British politics shocked the derailment scandal: the prime minister turned out to be a scumbag

Recently, a huge scandal was exposed at 10 Downing Street: Jennifer Akuri, the mistress of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, revealed to The Mirror that they had a four-year extramarital affair.


In fact, with the discerning eyes of the people, they have long felt that the relationship between the two of them is not normal. When the media previously calculated the love history of Boris, they also included Akuri.

Perseveringly, Boris killed him and refused to admit it, Akuri kept secret, and the people were so anxious that they wanted to be severely tortured and forced them to confess.

Source: British Circle

But strictly speaking, this extramarital affair is a past tense and broke up in 2016.

Their “relationship” started in 2011. Ten years ago, Akuri was 26 years old and was a business student. Boris was 46 years old, not the prime minister, but the mayor of London.

Oh, I also forgot to say that Akuri is not British, but American. This relationship is still a veritable transnational relationship.

Acuri met Boris while attending a speech event, and Boris shook hands with the students one by one as the mayor.


At the beginning, Akuri acted differently from other students. She walked in front of everyone and said boldly to Boris, “Hello, my name is Jennifer. If you didn’t know me before, now you do. .”

This meeting was very similar to the first meeting between Lewinsky and Clinton. Lewinsky recalled that the first time they shook hands, they “exchanged their desires for each other” in a short moment, as a “sexy and greedy Playing girl” Lewinsky never thought about controlling his desires.

So is Akuri.

The second year they met happened to be an important period for Boris to run for re-election as mayor of London. Akuri, who had studied film, immediately offered himself to do voluntary publicity work for Boris. From then on, the two people often met for work and exchanged ideas. Private phone number.

If the previous meeting can be said to be a work need, then the very personal act of exchanging numbers made them both understand that the relationship has begun to change its nature quietly, there is a spark, and they are secretly eager to try, trying to start a prairie fire.

Boris even took part in his own campaign activities, staring at Akuri a few meters away, and even sent her flirting text messages, “Boris calls Jennifer, you look good.”

Puff, remembering the war game we played when we were young, “The sweet potato calls the potatoes…”

Akuri did not show weakness, replying to a text message saying: “You are welcome to come and see.”

Boris was an activist and didn’t waste much time at all. “Look and see”, and soon after anxiously sent a message about Akuri out to drink.

Fearing that Akuri would be wrong, and bringing a lot of colleagues there, Boris also specifically stated that this was a private gathering.

Of course Akuri understood it, she didn’t mind that Boris was still in the second marriage, at least the father of five children, and there might be some illegitimate children.

“Some” is a key point, and even the tricky British media have not figured out how much this “some” is. Because Boris refused to disclose how many children he had.

Previously, “The Sun” also wrote an article to count how many children Boris Johnson had…

The first date was in a bar in London. Boris was actually late, and he came on a bicycle. When he entered the door, he was panting and unkempt with a helmet on his blond hair.

The first sentence when he saw Akuri was, “Can you lend me 3 yuan and 1 dime?” Why? The mayor wants to buy himself a drink.


It’s a bit like Wang Shi and Tian Pujun again. Wang Shi invited Tian Pujun to eat five meals in a row, but he didn’t bring any money for the first three meals. Tian Pujun invited them all.

It’s hard to say what mentality the big guys are, but obviously Boris’s bewildering behavior did not persuade Akuri, and it also made Akuri interested. Tian Pujun is also the same.

The two began their second date again. This time Boris was like a Teddy possessed. He embraced Akuri in public, shared food together, and even dealt with Akuri, wishing to take Akuri home immediately.

When he went out, Boris asked Akuri to kiss himself. Akuri reminded Boris to pay attention to his image. Boris didn’t mind, “This is my city, I don’t care.”

Not only that, Boris also took selfies with the people who recognized him, and didn’t care about the two people being photographed. So they said that their scandals were all over the world and they were all made by Boris himself.

But Akuri refused to go home with him, Boris was very unhappy, and ran away on his bicycle in a rage, leaving Akuri in a mess in the wind.


Of course, Akuri’s resistance was not so resolute. On August 29, 2012, on the day of the opening ceremony of the London Paralympic Games, the two completed their first love applause at Akuri’s home.

In Akuri’s apartment, pole dancing equipment was specially set up, so before the start, Akuri even gave Boris a pole dance to cheer him up. It is said that Boris liked it very much.


We don’t know why a business student wants to put a steel pipe in his home.

Boris and Akuri lingered in bed for a few hours, stunned by the phoenix, not knowing what the world is—it was Sun promised and a fanatic. They completely forgot that they were wearing the mayor’s suit with the Olympic emblem when they came. Must attend the opening ceremony of the day with the royal family.

Akuri is still a bit sane. In the end, she drove Boris out, “You must leave, you must be on stage and TV in a few hours. Now, I will push you out of the door, with all the belongings The mayor’s things, take a tag with a big badge, and a collar badge and leave.”

At a global broadcast event watched by hundreds of millions of people, Boris sat politely between his wife and Princess Anne. No one knew that he had just gotten up from his mistress’s bed, and Akuri, who was watching the live broadcast at home, also received it. He sent a text message from the scene.


In full view, he still had the guts to send text messages to his mistress in the face of the sniper and short guns of the media all over the world.


During the four years of their relationship, the relationship between Boris and Akuri has always been passionate. Akuri told the Mirror that Boris’s hands could not leave her body at all, when they were fighting the hottest. , Have private meetings every week.

He even called Akuri his “exclusive piston detector” (don’t ask me what I mean, I don’t know), he praised Akuri enthusiastically, “You are the most beautiful woman, and I can’t stop thinking about you… …Of course, I like your body, your face, and your breasts…”.


They not only date in the big hotel, but also sneak into Boris’s house to have an affair when Boris’s wife and children are away. Akuri even accurate the location of the relationship to Boris’s sofa.

Upon hearing this, Larry, the chief rat catcher who lives with Boris at No. 10 Downing Street, was anxious and tweeted, “Give me a sofa, please.”


Boris’ favorite foreplay is cooking for Akuri, and he also reads Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”…what is this strange hobby?

Source: British Circle

Boris also complained in the text message that he suffered knee pain and physical bruises (the original sheet burn, generally described as bruises left by rough sex) after having sex with Akuri.

For Boris, Akuri played the role of a fire extinguishing team.

As long as Boris encounters a setback in officialdom, he will contact Akuri.

For example, once Boris wanted to meet with Palestine was rejected, which made him very frustrated. Boris sent a text message to Akuri asking her to meet with him at the hotel in order to “relieve her pressure.”

But the place where Akuri lives is a bit far from the hotel, and within the specified time, Boris asks for Akuri’s nude photos in the text message.

According to the chat records obtained by the “Mirror”, Boris called this request “a hungry request.”

Acuri agreed, and then posted a nude photo of himself topless by the fireplace, and Boris was very satisfied.

There have been many requests for nude photos of this kind. Boris once praised Akuri with the words of the famous novelist Raymond Chandler, “This is a blonde girl, she is enough for the bishop to kick a hole in the stained window. “.


The honeymoon period for two people began to decline in 2015.

The reason was that Boris met with Hillary in the United States. It may have been hit by Hillary’s toughness, so the old problem was committed again, and he wanted to find Akuri to “extinguish the fire.”

Akuri crossed the ocean and ran across Haiti to New York. He did not expect Boris to miss his appointment. Akuri was disappointed and felt like a call girl.

Once a woman is mentally unbalanced, she will raise her requirements in other areas.

In 2016, Akuri asked Boris to disclose their relationship, but Boris disagreed, which eventually led to their breakup.

“I deserve more. He is here only for fun. Has he ever thought about starting a family again? Not during the time he was in relationship with me!” Akuri said angrily.

At the end of 2016, Akuri was pregnant with the child of a man named Matthew Hickey and then married.


As mentioned earlier, Boris’s love history has always been brilliant, marriage is accompanied by derailment, wife and mistress linkage, it is not easy to sort out the context.

According to known information, Boris has had two formal marriages, four extramarital affairs, and there are at least seven children who are public within and outside of marriage.

The first wife was Allegra Mostin-Owen , who was his girlfriend from Boris University.


Allegra has a distinguished family. His father William Mostine Owen is a millionaire and serves as the chairman of Christie’s Academy of Fine Arts. His mother, Gaia Avadio, is an Italian writer.

Allegra has an outstanding appearance and is known as the “Oxford school flower”. He has also appeared on the cover of “Tatler” magazine. The two married in 1987 and divorced in 1993.


The second wife was British lawyer Marina Wheeler. Marina graduated from Cambridge and once obtained the qualification title of “Queen’s Counsel”. She is also a celebrity. Her father is a BBC reporter and holds a jazz title.

Marina and Boris are childhood sweethearts. The two have a very good relationship. They got married in 1993. Five weeks later, Marina gave birth to their first child. After 26 years of marriage, the two had 4 children. .


In 2009, Boris gave birth to a daughter with art consultant Helen McIntyre —yes, you read that right, she had a baby with someone else while she was still married.

During this period, Boris also had scandals with columnist Petronella Wyatt and reporter Anna Fazakli . It is said that the former had miscarried Boris.

Boris and Petronella Wyatt

Anna Fazakli

And now we know that the scandal with Akuri is not groundless, but it is true.

In 2018, Boris was once again exposed to marital derailment, this time the subject was Kelly Symonds , who is now the one who has entered the 10 Downing Street with Boris.


Kelly Symonds is also famous. Her father Matthew Symonds is the co-founder of The Independent, and her mother Josephine Mocaffey is the newspaper’s lawyer.


She attended a noble school and was full of ambitions for political careers. She joined the Conservative Party headquarters as a press officer in 2009, and then her career developed smoothly. At the age of 29, she became the youngest public relations director of the Conservative Party.

Now she claims to be an environmentalist, and the British media named her “Public Relations Master”. She was also named the second most influential person in the British political communication field, so she was able to get close to Boris.

In September 2018, Boris and Marina Wheeler jointly announced that they had “broken up” because of Boris’s unfaithfulness to the marriage.


When Boris and Kelly got engaged, his second marriage had not yet ended. It was not until February 2020 that he and Marina were officially divorced.

Two months later, he and Kelly’s youngest son were born.

From the timeline, Boris’s relationship always overlaps, and the two marriages are seamlessly connected. The second wife took the position when he was not divorced. The two remarried quickly after only 12 days of divorce. And the current Carly not only got the original match, but also got the junior.


Boris has thus become the second prime minister in British history to divorce during his tenure, and will also be the first prime minister to marry during his tenure in 250 years.


Boris was born as an elite. His father worked at the World Bank and his mother was an artist. His father’s ancestry can even be traced back to King George II of England.

He was born in the Upper East Side of New York. After returning to China, he attended Eton College since he was a child. He was alumni of upper class people such as William and Harry, and later went to university in Oxford.


Boris was very strong when he was a child. He must strive for the first place in any activity, even threatening to become the “king of the world.” He has been extremely keen on politics since his college days and is determined to make a big difference in politics.

Before setting foot in politics, he was an excellent reporter, editor-in-chief, and produced excellent TV shows.

Therefore, his current wild and unruffled style is more like “pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger”, transforming himself into a rough British man from the outside to the inside, to create a maverick image, wash away his elite background, and fight for To the support of the grassroots voters.


After all, the British Prime Minister is a miscellaneous family. To manage a group of ambitious and changeable people, he does not need obvious talent or imaginativeness. He only needs strong diplomatic means and “a bit of insincere scheming.”

The Boris scandal has profoundly explained a truth: habitual derailment is a disease.

On the surface, the treatment of this disease is one after another new couple, one after another relationship. In fact, no one can cure this disease. It is an abscess rotten in human nature.

Just take out any wife or mistress of Boris, including the rumored girlfriend and confidante, who are very good women who have made achievements in their respective fields.

Especially the second wife, Marina, is also the woman who has lived with Boris for the longest time. She is intelligent, tough, rational and understanding, and has a childhood sweetheart relationship with Boris. She was once considered to be a tame Bao. Reese is the best candidate for this energetic “wild horse”.


But even such a woman can’t satisfy Boris, his wild horse will not stay for any grassland.

His strong political ambitions turned him into a person who was completely self-centered and did not care about the feelings of others. This was why the first wife Allegra left her.

Allegra’s mother sees most clearly that what Boris needs is a very obedient and silent wife to stay at home and create a comfortable family life, while providing him with space to develop a brilliant career. “But my daughter is not That kind of person.”

In other words, what Boris needs is neither a wife nor a mistress. All he needs is a tool man to meet his needs at different times.

When he needs a stable marriage, he gets married; when he wants fresh excitement, he derails. He has only himself in his heart, no one else.


All the women are his spare tires, prepared for him one by one. When they are needed, he speaks sweetly and eloquently, and quickly throws them away when they are not needed, ruthless and unjust.

It was when Akuri finally realized this, and ended their relationship, “He loved me in a relationship, just for fun.”

People like this crazy chasing fame, fortune and prestige have an urgent need to conceal their inner powerlessness. Psychologist Karen Horney believes that “normal desire for power comes from strength, and abnormal desire for power comes from illness and weakness.”

This kind of covering of the weak is endless, and success, prestige, fame and fortune cannot prevent this from happening.

In Boris, we can see how many shadows of scumbags, they may have charm and strong attraction, it is easy to like them, but in the end, they will definitely be inexhaustible.