Aromatic aroma relieves emotional anxiety

Smell affects people’s emotions. An scented life can always make people happy. Under the guidance of aromatic essential oils, the process of self-healing and acceptance is also a process of acceptance and release. You can understand yourself and yourself in a calm and natural state of mind. Your emotions relieve the pressure of fast-paced life.

First acquaintance with aromatherapy

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a non-invasive natural therapy that uses essential oils to simultaneously regulate the body and mind. Essential oil is a highly concentrated, high-purity plant extract. For example, 300kg of lavender can only extract 1kg of lavender essential oil. Essential oil itself has high volatility, spray it in the air, it can spread quickly; when applied to the skin, because the molecule is very small, it can quickly penetrate into the skin. The essential oil extraction we often say comes from different parts of different plants, such as flowers, fruits, seeds, or roots, stems, leaves, and branches.

The benefits of aromatherapy for mind and body

The effective chemical components and aromatic molecules in the essential oils extracted from aromatic plants can be used with hydrosols and vegetable oils to exert healing effects on different levels of the body, psychology, and skin. According to the difference in the chemical structure and smell of essential oils, in terms of emotions, some essential oils can have a relaxing, soothing and calming effect, and some essential oils can stimulate and boost the body and mind; in terms of the body, our body systems can all benefit Among them, the most prominent are the immune system and nervous system. In the immune system, essential oils can be antibacterial and anti-fungal, and in the nervous system, they can play a role in mood regulation.

Some essential oils are also very effective in maintaining the respiratory system and skin. In terms of skin care, people who understand the effects of aromatherapy can formulate skin care products suitable for them according to their skin type and skin problems.

Add a few scents to life

Various ways of using essential oils

Essential oils are composed of very complex chemical elements. Everyone can be creative, as long as the dosage used is within a safe range. The most commonly used method of essential oil is to dilute and add it to vegetable oils, creams and body lotions for skin care and massage. Secondly, add it to incense burners or various diffusers for indoor incense, which can purify the air: again It is added to a proper amount of liquid and sprayed with a spray bottle. The spray bottle is preferably made of glass. It can be sprayed in the surrounding space at any time for easy carrying: The last way to use it is to drop it on facial tissues or handkerchiefs. Smell at any time, this way has a certain relief effect on some people’s rhinitis, nasal congestion, etc. In addition, you can also drop an appropriate amount in the water to soak your feet or bath, which is very helpful for physical and emotional conditioning.

The best time to use essential oils

The best time to use essential oils is personalized and can be used when needed. Before going out in the morning, after lunch, in the afternoon and after bathing in the evening, it is a good time to use essential oils. It can boost the spirit in the morning and help digestion after lunch. In the afternoon, when the mind is drowsy, it can boost or relax. Use it before going to bed at night. Essential oils are great for mood conditioning and relieving physical fatigue. help.

Aroma therapist or self-healing?

Aromatherapy is actually the art of life. It can be used in all aspects of life to make life more beautiful. Beauty is a spiritual power that busy modern people need. If you have some basic knowledge of aromatherapy, of course you can practice it in your daily life by yourself, be your own healer at any time, help yourself through essential oils, observe, know and understand yourself in daily life, without waiting for aromatherapy The teacher comes to help yourself. Of course, it is also good to seek the assistance of a professional aroma therapist, especially if you ask the aroma therapist to do a complete body aroma massage for yourself, it will nourish your body and soul. Moreover, the aroma therapist may also be able to help you select and formulate more suitable essential oils and formulas.

Have a healthy mental state

Emotional anxiety of “depressed” youth

The 2018 “White Paper on the Mental Health of Chinese Urban Residents” shows that 16.1% of my country’s urban residents have different levels of psychological problems, only 10.3% of urban residents are mentally healthy, and 73.6% of urban residents are mentally sub-healthy. status. At the same time, the incidence of psychological problems among people with chronic diseases is extremely high, with only 5.1% of those with mental health. The state of mental health is closely related to the state of physical health. The “Healthy China 2030” Planning Outline also proposes to strengthen the construction of the mental health service system and standardized management, and to alleviate the emotional anxiety of “depressed” youths has become the focus of social construction of mental health.

The harm of mental sub-health

Depression, anger, worry, etc. are common emotional problems in modern people. Depression can cause liver qi stagnation in the body, anger is not conducive to cardiovascular health and blood circulation, and anxiety can hinder the delivery of blood and nutrients to the body. These will ultimately affect the quality of sleep and physical health, and many health problems start from a long-term lack of good sleep. Sleep well, it will affect physical and mental health and work performance, and poor work performance and uncomfortable physical and mental performance will deteriorate the quality of sleep, and finally lead to imbalances in the body’s operation, resulting in a variety of low quality of life and life. Of chronic pain and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The smell of the unlocking lock is the key

Aromatic essential oils to soothe the mood

The aroma and efficacy of essential oils rely on the synergy of very complex natural chemical components. Therefore, it cannot be said which component produces the healing effect. This is different from the concept of skin care products.

Bergamot contains the energy of the sun. It not only has a floral and fruity fragrance, but also has a healing effect on the spirit and emotions. However, bergamot has strong photosensitivity, so it must be fully diluted before use. In terms of dosage, you can add 3 to 5 drops to 10 mL of cream or vegetable oil, mix them evenly and use. If you use it during the day, it is best to apply sunscreen.


Immortelle is also known as permanent flower. It has a repairing effect on the skin. Whether it is used on the face or the body, it will make people feel refreshed. It also has a significant effect on improving skin problems. In terms of dosage, you can add 1-2 drops to 10mL of cream or vegetable oil and mix it evenly before use.


Rosemary can soothe the liver, regulate qi, enhance memory, and prevent and improve skin aging and hair loss. It is very cost-effective. Rosemary, a natural antioxidant and preservative, can resist free radicals and anti-aging. Rosemary is milder, just add 3 to 5 drops to 10mL of cream or vegetable oil.


Frankincense has a warm aroma that can soothe and stabilize emotions and soul. It can also help relieve anxiety. If you have insomnia or have difficulty falling asleep, you can put a drop of frankincense essential oil on the pillow, and the amount is 3 to 5 drops in 10mL of cream or vegetable oil.

Use a variety of ingredients

Several different essential oils are blended together to play a synergistic effect and the aroma will be richer and more diverse. However, it should be noted that it is not that the more types of essential oils, the better the effect. Generally speaking, 3 to 5 types are sufficient. In addition, the most important feature of natural therapy including aromatherapy is “personal prescription.” The preference for aroma is different, and the causes and manifestations of illness are also different. Therefore, the so-called “formula” is not suitable for aromatherapy. Can say some common combinations, such as citrus and other fruity, floral and woody. Putting aside the “formula”, it is also one of the interesting characteristics of aromatherapy to formulate a personal style aroma.

Aromatic essential oil products

Julie Kou

Bergamot aromatherapy oil

Contains bergamot peel extract, which has a calming and balancing effect and helps to improve oily skin.


Body Shop Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil is known for its natural purifying effect. It cleans the skin, regulates water and oil, and focuses on repairing skin blemishes.

German O (Oshadhi)

Immortelle flower essential oil

With dual healing properties for body and mind, it can effectively brighten the skin and deal with skin problems.


Rosemary essential oil

Contains rosemary leaf extract, which can improve skin, shrink pores, and make skin firmer.


Frankincense Single Essential Oil

Frankincense has multiple effects and is suitable for people who are in a long-term depression. It can improve sagging skin, tighten and astringe, regulate sagging and dull eyes and neck, suitable for skin care for mature skin.


People who are not suitable for aromatherapy

1. People who are undergoing cancer chemotherapy. Such people are not suitable for applying essential oils on their bodies.

2. Pregnant women. Pregnant women who have just become pregnant should try to avoid using essential oils. If they want to use them, they must be under the guidance of a doctor and based on their personal circumstances.

3. Children under the age of six or elderly people, as well as people with relatively weak health. Especially for infants under two years old, do not apply essential oils randomly. If you are allergic to a certain essential oil in infants and young children, he may be allergic to this plant or plants with similar chemical structures throughout his life.

4. Just finished the operation or the wound is severely ulcerated. Do not use essential oils when the wound problem is the most serious, and avoid the wound when using it.