The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange IPO is poured cold water

Coinbase, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, was listed on the US stock market Nasdaq on the 14th. The US Securities and Exchange Commission’s disclosure documents show that Coinbase’s total revenue in 2020 will reach 1.3 billion US dollars, more than twice the revenue in 2019. However, on the day of Coinbase’s listing, Federal Reserve Chairman Powell “poured cold water” on cryptocurrencies, saying that cryptocurrencies are mainly speculative tools and have not become a means of payment. Coinbase once fell below the issuance price that day.

The US CNBC website stated that Powell’s attitude towards cryptocurrencies coincides with the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve and current US Treasury Secretary Yellen. Yellen told the media in February this year that she believes that Bitcoin is a highly speculative asset and an “extremely inefficient means of trading.”

Coinbase stock opened at $381 on the 14th, and its initial market value was as high as $99.6 billion. The reference price previously given was $250 per share. Coin-base’s stock price quickly jumped to a high of US$429 after the opening, and its market value was as high as US$112 billion at one time; but then turned down and fell below the opening price of US$381. As of the pre-market trading stage on the 15th of the US stock market, Coinbase’s stock price has risen by 7% again. CN-BC website stated that the listing of Coinbase is seen as a “watershed” event in the cryptocurrency industry. Although some strategists have given a buy rating to Coinbase, some analysts believe that the volatility of cryptocurrency assets and the uncertainty of the regulatory environment may put pressure on the long-term trend of Coinbase’s stock price. On the 14th, the price of Bitcoin fell from the historical high of $63,000 set just this week. According to the latest survey of fund managers by Bank of America, three-quarters of professional investors believe that Bitcoin is just a bubble and is “highly speculative.”

Big upset! In the third round of the 2021 Monaco Monte Carlo Masters Men’s Singles on the 15th, the world’s number one Djokovic sent 45 unforced errors and lost in a row 4:6 and 5:7. Two sets were upset and lost to British player Daniel Evans. The new season’s 10-game winning streak came to an abrupt end and at the same time ushered in the first defeat of the year. Evans will face Belgian David Goffin in the next round.

“This is one of my worst games,” Djokovic described the game after the game. Agence France-Presse said that the ninth Australian Open in February this year, Xiaode won the Monte Carlo Masters in 2013 and 2015. This is his first defeat this year. Evans, ranked 33 in the world, also scored two “firsts” after the game-defeating the world No. 1 for the first time and entering the quarterfinals of the Masters for the first time.

“I don’t understand all of this yet,” 30-year-old Evans said in an interview after the game. “I’m very satisfied with my performance, (after all) you will never have confidence when facing Djokovic. This It will be a memorable moment. I will tell my children in the future that your father has beaten No. 1 in the world.”

Evans’ opponent in the next round is David Goffin, who took 1 hour and 51 minutes to knock out the No. 5 seed, German player Zverev Jr. in this round. David Goffin reached the Monte Carlo semi-finals in 2017. In February this year, he won his fifth ATP Tour championship at the French Southern Open.

The Monte Carlo Masters is the first of the three major clay-court masters each year, marking the climax of the European clay-court season. As the highlight of the clay court season, this year’s French Open has announced a one-week postponement (starting on May 30). The Russian star Medvedev, who was forced to withdraw from the Monte Carlo Masters due to the positive new crown a few days ago, once questioned the decision of the French Open. He believes that a one-week postponement will not substantially change the development of the new crown epidemic, and even a one-week postponement will affect the top The star’s warm-up plan and preparations, “Such a decision is simply ridiculous.”