What is loan migration analysis?

  Loan migration analysis, also known as credit risk migration analysis, is a credit risk analysis method based on probability analysis. It uses historical loan loss data to estimate the proportion of loan loss in a bank’s current loan portfolio to determine whether loan loss reserves are sufficient. Generally speaking, there are four main steps in loan migration analysis:
  First, group the loan portfolio according to loan types or risk categories; second, determine the loss rate of each category of loans, such as special mention loans in the fourth quarter The loss is 2%; third, analyze the factors that affect the change in the loan loss rate, and adjust the existing loss rate; fourth, multiply the adjusted loss rate by the loan amount of each category in the current quarter to obtain each category of loans The amount of loss.
  Loan migration analysis requires at least four consecutive quarters of loan loss data. The premise of loan migration analysis is to have an effective problematic loan identification system, accurate loan classification and loan loss verification system. Otherwise, the quality of loan migration analysis cannot be guaranteed.
What is the principle of a two-way mirror?

  The two-way mirrors that appear in detective novels and mystery stories are often the key items for reversing the situation and discovering evidence. The two-way mirrors that are rarely encountered in real life can inevitably be covered with a veil of mystery in people’s eyes.
  Two-way mirrors, also called single-sided see-through glass, are made by adding a thin film of metallic chromium, aluminum or iridium to ordinary glass by vacuum coating. This kind of glass can reflect most of the projected light back. Two-way mirrors are widely used in prisons, public prosecutors’ interrogation rooms, psychiatric hospitals, etc., to achieve the effect that the inside cannot be seen from the outside, and the inside can be seen from the outside.
  How to check if your photo is a two-way mirror? Just put the tip of your nail on the surface of the mirror. If there is a gap between the tip of your nail and the reflected image, it is an ordinary mirror. However, if the tip of your nail can directly touch the reflected image of the nail, it is a two-way mirror. If you find two-way mirrors in hotels and public toilets in your daily life, you should report to the police for help in time.
Are fish really hungry and full?

  After overfeeding in the fish tank, the ornamental fish are often labeled as “not knowing how hungry or full” they are. Is this really the case?
  The feed for ornamental fish is generally synthetic fish food. When overfeeding, the fish will leave the unfinished feed, which is a problem. Most ornamental fishes are temperature-changing animals and will increase their feed intake with the increase of water temperature. In order to digest food, the full-fed ornamental fish will increase their oxygen demand. Excess food will be decomposed by microorganisms in the water and spoiled. In the process of spoilage, various toxic metabolites will be produced, polluting the water quality, and the microorganisms will consume the dissolved oxygen in the water during the decomposition process. When there is insufficient dissolved oxygen in the water, the ornamental fish will become dysfunctional in various organs due to lack of oxygen. In this case, the fish may become ill or even die, but these unlucky fish are often misunderstood as “struck to death.”
  Therefore, the “feeding officers” should control the food intake, pay attention to the water quality, and change the water frequently to avoid the “unjust death” of the fish.
Can children eat vegan food?

  Recently, a kindergarten in Chengdu has become the focus of controversy over “vegetarianism”. The propaganda content of the kindergarten shows that the children in school have no meat in their diet and are vegetarian all the time. Although the kindergarten is undergoing rectification, some people still wonder: Is it really unhealthy for children to be vegetarian?
  The health and life activities of the human body require comprehensive and balanced nutrition such as high-quality protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, etc. For children in the growth and development period, the supply of several nutrients required by the human body should be “not one.” less”.
  In theory, humans can indeed obtain the nutrients they need through vegetarian diets, but the way to achieve this is extremely complicated and cumbersome, and requires the support of very professional food nutritionists, not to mention that the implementation targets are children. Unreasonable vegetarian food is difficult to provide children with sufficient nutrition and cannot meet the needs of children for healthy growth. If you don’t have professional nutrition knowledge, letting children adopt a vegan diet easily will bring about a series of consequences, which will not only affect the growth and development of the child’s body and brain, but even cause death in severe cases.