Data adds flying wings to active marketing

  The current foreign trade competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the challenges faced by enterprises are increasing day by day. With the development of diversification, personalization and product specialization of customer groups, as well as the impact of new technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, and big data, coupled with the global spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020, many plans are planned in the next few years Companies that are accelerating growth or wanting to “overtake on a curve” are forced to step on the brakes and start running around to “live”.
  In such an environment, if foreign trade companies are ushering in a cruel market “shuffle”, it would be better to regard it as an opportunity to seize more opportunities, that is, to turn “crisis” into “opportunity.” This requires companies to continue to accelerate and change the thinking and methods of data marketing, take the initiative to attack, and precision marketing. And passive marketing will undoubtedly send customers to peers, and eventually be eliminated by the market.
  At present, foreign trade marketing methods mainly include B2B (business-to-business) platform promotion, search engine optimization (SEO), participation in exhibitions, local promotion (ground promotion), social media promotion, data marketing, etc. Most of these methods are passive. . For example, in the era of information asymmetry more than ten years ago, the value and role of the B2B platform approach once made a large number of companies engaged in foreign trade earn a lot of money, but as information becomes more transparent and market changes accelerate, the B2B platform approach It also brings some negative factors, making more and more foreign trade business become less like business, more like documentary. For companies, having an inquiry means that customers have immediate demand most of the time. As long as the supply and demand of both parties match, the order can be immediately taken. But for now, the inquiries of marketing methods such as B2B platform promotion and Google search engine optimization are not very optimistic. Most of them are small customers, small orders or scattered orders. Customers with slightly larger orders are already in the pockets of others, and unless there is a major change, they basically don’t need to send inquiries. Of course, the value and effect of these marketing methods cannot be completely denied. In fact, every marketing method is imperfect, and different industries also apply different foreign trade tools. For foreign trade companies, no matter which marketing method they use, they must take the initiative to find high-quality customers and arouse their attention. This is the most effective way to obtain transaction opportunities.
  How do companies take the initiative to market? Here are 3 real cases to share several ideas with you, hoping to bring some help to foreign trade companies.
  Actively market new customers in the market, customers who have not cooperated, and customers who have contacted but have not yet completed the transaction. No matter what method is used to find target customers, let them know you, understand you, trust you, and finally reach cooperation.
  The first case is a Shanghai company that Global Huisi cooperated with in 2018. This company has been paying attention to the Peruvian market for a long time, but it has not opened the market well. Once, the staff of the company paid attention to a local brand in Peru, but only the public mailbox was left on its website, and LinkedIn (LinkedIn, the global workplace social platform) did not have information about the company’s procurement staff. After Globalwits provided the Shanghai company with the contact information on the Peru database, its regional manager called directly, and the person who answered the call was an executive from the Peruvian company. As he learned about the product name, specifications and related prices of the products purchased by the Peruvian company through the data earlier, the regional manager communicated with the executive from an industry and professional perspective. The administrator shared with him a few key pieces of information at the time, all of which were related information sent to his public mailbox by his Chinese production counterparts in the past few years. Only the administrator can view this information, and the real purchaser does not. This mailbox. The executive of the Peruvian company told the regional manager that it was the boss’s wife who was in charge of purchasing and gave him the boss’s wife’s mailbox. Later, the Shanghai company contacted the wife of the owner of the Peruvian company and communicated through follow-up emails and telephone calls. In addition, the company’s personnel came to China to inspect the factory in person, and the two parties quickly reached a cooperation. Until now, there are stable monthly return orders between the two companies. Of course, there are other advantages. But from then on, this Shanghai company will use data tools to find real target customers, and then proactively contact and precise marketing, and the market will also expand.
  Actively market customers who have cooperated. Understand the upstream and downstream products of the customer’s industrial chain, and see if the customer is purchasing extended products or planning to expand in this field. According to their professionalism, give customers some reasonable suggestions, and at the same time understand the true purchasing strength of the customer more clearly.
  The second case is a Zhengzhou company that Global Huisi cooperated with in December 2019. During the epidemic, the foreign trade manager of this company used data to sort out the old customers of the company’s cooperation, and learned about the purchasing strength of the cooperative customers, and based on this, he made plans for future sales strategies in advance. By looking at the data, the Zhengzhou company learned about customer procurement in India, the Philippines, the United States, Brazil, Russia, Liberia, Botswana and other markets in the past two years, and through statistics on procurement growth rates, transfer orders and split orders, it found that Customers who are defined as Type A or Type B can only be defined as Type C and Type D. The purchase volume and price system agreed by customers in these countries with this Zhengzhou company is very different from the actual situation reflected in the data. Therefore, the company has made some adjustments to its old customers, and also adjusted other products and industries purchased by these customers. Related products on the upstream and downstream of the chain have been analyzed and understood in detail, and it is found that several other products purchased by customers can also be shipped. It can be seen that if you take the initiative, be more careful, and learn more about the data, you will always find different values.
  Actively market customers who compete with peers. This is not to advocate for companies to engage in vicious competition, but to lengthen and relax their vision. Pay attention not only to domestic competitors, but also foreign competitors, but also to find high-quality customers who have good reputation, stable purchasing frequency, and demand for expanded production capacity.
  The third case is a Guangzhou company that Global Huisi cooperated with in January 2020. In January 2020, the marketing director of this company asked all business personnel to use data to learn more about the market conditions, shipping cycles, price fluctuations and other factors of their counterparts in the area they are responsible for, and make a BI (Business Intelligence) report. In February, the Guangzhou company was unable to resume work, and some contact plans were disrupted. Despite the fact that the global epidemic continued to spread in March, the company adjusted relatively quickly because of the previous data reference. As soon as possible, the business personnel were arranged to learn about the customers and purchases of foreign counterparts through the data, and let the business personnel pass Proactively contact customers by phone and email. In the following three months, this company took over orders from several foreign competitors and achieved good economic benefits. Of course, the epidemic is a big factor in obtaining these orders, but it should be noted that the use of data for precision marketing thinking changes is extremely beneficial to market insight, sensitive analysis, and scientific decision-making. Coupled with taking the initiative to contact and do a good job of the preliminary work, there will be gains if you persist.
  The above three cases share several ideas. In addition to using data to do active marketing, we also need to achieve: precision, persistence, professionalism, occupation and business.
  Accuracy-to find the target customers that truly suit us, and focus limited energy on high-quality customers.
  Persistence-find accurate customers, persist in communication and contact, and don’t retreat as soon as you encounter setbacks. Only those who are not afraid of difficulties, move forward courageously, and dare to persevere can have the last laugh.
  Profession-be familiar with all aspects of product production and product parameters, performance, features, etc., and be able to professionally interpret your own products; at the same time, you must also be familiar with the upstream and downstream of the industry chain where you are located, so as to provide professional after-sales services for customers. Suggestions and solutions.
  Career-flexibly responding to different customers, different markets, and different economic situations can also allow you to gain more customers’ favor and win more business opportunities.
  Business-this is the most fundamental and ultimate goal, namely to make a deal. For enterprise marketers, the ultimate goal of all previous efforts is to reach a deal and maximize value.
  From the trade frictions in 2018 to the global new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020, the international situation is becoming more and more complicated, and the foreign trade market is full of waves. Time does not wait for me, grasp the moment. Active marketing led by data will surely bring greater benefits to them, open up more “blue oceans”, and make the future promising.