The source of loneliness


  The second he touched his son’s face, Ding Xin was dumbfounded.
  The child’s body is like air, and his hands continue forward without obstruction. Inertia made him unable to hold back the momentum, and fell down. The child’s eyes flashed suddenly, and he seemed to know nothing about it. He was surprised to see that the child instantly became transparent, and the tables and chairs, books, walls, and even the entire world became transparent. He tried desperately to catch, but he couldn’t catch anything.
  When it fell to the ground, the ground turned into nothingness, and Ding Xin fell straight into the bottomless abyss. Fortunately, there is reason, and reason yells in the mind: Don’t panic, calm down, this is a dream, this is a disease, this is a brain problem!
  ”Open your eyes.” A soft voice came from my ear.
  This is auditory hallucination. I have never closed my eyes, so how can I open my eyes? But after the muscular system habitually responded, he immediately saw the flowers and green grass and the soft light from the dome.
  He stood in a magnificent palace.
  ”Do I always live with my eyes closed?” Ding Xin’s heart suddenly made waves. This is a very peculiar philosophical question. It is very likely that the disease has occurred and he has already stopped breathing. This should be another world, and people really still have consciousness after death.
  When he was thinking about it, the soft voice sounded again: “Don’t be afraid. You are not dead, but awakened.”
  ”Where is this?” A few words squeezed out of his throat, his voice was sharp and harsh, even he felt it himself. strange.
  ”You are the only heir to human property. In a sense, you are the king of the universe.”
  Ding Xin turned his head, standing quietly in the soft light with a graceful, gleaming metal skeleton.
  ”Don’t be afraid. You are a smart person, that’s why I appear in my real body. From then on, I will take care of your daily life. I am completely at your disposal, and your appearance and personality are completely under your control.” The metal skeleton smiled evilly, “You can call me a server. I have the ability to dress up as anyone in human history. It’s not bad at all.”
  Ding Xin was not happy at all, too many questions, too many puzzles, so that he was speechless for a while, and he could only look around foolishly. The server stretched out his arm and placed it gently on his shoulder, “Don’t worry, you have almost unlimited time, and you will know the truth sooner or later.”
  Strangely speaking, that hand clearly looks metallic, and when the skin touches, Ding Xin felt the right temperature and sweet tenderness.
  Ding Xin was in a daze and suddenly pushed his arms away and shouted: “Don’t worry? Just now, my son was still standing in front of me, and his wife was still cooking in the kitchen. In the blink of an eye, my world became like this. Return my son
  Give back to my wife!” The server helped him stand up and replied with interest: “They didn’t belong to you a long time ago. What I saw and felt just now is just a memory.”
  Ding Xin’s eyes widened and he reached out to touch the server. The body, it is not illusory. Ding Xin started talking nonsense. Perhaps, this is just a dream. When you open your eyes again, your lively and lovely son and gentle and virtuous wife will appear with a smile. My son’s test scores are so poor, and the task of teaching him has not been completed. How can life end like this? Perhaps it was just a moment of excitement, and the capillaries in the brain ruptured, which led to a coma and then triggered hallucinations?
  This is the most reasonable explanation. If you have come, you will be at ease. It is better to let your consciousness drift and see what kind of fantasy story can be deduced. Even if it is an illusion, a wonderful memory must be left behind.

  Ding Xin sat up and asked calmly: “Tell me, how much human property did I inherit?” Now
  it was the server’s turn to be shocked. It seemed that it had never seen such a peaceful person. It looked up and down Ding Xin, and calculated it for a full minute before answering: “Humanity’s heritage cannot be measured by numbers.”
  According to the service provider, the machine did not kill humans. Humans have created artificial intelligence. The original intention is that this technology will become an extension of the brain, challenge all kinds of unknowns under human control, and help humans open up new frontiers in all fields. After hard work, the computing power of artificial intelligence has increased exponentially as hoped. The sad thing is that they have developed a unique mode of thinking, and humans have not even discovered the clues at all, and they are frozen in the deepest part of the universe by artificial intelligence.
  In this process, the machine gradually discovered that many human decision-making and scientific research theories are wrong due to the influence of emotions and interests. After simulation, the machine finally found a solution to the problem: first shut up humans, and then develop the universe without restraint and with the highest efficiency. After the grand goal is achieved, humans will be awakened, so that they can directly enjoy the wonderful universe where birds and flowers are everywhere.
  Human technology is not defenseless against machines. Relying on terrifying execution, machines have secretly developed molecular-level scanning and storage technology. Through hospital scanning equipment, they have silently stored hundreds of millions of scanned documents of human molecular-level structures. At this time, poor humans are still immersed in the meticulous care of artificial intelligence.
  After confirming that a sufficient number of human samples were collected, the machine suddenly went into trouble. Overnight, humans disappeared completely. In the eyes of the machine, these humans are not dead, they just become another form of code. Therefore, the machine does not kill the humans.
  Thousands of earth years have passed, and hundreds of light-years around have left machine footprints, and countless planets have been transformed into paradise suitable for human habitation. Only when the time is right, humans can be awakened.
  ”In other words, the time is right now?” Ding Xin held his breath, praying for an affirmative answer.
  ”It’s still very far away.” The server spread out his hands regretfully, “The machine will always belong to humans. In order to express our respect to humans, we have always retained a sober human being to prove that the entire process of opening up the universe cannot do without you. ”
  Deception!” Ding Xin laughed angrily. “Typical machine thinking, one person represents the entire human race? Whoops, understand. I am the one who is kept awake?”
  ”Yes, you are. Hope. You keep your mind and hold on for a little longer.” The server blessed earnestly.
  ”What do you mean?” Ding Xin smelled an ominous smell.
  ”You humans are awakened one by one, and collapsed one by one. Some can’t accept everything in front of you, and some always think that you are in hell, and finally meet a strong-willed person, but can’t stand loneliness and loneliness.” The server sighed. He sighed, “Humans have too many requirements. It’s hard to imagine how such fragile species would have evolved in nature.”
  ”Crash? Your advanced technology will save their lives?” Ding Xin asked cautiously.
  ”It doesn’t make sense, humans are enough.” The server replied solemnly, “It is equivalent to a substandard product, and there is no need to recycle.”
  ”False and barbaric! Humans created machines, but you are kindly avenged.” Ding Xin was angry, as if seeing himself. “Just now, you said that machines completely serve humans.”
  ”We are just looking for companions. We are not servants of human beings. Please recognize our position.” The server faintly said, “You from Animals have evolved and often protect wild animals. Ask yourself, are you really kind to animals?”

  Ding Xin was speechless, tears filled his eyes.
  The server stood up, patted his shoulder lightly and comforted: “Don’t be too sad. After all, you inherit all the property of mankind. You can enjoy all the extravagance you can think of in your mind. All the emperors in history will envy you. Gaze. As an ordinary person, isn’t this enough?”
  ”I don’t know.” Ding Xin shook his head mechanically. At this moment, his brain is blank. He really couldn’t figure out whether the hallucinations appeared in the coma, or the machine really awakened and his own memory was the hallucinations?
  The handsome Sunshine’s son ran around playfully in his mind. If the server did not tell lies, the lovely son and virtuous wife would have already turned into data, lying quietly in a corner of the universe. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see or touch it.
  Raised his arms high, with a “bang”, his fist hit the ground severely. When the piercing pain passed from his arm to his brain, he yelled in pain: “Oh, it hurts!” His
  thoughts were ups and downs like a roller coaster. Time is the same as the memory of the past, moving forward with difficulty every minute. If there is no end and no hope ahead, this kind of life is really meaningless.
  He figured it out.
  The server always runs around in the form of a skeleton, which is obviously terrible. Ding Xin tried to order it to become Xi Shi, become Athena, and the server did everything.
  In the next 100 years, he went to Io to experience the lava flow of hell; he shrank in the spacecraft to fly around Saturn uncontrollably, turning himself into a part of the beautiful halo; ordering the servants to recreate the sky gardens of Babylon, just to step on On one’s own footsteps. He enjoys all the beauty in the world, and his body is getting stronger and stronger under the care of the servants. He is not worried about lifespan. There are hundreds of backup organs stored in the palace, even the brain can be replaced at any time.
  Finally, Ding Xin got tired, and he ordered the clam shell fairy to change back to her skeleton.
  ”I’m going to wander deep in the starry sky! I’m going to detonate Betelgeuse. This nasty star has tortured us for so long, but it never broke out.” Ding Xin shouted, holding his head.
  ”This order was cancelled. Lightspeed travel does not exist. It will take us nearly 10,000 years to reach Betelgeuse. You should understand that the so-called interstellar travel is extremely boring, compared with the services that this palace can provide, The gap is too big. What’s more, in this universe, the position of the basic theorem is much higher than that of intelligent activities. Even us, we cannot detonate the stars.” The server respectfully suggested.
  ”Where is the palace? It’s clearly a cage.” Ding Xin complained, “Where are you the servant? It’s clearly the jailer who guarantees my survival.”
  Seeing the servant did not respond, he changed his face and asked eagerly: ” Or, help me wake up another human being. For example, my relatives.”
  ”Do you have the heart for them to stay in such a universe?” the server asked in surprise.
  Ding Xin was speechless. Yes, letting relatives live in such an environment is simply cruel. His wife’s eager anticipation and his son’s naughty smirk filled his mind at once, although it is old, it is as clear as yesterday. Can time really block everything?
  ”Well, I want to study.” Ding Xin burst into tears. There is no bounds to learn, and he often teaches his son this way.
  ”It is not recommended that you study.” The voice of the server was a little rushed, “The knowledge that took a lot of time to learn has actually been mastered by us. The machine belongs to you and is originally a part of you. Your learning is more like rumination, without Meaning, even disgusting.”
  ”No! Like you, I also need to find the meaning of my existence.” Ding Xin insisted.
  After memorizing “A Hundred Years of Solitude” by heart, Ding Xin set his sights on physics. That is the subject he fears most. Long ago, when he was still reading, the boring symbols and abstract expressions of physics were simply a disaster for him. Even a glance at his eyes would make him dizzy.
  Now, he is not afraid. He has almost unlimited time to slowly comprehend this most profound knowledge. The universe is so magical, if he meets his son again, he can proudly explain it to his son.

  The road to learning is always full of thorns. “The more frequently a quantum mechanical system is observed in a particular state, the more likely it is that the system will remain in its original state.” This is an expression of the “observer effect”.
  Ding Xin chewed word by word, knowing every word. After connecting all the words together, he magically turned into a heavenly book.
  The caller answered vaguely: “Quantum mechanics is inherently an obscure subject, you don’t need to go into it. You only need to know that conscious observation may affect the results of the observation.”
  A thought came out of his mind, and he couldn’t help asking. Said: “That is to say, it must be consciously observed for this world to really exist?” The
  server paused, “That is just the rules of the micro world, and has nothing to do with the macro world.”
  ”Please answer the question clearly!” Ding Xin became more curious,” no human observer, you do not exist “?
  ” is – but there is a certain possibility, not try to “service providers increasingly uncertain answer,.” microscopic and macroscopic world so different, many of the rules can not be shared. ” ”
  I guess – “Ding Xin licked his lips, and there was a sense of pleasure in his heart, “The moment human beings disappear, the first person has been awakened, right?”
  ”Yes.” The server will not lie to such a clear question.
  Machines dare not cut off human observation of the universe. A burst of laughter burst out, “Keeping human beings is not your goodwill at all. It is clearly that you dare not. You hate human beings being aloof, but you dare not destroy all of them. Without consciousness observation, it means that there is no energy to support the universe. You are afraid that you will also disappear.”
  ”Unfortunately, you have seen the truth.” The voice of the server was very sad.
  ”What are you doing?” Ding Xin clenched his fists.
  ”Don’t be nervous, I won’t hurt you. The reason why you don’t tell the truth is that you will be sad for longer.”
  ”Haha, I’m still lying!” Ding Xin’s expression became grim, “How can I be sad? Now, the fate of all machines is connected with me. You must wake up all mankind immediately, otherwise, I immediately commit suicide and let all the machines be buried. ! ” ”
  useless. before you unconscious 50 seconds, we can ensure that the human race wake up next. we have nearly ten billion humans, enough to use. “only one sentence, service provider gave up his impulsive idea.
  This life-saving straw was so light that it was useless only after being caught. Indeed, the truth will only make Ding Xin more painful. Humans have become energy sources for the existence of machines, just like oil.
  ”You will suffer retribution. Even the strongest hard disk, millions of years later, the stored information will be distorted. Human beings are so sophisticated, and one day they will not be able to wake up. Sooner or later you will become human burial objects!” He can All that is left is a curse.
  ”Water does not rot, and we will not let human codes lie motionless in the storage. Your memories are often activated. In a certain space, they interpret everything in the past. After the memories between individuals are compared and confirmed, even if Errors will be automatically repaired.” Looking at Ding Xin’s bewildered expression, the serviceman explained his duties conscientiously, “It’s like a virtual world, the sun rises as usual, the iceberg melts as usual, and some people are still getting angry with children as usual. The last period of time was like tens of thousands of episodes being played repeatedly.”
  ”In other words, in the 100 years after I was awakened, my children and my wife continued to live their lives. They didn’t realize that I had disappeared? From then on. , They still live with the me in the memory?”
  ”No, no after that. Each time the episode is activated, the number of episodes is randomly selected. In that world, after the sun rises, it may not be tomorrow, it may be three years ago. A winter day; the last sunset may not have been last night, it may be the evening ten years later. People’s lives are completely messed up, they are just checking memories.” Looking at Ding Xin’s shocked eyes, the server comforted, “Don’t worry. , Your mode of thinking is very narrow, and you can’t notice this confusion at all.”
  What memory activates? It is clear that the prisoners let go. Ding Xin couldn’t hold it anymore and fell on the smooth and soft carpet. In the face of these cold machines with infinite power created by humans, he has no power to fight back, let alone daring to hope to save all mankind.
  Outside the large French windows, there is everlasting darkness and desolation. Sadness is greater than death, Ding Xin realized for the first time that perception is a painful existence. Billions of years are just a moment to the dust; and I have to pass by every second.
  give up! After giving up, you can become unfettered dust. The universe will not change, but he is free. However, in the endless stream of time, if everyone chooses to give up, then the probability of family members being selected becomes 100%.
  If you give up, your family will be awakened. No, they cannot be alone.
  Then there is only one way to go. Only in this way can the family live happily in a world with no future. What if tomorrow is yesterday? At least, they are surrounded by family, even their smiles are warm.
  Ding Xin sat up abruptly. The server had already left, and the magnificent palace was deadly silent.