The princess complained, alarmed the “two palaces”

  ”I didn’t make Kate cry before the wedding, she made me cry.” “Being imprisoned by the royal family, I wanted to commit suicide.” “They were worried about Archie’s complexion.” …
  a blockbuster “bomb” in the British prince Harry and Princess Megan were thrown out one after another when they were interviewed by Oprah, a well-known American mouthpiece. This scene on March 7 pushed the British royal family into the biggest public relations crisis after Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in 1997. At this time, approaching the 69th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne, the 99-year-old Prince Philip was still treating in the hospital.
  In the empire that pays attention to aristocratic decent, the American Megan dripped the first drop of black blood for the royal family, which was like a spoiler from the beginning. Now, she has labeled her in-laws such as “racism” and “forcing people to commit suicide”, which inevitably arouses the passion of the British media and the public, and expresses sympathy to the Queen of England. The princess’s American “maiden family” supported the “married daughter” and believed that Megan “demonstrates the rashness and bravery of Americans.”
  Before the talk show ended, Megan compared herself to the Little Mermaid in a fairy tale. She said that the little mermaid lost her voice because she married the prince, but now she finally regained her voice.
  ”Do you think you will have a happy ending with the prince?”
  ”Yes, and it will be better than the fairy tales you have read.” In
  fairy tales, the ending is always “the princess and the prince will live a happy life from now on.” In reality, a palace battle drama has just begun.
“Full of ammunition” launched a bombing of the royal family

  During the conversation with Oprah, Megan, who had been pregnant for several months, was wearing a black dress and a Cartier bracelet from Princess Diana. The gemstone earrings were the same as her mother-in-law’s dressing style before her death. She choked and said that her life as a member of the royal family was so painful that she had even thought of suicide. Sitting aside, Harry also compared what happened to his mother and his wife, saying that he was most worried about Meghan’s fate.
  Obviously, Megan, who is incompatible with royal life, tried to portray himself as the second “Diana”. According to British media statistics, there are more than 30 sets of costumes for Megan after he married into the royal family, which are similar to those of Diana.
  Twenty-six years ago, Diana vomited bitterness to the public, causing the British royal family to fall into a crisis of public opinion. This time Megan’s conversation was described by the Associated Press as the most sensational British royal interview show since Diana’s interview in 1995.
  Megan, who was born as a Hollywood actor, performed very well in this dramatic two-hour interview, showing the “inner see-saw” to the fullest. She probably expected that someone would say that she was doing her presence, and at the beginning of the show, she said that the interview was a kind of inner “liberation.”
  ”You are married to a 1200 institution, married to the monarchy, what do you think of your married life?” Oprah asked.
  Megan began to verbalize: “Passports, credit cards, and car keys were all confiscated, and he couldn’t even have a meal with friends. There is no freedom in life…”
  Megan said, before marrying Harry, he “imagined too naively about the royal family”. “I don’t know anything about duties and responsibilities.” Before seeing the queen for the first time, Harry asked her if she would curtsey, and she was shocked. “I thought curtsy was only done for outsiders.” However, Megan also knew that the queen was a respected head of state, and he didn’t dare to make too much trouble, and only aimed at the “royal system.” She emphasized: “The queen has always been very good to me. She once gave me pearl earrings and matching necklaces as gifts, reminding me of my grandmother.”
  When overturning the rumor of “Meghan crying Kate before Meghan’s wedding”, Meghan tried his best not to hurt the family. She said: “Reports all over the world say that I made her cry, but the opposite is true. The wedding week was really stressful. Kate was upset with the flower girl dress and made me cry. This really hurt me. Heart. However, she later sent flowers and cards to apologize to me. I have forgiven her.” She also emphasized that “Kate is a good person”, showing her generosity: “I don’t want to go into the details of this matter, this pair Kate is not fair.”
  At the same time, Megan publicly expressed his sympathy for her husband. She recalled that when she was pregnant for the first time, she was on the verge of suicide due to external pressure and the loneliness of life in the palace, but she needed to put on a particularly happy appearance in public. “I was going to attend a royal concert with my husband that day. I was sitting in the royal box with various lenses around me. I could only cry when the lights were off and smile when the lights were on.”
  Megan said, “As a last resort When I talked to my husband about suicidal thoughts. “He lost his mother when he was a child, and now I don’t want him to lose me again. I know how much Harry has suffered for my pouring, but I know that if I don’t say it, I will definitely choose to commit suicide. Harry’s decision to save Saved me and saved the home of both of us.”

Left: Megan often “matches” her mother-in-law Diana in dressing. Right: At Christmas 2018, Megan (third from left) curtsy to the Queen.

  Faced with such a poor and weak woman, any prince has to feel distressed. As soon as Megan said that he was a victim, Harry immediately came out and blessed: “I have been trapped by the royal family life. Until I met Megan, I only mustered the courage to walk out. Leaving the royal family is incredibly difficult, but at least we have each other.” Fighting to say that the other party had saved themselves, the scene of Harry and Megan “fate and love each other” was a bit of tears as expected.
  The couple also joined hands “loaded with ammunition” to launch a bombing of the royal family. The most explosive is the accusation of “racial discrimination”. “During the months of pregnancy, I heard a lot of conversations one after another,’They won’t give Archie (the son of Megan) any security’,’They won’t give Archie a title’, and some people even have a question about Archie’s skin color after birth. How dark it is to express concern.” Megan said.
  When he heard Megan’s words, Oprah, who was of African descent, was stunned for several seconds, and said in disbelief: “What?” Such a public discussion of a person’s skin color is not only The U.S. public opinion field is very inappropriate, and it is also “politically incorrect” for the modern British royal family. Oprah couldn’t help but ask “who on earth said these words.” However, Megan refused to give details on the grounds that he “does not want to ruin that person.”
“The members of the royal family feel sad”

  From the trivial personal grievances, the inconsistency, and the sensitive racial issues, the repressive royal life that Megan said is obviously detrimental to the noble image of Buckingham Palace. Due to the time difference between the United Kingdom and the United States, the royal assistants stayed up late at 3 in the morning to watch the live broadcast while recording, and at the same time selected key content to produce a briefing. When content involving racial discrimination was broadcast, they were terrified. Just after dawn the next day, the royal family held an emergency video conference and began to discuss the response.
  Perhaps it was because of the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, or because of the respect of the nobles, the royal family’s response did not lose its grace. After two days of deliberation, Buckingham Palace issued a statement on March 9: “After learning about the challenges Harry and Meghan have faced in the past few years, the members of the royal family feel sad.” The statement also pointed out that Harry and Meghan “proposed The issue of racial issues, especially ethnic issues, is worrying. Although there may be inconsistencies in the content of some memories, they will be taken very seriously and resolved privately between family members.”
  The statement also mentioned that Harry, Meghan and their child Archie will “always be loved family members.” British public opinion said that the Queen’s response, who has been working hard to preside over the overall situation, is as solemn and decent as ever.
  Why did Harry and Meghan, who have withdrawn from the British royal family for more than a year, suddenly explode the secrets of the royal family? British media analysis said that the Queen had asked Harry if he would return to the royal family, but he and Megan refused. The couple also declared that they would never return to the royal family. This angered the queen and directly cancelled all royal income of the couple. This may prompt Megan to “declare war” on the royal family again.
  The couple, who lost their royal titles, are now even more busy, and news of all sizes has never been interrupted. They moved to Southern California, formed a business team, and co-founded the production company Achewell with Netflix and Spotify, and also launched podcasts. The aura of the status of former royal family members gives them the opportunity to give speeches everywhere, appearing frequently in the public eye, and earning a lot of money from them. Although the couple claimed to be self-sufficient and “never thought of” using their previous titles to gain benefits, they still applied for the registration of the “Royal Sussex” trademark, intending to develop royal-labeled clothing, stationery, books, etc. in the North American market industry. This time “provoking” the royal family, obviously also allowed them to earn another wave of traffic. The production cost of this interview is 9 million U.S. dollars (1 U.S. dollar is about 6.5 yuan), and the advertising asking price per 32 seconds reaches 325,000 U.S. dollars. There are 17.1 million viewers in the United States alone.

On Christmas 2020, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom delivered a routine speech at Windsor Castle.

In 2021, the United Kingdom will launch a commemorative coin for the 95th birthday of the Queen of England.

  An assessment from a British brand company shows that Harry Meghan may be worth as much as $1 billion in the next 10 years. Of course, this depends largely on the quality of the content they produce for Netflix and Spotify, and whether they can maintain a basic decent relationship with the Queen. relationship. After all, “Never kill the goose that laid the golden eggs for you.” Whether or not they give money directly, the queen is their ultimate “grandma of the gold master.”
The maiden family “supports”, the in-laws “anger”

  Regarding this shocking interview, Meghan’s British “mother-in-law” and American “mother-in-law” held diametrically opposite attitudes. Some people even say that this is the “antagonism” of the two cultures on both sides of the Atlantic.
  Most British people are relatively conservative and have a sense of admiration, support and identification with “king power”. According to media analysis, the Queen of England is not only the head of state of the United Kingdom, but also a spiritual leader. Its status is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This is a value that has been internalized for thousands of years. Many Britons accused the Harry and his wife of creating chaos and insulting the dignity of the royal family in this “inflammatory interview”, and of being “troublemakers.” On social media, their first reaction was that Megan “lied” in the interview. Someone said: “If you discriminated against you, the queen would not agree to marry you.” Others scolded: “As a member of the royal family, you should first accept its due responsibilities, instead of being selfish, patronizing requirements for security, titles, etc. Privileges such as private doctors”.
  The British host Pierce Morgan even gave Megan the title of “Princess Pinocchio”, complaining that the interview was a betrayal of the British royal family and was “despicable, destructive, and selfish nonsense.” Royal expert Robert Jobson believes that this interview “dropped a huge grenade on the royal family and the monarchy.” The couple did not respect the Queen throughout the interview, which was also an insult to the British people.
  British Sky News quoted JLPartners’ poll data as saying that 54% of British respondents believed that the Meghan and his wife “did the wrong thing at the wrong time”, and people were disappointed and angry about this. 44% of Britons said they did not believe that the British royal family discriminated against Megan. British public opinion generally sympathizes with the Queen and the royal family more than those who support the Harrys. Many Britons said that “this couple puts personal happiness above public responsibility”, saying that they “threw the queen and the 1,200-year-old royal family under the bus in London” and said that “what they did was very impressive. anger”.
  When asked whether the investigation should be initiated, British Prime Minister Johnson declined to comment on the Queen’s family affairs. “I have always admired the Queen very much and respected her role in our country and the Commonwealth. As for other matters, especially matters related to the royal family, I will not comment.”
  In the United States, Megan is regarded as a “minority who successfully counterattacked through self-struggle”, and her “opening voice” seemed to many Americans to be full of positive energy of “using human rights to resist kingship”. Especially the racial discrimination she mentioned in the interview is an explosive topic in the current United States. It is conceivable that most Americans stand on Megan’s side, and the sentiment is agitated.
  After the Oprah interview was broadcast, the American female professional tennis player Serena Williams quickly tweeted in support of Megan’s “rebellion.” Pop singer Beyoncé also posted on social networking sites: “Meghan, thank you for your courage and guidance. Because of your inspiration, we are stronger and stronger.” American actor Jordan’s call is more “mother’s family” warmth: ” Come back, baby, in America, there are more people who can live the life of a queen than in England.”
  ”The rebellious prince” Harry was also supported by the Americans. “The prince gave up everything to protect the family and to ensure the safety and happiness of Megan. This is the real prince.” American actress Arquette said.
  American politicians are also watching this wave of traffic. The former “first lady” Hillary Clinton had a good relationship with the late Diana, and this time he also supported Meghan: “I feel very sympathetic when I see Harry and Meghan deeply discuss the injustices they endured. See them. Describing how difficult it is to integrate into the royal family is heartbreaking.” Hillary praised Meghan and Harry for “standing up for themselves and their children” and hoped to see the British royal family “more energetic and visionary than it is now.” Gorman, the young poet who once recited the poem at the inauguration of US President Biden, said that Meghan is “the greatest opportunity for the British royal family to change, rejuvenate and reconcile in the new era.”

  The White House also made a high profile to support the “daughter who married out.” White House Press Secretary Psaki praised Meghan’s frankness. Psaki said: “Anyone who speaks about his mental health dilemma and tells his own story needs courage.” Psaki also revealed that Biden is very supportive of Harry and Meghan’s approach. “This kind of individual speaks out loudly. The power of this is what President Biden believes.” Of course, the spokesperson did not forget to routinely emphasize the special relationship between the United States and Britain: “I want to reiterate that we have a strong and lasting relationship with the United Kingdom. We have a special partnership with the British government on a series of issues. The relationship will also continue.”

Top left: British host Pierce Morgan. Top right: Hillary Clinton, former first lady of the United States. Below: The front page reports of Megan in newspapers such as the British “Daily Mail”.

  Facing the same interview, the Americans were concerned about the discrimination against the first black princess who entered the royal family. They dared to speak out the “injustice” they experienced and defend their human rights. In the eyes of the British, she is a divorced 18th-line actress, constantly breaking the rules of the royal family, challenging the bottom line, and full of lies, revealing her privacy to the public, and gaining eyeballs through consumption of the royal family.
  Some researchers of British and American cultural differences believe that this interview has aroused huge divergence in the public opinion field of Britain and the United States. Behind it is the difference between the importance of maintaining traditional British culture and the American culture that emphasizes individual freedom. This kind of original subtle difference is chased by the United States and Britain. The media is magnified and it is even more difficult to be compatible.
  American Fox News bluntly said that the glory of the British aristocracy is dead. In the eyes of the American media, Megan’s contradiction with the royal family is due to her modern, adventurous spirit and candour as an American. Some analysts say that behind this divergence, there may be a conflict between “America First” and “British Superiority.”
The whole world is watching

  In this interview, the whole world is watching and speaking out.
  Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova did not miss the excitement. She said on social media that after reading the interview, she understood what democracy with the characteristics of the British monarchy looks like. Under the instructions of those in power, any problems may be affected by the British media. Invert black and white, even the British elite, if they do not conform to the wishes of the ruling group, they have no sense of security at all. Zakharova said that this household chore is not a scandal, but the collapse of democracy.
  The “Irish Times” directly bombarded: “Their existence is a psychological projection of the British wanting to remember the lost British Empire.”
  Former Australian Prime Minister Turnbull also came to “troubleshoot” and encourage Australians to consider leaving the Commonwealth. He told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the Harrys during this interview supported his view that Australia should cut off the constitutional link with the British monarchy: “Do we really hope that the king or queen of England will automatically become our head of state?” The
  American “New York Times” simply published an article titled “Abolition of the British Monarchy”, claiming that the royal family is the carrier of the hierarchical system and is impersonal, and the abolition of the monarchy is “too logical.”
  One stone stirred up a thousand waves. No wonder the British media believe that this interview is the biggest royal crisis since the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936.
  In fact, when Harry and Meghan first got married, the media in the United Kingdom and the United States briefly reached an agreement that Meghan would bring freshness to the royal family and symbolize the inclusiveness and progress of the royal family in the new era. The BBC said at the time that Harry and Meghan’s wedding would be revolutionary and demonstrate the diversity of Britain.
  The British royal family has indeed tried to become more diverse, open and tolerant, showing a more modern and more up-to-date image. However, as one of the oldest royal families, the British royal family has a lot of red tape, and there are always some bottom lines and norms that cannot be compromised. People in it can easily feel restrained and depressed, as if trapped in a cage. When Megan walked farther and farther, and gradually became incompatible with the royal family, public opinion had a huge tear.
Unbearable to bear the “double standard” of the British media

  It is worth mentioning that in this turmoil, the “double standard” of the media, especially the British media, made Harry and his wife furious.
  Many British media are “royalists” and criticize the “rebellious couple”. The day after the interview trailer was broadcast, the British “Times” reported that Meghan had been reported to have bullied royal staff’s “dark history”. Buckingham Palace immediately stated that it would intervene in the investigation, which was interpreted by many as the royal family expecting that the content of the interview might be detrimental to them, so they “start first to be better.” “Daily Star” posted a photo of a vomit bag on the cover, meaning that the upcoming interview is disgusting.
  In Meghan’s view, the British media have always been unfriendly to him, and they also have “double standards” when reporting. For example, it was reported that Kate ate avocado, saying that it was to relieve morning sickness, and when she was reported, it was linked to deforestation.
  Megan said that the British media’s slander was the main reason for her and her husband to leave the royal family. They think that the British tabloids are very paranoid, but the royal family is reluctant to tell the truth, “If the royal family can protect us, we will not leave.”
  The “unscrupulous” of some British media, even the American politicians directly called “unbearable.” Hillary Clinton said: “I have also dealt with British tabloids, and their cruel behavior towards Megan is outrageous.”
  Of course, there are also calmer ones in the British media. According to Reuters, the British royal family not only needs to deal with this issue as a public relations crisis, but also needs to think about and adjust its posture in front of the people to show a more modern and enlightened side. After all, the British royal family does have to adhere to tradition and even The conservative side. “For centuries, the key to the survival of the monarchy lies in its ability to adapt to the needs of the times. The British royal family also needs to re-adapt to the changes of the times.”