Information is exploding, we need to read more

As far as reading is concerned, the paths for us to obtain information are mobile phones, computers and books (including paper books and e-books). In the era of mobile Internet, everyone is used to reading on the Internet, and the short tongue-in-cheek content of the eastern parents has also moved from the streets to the Internet. This actor is divorced, and the artist has cheated; this celebrity’s original match is in the media scolding Xiaosan, that celebrity Friendship jumps up and down on the Internet, challenging the “zhengong”……

All kinds of boring gossip news and even rumors always jump into your eyes on mobile phones and computers, but not in bookstores. Because these colorful information passed through the sieve of time and turned into rubbish in a blink of an eye. Due to the arrangement of the publishing system and technical factors, the publication of books has a certain cycle, and the information that is out of date and discarded will not become the content of the book.

Choosing to read books is to let time help you filter out a large amount of outdated and wasteful spam. Therefore, in this age of information overload, choosing to read books can avoid a lot of information garbage that wastes your time.

Some people may ask, which books should I read?

The answer is simple: what kind of book you read depends on the purpose of your reading.

Some people read for their livelihood, and survival is their motivation for reading. In this case, practical books are the first choice. As small as how to take an exam, how to brush up questions; as large as how to apply for a job, how to make money, various success studies, and various “secrets” leading to “success” are all practical books. All the books necessary for survival are the rigid needs of the general public. Reading for a livelihood is boring and naturally boring, but the yellow beam dreams of fame and fortune are calling, which is more or less comforting.

There are also people who read to gain knowledge and broaden their horizons. The young man’s heart is as high as a cloud, and he looks at the world with an angry horse in fresh clothes. Reading the classics will allow you to approach the masters of ancient and modern China and abroad and talk to them. The masters and their works have gone through the test of time for hundreds or even thousands of years, and they are still shining in the starry sky of history. They are definitely not waiting for a moment. Communication with them, even without the power of enlightenment, is at least as good as smelling. The joy of pure heart. Those who seek knowledge must go to the master. Every era has wonderful works, which not only shocked the time, but also illuminate the future.

Others read books to pass the time, and entertainment novels fall into this category. From the martial arts of Jin Yong and Gulong to modern magical stories, they are all made up through exquisite randomness, giving readers a delicious visual feast, just like the delicious takeaway prepared by MSG, flavor and seasoning packs, which fully satisfy the tongue. Spicy and spicy for all kinds of needs.

People are born lonely. When you are lonely, reading is a pastime and a joy. Life is very long and the way out is very narrow. Reality is like a fish tank. It seems that the field of vision is very wide. When you swim, you will know that there are glass walls all around. In the cramped reality, traveling through time and space, facing the gods I worship and the hearts and minds of the people I love, is also a kind of short-term detachment.

Reading, like a sugar cube left by the author in time, puts it in the tea of ​​the reader’s life, and starts a luscious melting… In a bookish expression, it is called “emotional resonance.”

Make a cup of tea, bathe in the gentle light, listen to the words that have been said, read the words written, sorrows and joys, love and being loved are all in the meantime.

Samsara says that every time I meet is a reunion. From this perspective, the encounter between the reader and the author is also the fate of the past life. Thinking of this, the bookseller’s yelling, even though it smells a little bit of bronze, is still invaluable after all.