There is a suicide forest hidden in Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is a symbol and landmark of Japan. Tourists flock to it, but many tourists do not know that there is a suicide forest hidden in such a famous mountain-Aokigahara Sea of ​​Trees. When Japanese people mention it, they immediately think of “Suicide Sacred Land”. The ancient trees there are towering, obscuring the sky, and the atmosphere is gloomy and terrifying. There are rumors that: “Once you walk in, you will never come out again.” Japanese social media has a list of terrorist areas, and the first place is the Aokigahara Shukai Suicide Forest , It was also selected as the “most popular” suicide site Top1 in the world.

The Aokigahara Sea of ​​Trees is located in the northwest of Lake Fujikawaguchi and Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture, with a total area of ​​about 3,000 hectares. This is a magnificent and vast virgin forest. From the top of Mt. Fuji, you can see the lush trees moving with the wind, like a rolling ocean, so it is called the “sea of ​​trees”. The forest bathing here is very famous, and there are campsites and parks nearby, so it attracts a lot of tourists.

When I traveled to Mount Fuji, I passed the Aokigahara Sea of ​​Trees. Out of taboo, I did not go deep inside. From the outside, I felt that the woods were very deep and I couldn’t see the head. The inside was dark and indistinct. Even during the day, I felt gloomy. of. The author also checked the evaluation of Japanese people who have been to Shuhai on Twitter. Most people said: “It’s too gloomy and it’s very easy to get lost.” “Be sure to walk along the main viewing road, otherwise you may not be able to get out. “The strange thing is that the sea of ​​trees is very quiet, only the sound of my own heartbeat and footsteps, and I feel terrible even during the day.” Some people even said: “If people who are weak or depressed come here, It’s too easy to fall into suicidal mood. Because the sky is obscured here, it is very depressing and desperate.” But some netizens think that the sea of ​​Aokigahara is not as terrible as the legend, the virgin forest is well protected, the air is fresh and the winding paths Tongyou, it is a natural oxygen bar, very suitable for walking in a daze.

There are various signs and visiting roads in the Aokigahara Seascape. It is very convenient to travel, but if you go the wrong way or stray into the deep forest without taking the visiting road, you may be in great danger. The trees in the sea of ​​trees are very single, and the surrounding scenery is basically the same. 360-degree tall trees are towering into the clouds and obscure the sky. Therefore, after getting lost, it is impossible to judge the position by the sun. Coupled with the relatively high altitude and the deep mountain virgin forest, the mobile phone signal is often bad or there is no signal at all.

Rumor has it that even the compass has become chaotic, unable to point normally, the signal of the mobile phone is poor, the GPS cannot be used, and even the signal of the system will be disordered even if the aircraft flies over the sea of ​​trees. Some experts revealed that this is not a weird phenomenon, but Aokigahara Shuhai is rich in iron ore, and Mount Fuji is an active volcano. The Shuhai is located in the magma zone of volcanic eruption. The magnetic field of volcanic lava prevents the compass from being used normally. It is very possible that some people came here not because they wanted to commit suicide, but because they got lost during the expedition and couldn’t get out of the forest.

Most people who came to the Aokigahara Sea of ​​Trees originally traveled for forest baths and cave explorations, but the “Complete Suicide Manual” published in 1993 and the famous Japanese mystery writer Seihari Matsumoto’s “The Tower of Waves” made the Aokigahara Sea of ​​Trees a world-wide The famous suicide forest. These two books are items often placed next to the bodies of suicides. In 1998, 73 bodies were found in Aokigahara Shukai, 78 in 2002, and 100 in 2003. In order to reduce the number of suicides in Aokigahara Shuhai, the local government not only strengthened patrols around Shuhai, but also encouraged people who found suicidal tendencies to immediately dissuade or report to the police. A warning sign was set up at the entrance of Shuhai: “The source of life. From your parents, it’s extremely precious. Please calmly and carefully think about your parents, brothers and children again. Don’t face the troubles alone, talk to the people around you more. (pictured)”

In recent years, people from all over the world have been admiringly exploring the Aokigahara Sea of ​​Trees. Spiritual enthusiasts have even organized groups to explore the secrets. Friends of the author have also gone to the suicide forest for live video broadcasts, variety shows based on the Aokigahara Sea of ​​Trees, There are many documentaries, and there are many movies that use this as a location.