The warmest subway

  Once, a Japanese student asked me what I think about public transportation in Japan, and I asked her why she asked this question. She said that she wanted to be a conductor because her father was a conductor. She grew up watching his father from behind and was greatly affected. She felt that the conductor was a hero.
   I didn’t know how to answer her question, because the question was too big and I didn’t know where the answer was, so I simply talked about two things I encountered. These scenes cannot be forgotten until today, and they may be useful to students.
   Once, I saw a young woman at the station rushing too hastily. She threw her high heels under the platform. As a result, she lifted one foot and pressed it on the other, feeling at a loss. She was standing at the front of the train, and the train stopped on the platform, waiting to depart. Seeing this, the train driver rushed out, taking off his white gloves to pad the woman’s feet, and using a long pole clip prepared in advance to clamp the high heels under the platform. While handing it to the woman, he said, “Be careful from now on.” There
   was another time. It was 30 years ago when I was working at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. One evening on the way, it was the rush hour when taking the subway. At this time, a primary school student squeezed into the car with a large cardboard box in his hand. He was afraid that others would squeeze his cardboard box and rush from left to right, but still not. The enemy’s surging crowds. He looked at everyone, his eyes turned red, and he said loudly, “My dad is celebrating his birthday today. This is the cake I gave him. Can you squeeze me? Please everyone.” Hearing what the primary school students said, the crowd gradually stopped. Fluctuations gradually formed a “wall” around him. The pupil was holding the cardboard box tightly with both hands, tears were streaming, but he couldn’t wipe it, and his watery eyes bowed deeply while watching everyone. This is the warmest subway I have ever taken.
   After hearing this, the students said: “I will also be a memorable train conductor in the future. At the same time, I will also take the warmest subway.”