Invisible danger

When I accidentally learned that Ferguson’s salary was twice as much as mine, I couldn’t help but curse. Yes, I know that Ferguson’s salary may be higher than mine, because he is our department manager. But in my opinion, he does not do more than us, or even less than us. Most of the time, he only needs to give us a few tasks. I mean, the boss shouldn’t pay him so much salary. After all, his work is so stable and easy.

“This is simply too unfair! I want to resign.” I complained to my father.

“Oh, boy, it seems to be the case.” The father spread out his hands, expressing understanding and sympathy.

He tilted his head and seemed to think of something: “Is there anything you don’t know? I mean, maybe Ferguson did more than you thought, and you didn’t see it?”

“No, it’s impossible. We are together almost every day, except that he is occasionally called to the boss.” I replied.

My father didn’t speak any more. He was going to sea. He asked me, “Do you want to go together?”

“What a great idea!” I said excitedly. My father had a fishing boat. When I was a child, I liked to go out to sea with him, lying in the shaky cabin, just like lying in the arms of my mother. It’s so fun.

After getting on the boat this time, I did not directly enter the cabin below, but followed my father on the deck. I wanted to see how my father controlled the fishing boat. Standing on the deck, I could see a panoramic view of the entire sea, but the rough sea in front of me gave me a hint of fear.

“Today’s storm seems to be very big…” I said to my father worriedly.

The father said calmly: “Don’t worry. In fact, it’s like this almost every day.”

I was a little suspicious of what my father said, because in my memory, every time I went out to sea, it was calm and calm, and I could sleep peacefully in the cabin.

“Look at it.” I pointed to the dark clouds in the sky and reminded my father, “It seems that a storm is coming.”

Father glanced at him and said, “Don’t worry, child, the storm will arrive in a few hours at the earliest. I can assure you that we were already sitting in the living room drinking coffee by then.”

I’m still a little uneasy. The various subtle conditions that appeared on the sea made me scared. The fishing boat bumped a little, and I began to wonder if something went wrong. I even started to think about how I should respond if an accident does happen… God Now, it’s not fun at all, it’s completely different from when I was a kid.

“No, it has always been like this.” Father shook his head and said, “It’s just that you stayed in the cabin before and couldn’t see the potential danger outside. When you stand on the deck, you become the helm or control the ship’s direction. You will feel all kinds of dangers when you are a participant of, and you are working hard to avoid these dangers.”

I suddenly thought of Ferguson, of him sighing and frowning in the office and running back and forth between companies. If our company is a big ship, then Ferguson is one of the participants in controlling the direction of the ship. We stay in the lower cabin, feeling the same every day, safe and stable, but in Ferguson’s view, everything is full of dangers, and he needs to do a lot of effort to resist these dangers. And we don’t know anything about it.

“Perhaps, Ferguson is qualified to get that much salary. Of course, I am also qualified. As long as I work hard to climb onto the deck, and then put in more effort.” I smiled relievedly and said to my father.