It turns out nonsense is the preservative of love

  After entering the marriage, no matter how passionate love is, it will be flat, but those “nonsense” that seems meaningless to outsiders have become love preservatives.
  Experience antecedent
  weekend, a friend and we engage in a party, after dinner, my husband and I walk home, on the floor, put my key in the door, her husband suddenly behind a sigh: “Oh, I see you with anyone It’s said that the chattering in the sky and the underground is endless, turning around and meeting me, it becomes a boring gourd.”
  He didn’t say that I really didn’t realize it, and now I think, indeed, at the party just now, I was chatting and laughing, coming back this way But he didn’t say a word. When I got home now, if nothing else, he must be lying on the sofa and playing with his mobile phone. I sat on the bedside and watched TV, relatively speechless.
  Back then, the two of us came together because there was too much to say. Unexpectedly, the former “shenkan couple” entered the “marriage aphasia period”. It was really scary to think carefully! In fact, everyone understands how important it is to a marriage to have a partner who can chat together, and it is also clear that a silent marriage is like a tomb, lonely and indifferent. But for middle-aged couples who have been married for a long time, they have been familiar with each other for more than ten years to the point that I would hand them out as soon as he raised his eyebrows. There are fewer and fewer new things that each other can talk about. It’s “nonsense” and it’s meaningless.
  However, as he said, in fact, what I talked with other people is nothing more than a piece of “nonsense”, but when it comes to the closest person, how can I not turn this corner. Hi, that is to say a few more “nonsense” things, if he likes it, then I will try it from tomorrow!
  Today is the first day of the “nonsense strategy”, and I always feel that something should be done. I was wondering, when the phone rang, my husband’s WeChat arrived: “What are you doing?” I couldn’t help but laugh, this nonsense is really useless, not long after I left home, what else can I do besides taking the bus at this time? ?
  Thinking of ignoring him, and feeling that he shouldn’t be enthusiasm at first, he patiently replied: “Dangling on the bus, how about you?” He kept showing “The other party is typing”. I waited for a long time with my mobile phone, and then two words floated over: “Old-fashioned.” I was a little bit angry, and replied without saying a word: “Can you still chat happily? How can I answer honestly? It’s up? Let’s see how I go home to clean up you.” At
  dinner, I attacked my husband about today’s affairs. My husband explained in a dumbfounded manner. He heard from a young colleague in the unit saying that asking “why” in WeChat is equivalent to “I miss you”. , The standard response should be “thinking of you”. Only those who are incomprehensible will honestly reply to what they are doing. When my husband saw that I responded with such a duty, he knew that I didn’t understand this stalk, so he teased that I didn’t understand fashion. Unexpectedly, I went online, thinking he was laughing at me seriously, and came to confront me.
  I scratched my nose awkwardly. It seems that looking for words without words is also a skill. In order to understand and catch up, I have to improve my lower rank.
  I lost the battle yesterday, but I have to make up for it today. During my lunch break, I downloaded a bunch of WeChat emoticons, picked out a handwritten earth-flavored love sentence and sent it over, “I’m low blood sugar again. Hurry up and say something sweet to me.”
  Soon, my husband’s message came back: “Not ambitious, you and the world.” Ouch! The sweetness is overwhelming. I smiled and picked another sentence, “I will call you you later, because you are in my heart.” My husband quickly came back again: “You are a little weird today, weird and cute.”
  We both swept back and forth . . Although they are all ready-made words made by others, they do not 100% represent each other’s true feelings, but compared to the days when there was no connection in the past, these words of borrowing flowers to offer Buddha are really warm.
  When I was young, I always thought that there was no need to be polite between the loved ones. As we get older, we understand the importance of running a marriage better. Just as Ge You said in “If You Are the One”: “It is not guilty to live at home with courage and harmony.” What’s more, courage and courage are not in conflict with couple diplomacy.
  When I got off work, my husband asked me to wait for him for a while, and he came to pick me up and go home. This is a treatment only available on wedding anniversary, and the effect of talking nonsense is almost immediate.
  I am such a clever person, absolutely cannot let this little flame dim. At dinner, I took out the spirit of dealing with guests when attending a friend’s gathering, and chatted with my husband lively for a whole night, and had a good nonsense first night.
  Today, after my husband came home, his face was a bit long, and he must have encountered something in the work unit. In the past, I consciously take care of the housework and try not to make any noise, because I do not understand his business at all, because he intervenes like a mountain, and I don’t understand a little bit of his business. Listening to him calling and arranging work is like listening to the heavenly book, let alone suggesting something to others. Constructive opinions solve problems. In that case, it is better to return him quiet.
  But today, I have a different idea. I soaked a pot of his favorite little green mandarin and sat next to him, listening to him talk about the difficulties of rebuilding storage in the southwest area today and the internal struggles of the company. Although I still listen to the heavenly scriptures except for the worldly humanities, I still missed the opportunity to say some “nonsense”: “Is that so?” “Really?” “Oh my God, it’s not easy!” These enthusiastic words Like a switch, I clicked to tick a bunch of words from my husband. It seems that a man seems to be powerful and powerful, sometimes a wronged child, eager for someone to touch his head, pat his shoulders to feed a jelly bean, and then he will be able to go into battle the next day.
  Although there are many things in the world that can only be carried out by yourself, it is so happy to have someone who is willing to listen to you whenever and wherever possible.
  The “nonsense policy” has been implemented for a month, and I suddenly found that I have nothing to say again.
  I downloaded the WeChat emoji package, it was fun to use it once, but it was boring the second time. Incidents that upset us in the workplace for 20 years are not so common. Seeing that I was about to return to the state of talking and shutting up when I was okay, it made me sad.
  After all, husband and wife are different from friends. No matter how good a friend is, it takes ten and a half months to see each other, and the fragmented topics are enough to talk for a long time. Husbands and wives are different. When they are together every day, no matter how many topics are, they will be exhausted in the ordinary and trivial life. If you want to talk and laugh every day, you only need to use your brain to create topics and gradually form a habit, and then it is possible to talk for a long time.
  In the evening, my husband was still lying on the sofa and playing with his mobile phone. I leaned over to see that he was playing the show. I was making a farce, so I asked him to cast a screen to watch it on TV. I really like the actors who play the leading actor in the play. They are serious in acting and have an online appearance. They are very personable. But the contrast between his little hands and the elegant face is so big, every time I see him raise his little hands, I instantly play. Seeing me constantly laughing, my husband was very puzzled: “Watching a TV show is about the plot, why are you in charge of other people’s hands?” When I heard it, I opened the conversation box. The two talked from the plot to celebrity gossip, and the difference between men and women. , I also discussed the health effects of bedtime by the way.
  After reviewing the story, I suddenly discovered that don’t treat this man next to you as your husband, and treat him as a girlfriend named “husband”. All the “nonsense” will be fluent and endless. “The habit is not difficult.
  In the morning, I was washing and discussing with my husband about shopping in the supermarket after get off work. New Year’s Eve is coming in a few days, so we need to prepare some ingredients and gifts for relatives. The seniority is different, the relationship is different, and the things you send can’t be the same. In the past, these things were summed up in my heart and silently, but now, I broadcast them to my husband through my mouth.
  At noon, my husband sent me some cooking videos, discussing what to eat on the weekend, and by the way, have my work problems solved? After get off work in the evening, my husband took me to the supermarket to buy things, and while driving, he listened to me about the trivial affairs of the unit. When we got home, we both plunged into the kitchen and were busy together. The food store downstairs bought some new dishes. The fruit sold at the roadside stall was 5 cents cheaper than the supermarket, but it was always short of the catty. After calculating it, we should buy it at the supermarket without worry… All trivial matters are within the scope of our chat.
  At night, he is still playing on his mobile phone and I watch TV, but he always talks without a match. I found that when we carefully fill every corner of our life with “nonsense” and develop a habit as natural as eating and sleeping, the ordinary days will have a warm taste.
  After entering the marriage, no matter how passionate love is, it will be flat, but those “nonsense” that seems meaningless to outsiders have become love preservatives. Some people say that the best feeling is when you want to talk, someone listens and someone responds. Feelings are gradually consolidated in such a steady company.