Residents of U.S. Industrial Wastewater Pond Leaking Worried About Environmental Disaster

A large industrial wastewater storage tank leaked in Manati County, Tampa Bay, Florida, USA, threatening to cause an environmental disaster. “USA Today” website reported on the 4th that Manati County declared a state of emergency on the 3rd. 316 residents near the wastewater pond have been evacuated and a highway leading to a large reservoir in the Tampa Bay area has also been closed.

According to the report, according to a report by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the leaked industrial wastewater pond covers an area of ​​77 acres, is 25 feet deep, and contains millions of gallons of phosphorus and nitrogen. The local government tried to fill the cracks with gravel and other materials, but failed. Currently, workers are introducing wastewater from the pipeline into a drainage ditch at a rate of 22,000 gallons per minute. According to the current drainage rate, it takes 10 to 12 days to drain all the waste water.

“Tampa Bay Times” reported that the wastewater pond is located in a phosphate mining plant, and many people are worried that the wastewater in the reservoir contains radioactive materials. Florida Governor DeSantis denied this. Wallenstein, the head of the local environmental protection department, said that if the reservoir collapses, it will threaten people’s health. At the same time, the leakage of wastewater may cause red tides.

The Chief Justice of India Ramana delivered a graduation speech at the National Law University of Andhra Pradesh on the 4th, saying that the unqualified education of many law schools in India is worrying.

According to a report from the Hindustan Times on the 5th, Ramana believes that the poor quality of legal education is the main reason for many pending cases in Indian courts. Ramana said that despite the large number of legal practitioners in India, there are still nearly 38 million cases pending in the district courts across India. Ramana pointed out that there are about 150,000 students graduating from law schools in India every year, but only no more than 25% of the students are qualified for relevant legal positions. The report quoted Ramana as saying: “This is not a criticism of graduates, who have the potential to become excellent lawyers, but a criticism of a large number of unqualified law schools in China. These universities are all in vain.”

Statistics from the Indian National Judicial Data website show that as of the end of January this year, there were as many as 37.2 million pending cases in the Indian District Courts and more than 4 million pending cases in the High Court. As of March 1, there were more than 66,000 pending cases in the Supreme Court of India.

In order to avoid a further increase in outstanding cases, Ramana calls on law students to practice in legal aid centers, arbitration and mediation centers during their studies, and take on the important task of speaking out for the disadvantaged and contributing to society. Ramana also lamented that the current education system in India is not enough to shape students’ character, nor does it have the conditions to cultivate students’ social awareness and sense of responsibility. Ramana asked to reform the education system to allow students to establish a correct outlook on career and life.

Mishra, chairman of the Indian Bar Association and senior lawyer, said that an advisory committee headed by Chief Justice Ramana has been formed to discuss and formulate legal education standards.

It is reported that the Indian think tank NitiAayog discussed the problem of too many pending cases in Indian courts in 2018. At that time, there were more than 29 million pending cases in India. Experts believe that if calculated according to the speed of the court’s handling of cases at the time, it would take a total of 324 years to complete these cases.

A French restaurant violated the anti-epidemic ban by secretly holding a luxurious dinner, and there were many minister-level officials among the attendees. According to a French news radio report on the 4th, the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation into the incident, and high-level French government officials have also stated that they will thoroughly investigate the matter and will not tolerate it.

According to the report, netizens launched the hot search topic “We want to know the name” on Twitter, asking the government to publicize the list of people participating in the dinner. Currently, France is undergoing a third lockdown, and this news caused an uproar as soon as it became public. A reporter who sneaked into the dinner on French TV 6 said that the location of the restaurant was very hidden and only a few senior customers knew about it. The dishes are also extremely luxurious, such as caviar, champagne and chef’s special menus. In addition, the channel claimed that reporters had obtained photos of the dinner at that time. A dozen participants not only did not wear masks, but even gave face-to-face salutes, seriously violating epidemic prevention measures.

French Minister of the Interior Darmanin expressed great concern about this and asked the Paris Police Department to immediately verify the authenticity of the incident in order to prosecute the organizers and participants of the secret dinner. Chiapa, the French State Secretary for Gender Equality, also pointed out that “if ministers or parliamentarians violate the regulations, they should be punished like ordinary citizens.”

South Korea’s LG Electronics announced on April 5 that it will completely withdraw from the mobile phone market on July 31 this year and stop the production and sales of its mobile business unit. LG Electronics said that in the context of increasing competition in the industry, the company’s mobile sector performance continued to be sluggish, so it made the above decision. According to Yonhap News Agency, LG Electronics announced on January 20 this year that it was considering adjustments such as selling its mobile business, and decided to delist after two months. During this period, LG Electronics promoted the sale of its smartphone business to companies such as Vingroup in Vietnam and Volkswagen in Germany, but none of them succeeded.

LG Electronics started its mobile phone business in 1995 and once ranked third in the global market share. However, LG’s mobile phone business has experienced deficits for 23 consecutive quarters since the second quarter of 2015, with a cumulative deficit of 5 trillion won (approximately RMB). 29.15 billion yuan). Despite exiting the mobile phone market, LG Electronics said it will still provide after-sales service to consumers and users, and insist on developing future mobile communication technologies. The company will focus on the research and development department (CTO) and devote itself to the research and development of related technologies, and strive to produce 6G original technologies by 2029.

According to a report by “Korea Economy” on the 5th, with the withdrawal of LG Electronics, the top three in Korea’s domestic smartphone market will also be broken. The top three in Korea’s smartphone market share in the fourth quarter of last year were Samsung Electronics. (58%), Apple (31%) and LG Electronics (11%). Industry insiders believe that Samsung’s smartphone market share in South Korea may further increase in the future. Because of the Android operating system used by both Samsung and LG smartphones, Korean consumers are likely to choose the same operating system that they are more familiar with when replacing their phones. Cell phone. Chinese brand mobile phones may also take this promotion to expand their market share. Prior to this, Xiaomi gradually opened the Korean market through exceptional promotional activities. After LG mobile phones are delisted, in South America, China’s OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and other mobile phones will benefit. In North America, Apple is more likely to occupy the previous market share of LG mobile phones.