introduce a personal epidemic prevention certification system similar to the “vaccine passport” to facilitate detailed management after the opening of the society. At this stage, the relevant certificates will be mainly used for large-scale group activities that are densely populated and difficult to maintain social distance, such as large-scale sports events, concerts, and theater performances.

British Sky News reported that British Prime Minister Johnson will introduce the “new crown status certification” system to the public on the evening of the 5th local time, that is, “vaccine passport”, but Johnson avoided using the word “vaccine passport” widely adopted by the media. In the next few months, the British government will develop a set of authentication tools suitable for individual citizens, so that they can use mobile phone applications (APP) or paper certificates to visually show their recent physical status, so that people can self-certify whether they have been vaccinated , The result of the most recent nucleic acid test, or whether it has natural immunity (mostly refers to patients with new coronary pneumonia who have been cured and have their own antibodies).

British “Sunday Telegraph” quoted a government source as saying that the Johnson government commissioned a Danish company to design an APP to provide proof for vaccinators so that the public can enter the stadium with peace of mind to watch sports games, cultural performances and other large-scale events, as well as vacation abroad travel. The Secretary of the Cabinet Office of the United Kingdom, Michael Gove, wrote for The Sunday Telegraph that the British government’s “certification system” APP will be developed by the British National Medical Service System and will emulate the Israeli “vaccine passport” system.

The first event Johnson plans to test the “vaccine passport” is a performance at a comedy club in Liverpool on April 15. Other public events include recent Premier League matches, such as the semi-finals against Southampton by Leicester City on April 18. The venue for the recent World Snooker Championship will also become a “pilot.” The British government will evaluate whether to promote the “vaccine passport” based on the actual effect of these activities.

According to a report by the BBC on the 5th, as of last weekend, more than 31 million people across the United Kingdom had completed the first dose of the vaccine, which basically covered the country’s nine susceptible groups, such as frontline medical staff, nursing home caregivers and 50-year-olds. The above crowd etc. According to the government’s plan, the country will complete the first dose of vaccination for all adults by the end of July. With the smooth promotion of vaccination work, the country’s social opening plan is also in phases: On March 29, the country opened a “6 person limit” social limit and outdoor sports, and it is expected to be on the 12th of this month. Open shops, beauty salons, gymnasiums and other facilities. The government is expected to open bars, restaurants and various entertainment venues on May 17, and allow nationals to travel overseas on holiday, and finally lift all social restrictions in late June.

In London, the large stadium near the residence of the “Global Times” reporter has been busy setting up a virus detection center during the Easter holidays. On both sides of the road, there are more and more eye-catching signs of testing centers and vaccination points. Local resident Chacher White told reporters that he had received the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine and had no discomfort. He looks forward to getting the second dose as soon as possible next week and getting his “vaccine passport” to watch the football game with his old friends. He said with emotion that it has been more than a year since time flies, and everyone really wants to return to their old life.

Although the British have longed for a “return to normal life” for a long time, this “vaccine passport” system has still caused some controversy throughout the UK. Earlier this month, more than 70 members of the lower house of the British Parliament jointly opposed the plan, including 41 members of the ruling party. Many businesses worry that in the future they will be forced to formulate shop rules such as “non-immune persons cannot enter”. Such rules are sufficient to “dissuade” many customers in the short term. The Secretary of the Cabinet Office of the British Government, who is in charge of the “Vaccine Passport” project, admitted that before the large-scale launch of the “New Crown Status Certification” APP, a series of practical and ethical issues still need to be resolved. The British government stated in a statement earlier this month that the government will formulate corresponding “exemption” measures to prevent discrimination against people who are not suitable for vaccinating the new crown vaccine.