Four seasons skin care, aroma therapy for good results

At the end of March and beginning of April, it was another headache for the seasons. Both men and women will have a lot of skin problems during the change of seasons. In fact, facial care has a certain relationship with the changes of the four seasons. The skin problems are different throughout the year. How to use aromatherapy for facial care for all seasons? This article uses traditional Chinese medicine thinking and space to cut into aromatic essential oil care, and uses logical language to make a statement of viewpoints. Quickly apply the four-season skin care rules for the face!

Study the way of thinking about aromatherapy

In the research and practice of aromatherapy, facial care application research is the most basic and most widely used, and it can best reflect the value of aromatherapy.

The role of aromatherapy in facial care involves many, such as healthy facial care, aging skin care, and aging skin care; problem skin care includes facial stain fade maintenance, pimples caused by endocrine disorders, acne, hormone-dependent dermatitis, and allergies Treatment of sexual redness, as well as treatment and maintenance of pimples, dry skin, eczema, etc. caused by weakened immune system. When it comes to research on aromatherapy, two conditions are involved: What way of thinking is used to research and use aromatic oils? From what angle do you cut into aromatic essential oils to care for your skin?

The research on aromatherapy is guided by the theoretical basis of Chinese medicine, and the role and value of aromatic oils are understood in the way of thinking of Chinese medicine. First of all, the thinking mode of Chinese medicine is to find a healthy lifestyle that adapts to the natural state from various conditions such as space, time, temperature, humidity, etc. based on the relationship between man and nature. These concepts are actually concepts in physics. Traditional Chinese medicine takes the whole of nature as the perspective of observation. Humans are only a part of the whole of nature. This part corresponds to the whole of nature in all aspects, and is inextricably linked, and maps the structure and functions of the human body with nature. When human senses: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind cannot directly touch their internal structure, the ancient Chinese sages found a way to understand their own structure and function. This is the way of thinking in Chinese medicine.

However, when studying aromatherapy, not only think in the way of thinking of Chinese medicine, but also need to be confirmed by human anatomy. This is the real value of research and practice of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is actually an important way to combine traditional Chinese medicine thinking with Western medicine thinking to promote human life and health.

The perspective of aroma skin care

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, from the perspective of time, this is the composition of one year, and from the perspective of one year, this is the composition of four spaces, that is, the four seasons are four spaces. In these four spaces, each space presents its own characteristics. If it corresponds to the terms of Chinese medicine, it is warm, hot, cold, and cold. In essence, these four spaces can be the expansion of two spaces. These two spaces correspond to the terminology of traditional Chinese medicine, namely yin and yang.

The space in which people live is a concept of physical space. This physical space is based on the ground of the earth. But the four seasons are a time and space concept. This concept takes the sun’s trajectory as the main scope, and its corresponding Chinese medical term is the movement range of Yang (heat) gas. The physical space where people live is on the ground, while the physical space where Yang Qi actually exists is the sum of the above ground and below the ground.

The above are the two basic conditions for using aromatherapy. Let’s talk about how aromatherapy is used in skin care according to the characteristics of the four seasons.

Four Seasons Skin Care

1. Spring skin care

In spring, starting from Jingzhe, it mainly promotes the activation of subcutaneous microcirculation, and it is supplemented by cleansing and moisturizing the stratum corneum.

In facial care, when it comes to the ability to promote subcutaneous microcirculation, the role of natural aromatic essential oils should be the most prominent. Especially in spring, the characteristics of high permeability and high metabolism of aromatic essential oils will be fully utilized.

Care for the skin from the inside out

If you think of the skin as a tree, then the root of the tree is the subcutaneous microcirculation tissue. In spring, plants spit out buds and grow leaves because the nutrients carried by the roots can keep up. If the facial skin is maintained normally in the spring, it is necessary to follow the laws of the four seasons to activate the subcutaneous microcirculation and maintain healthy skin for a long time.

From the microcirculation of the subcutaneous tissue, to the dermis, to the epidermis, the structure of the skin changes from loose to tight, from sparse to dense. In terms of four seasons, spring is the time when the epidermis is the most “loose” and the sebum is the worst. In the common saying, this is the “green and yellow” of the epidermis. Many people think that this is the time to give nutrition to the skin and start to use something that is too moisturizing. The result looks good, but it can’t last long because the subcutaneous microcirculation does not really work. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine thinking, this is the result of treating the “symptoms” but not the “causes”. Chinese medicine can not only cure diseases, but also better keep you healthy. And knowing the combination of Chinese medicine theory and essential oils makes the skin even more icing on the cake.

The epidermis is formed by the keratinization of the dead cells of the skin, so the skin does not need to be over-care. As long as the internal subcutaneous microcirculation metabolism is normal, the epidermis will be naturally healthy and shiny.

Among the care products, the care with aromatic essential oils conforms to the natural structure of the skin, allowing the skin to be effectively cared for from the inside to the outside.

2. Summer skin care

Summer is when it is easier to use essential oils. From the perspective of spatial characteristics and performance in summer, the main function of the skin at this time is to dissipate heat, absorb sunlight, and defend against damage.

For heat dissipation

The skin is the body’s channel. In summer, the skin can excrete more sweat and lipids to help the body’s heat balance. So in terms of aroma care, keeping the skin unobstructed and opening and closing functioning normally is an important goal.

For sunlight absorption

The skin is not only a channel, but also an important energy conversion factory for the body. Ensuring the normal functioning of skin functions is also an important goal to ensure good health. Plants can convert light energy into chemical energy through leaves, and our skin can actually convert light energy into chemical energy.

Against defensive violations

The important role of the skin is to defend against damage. In summer, the skin is mostly in a smooth state. The body’s internal heat and yang continue to radiate, and the interior has actually begun to empty. At this time, the body’s epidemic prevention is actually the weakest. The skin’s defense It is also the easiest to break through. It is precisely at this time that aromatic essential oils can best show their energy. Based on the current understanding of essential oils, plant essential oils (distilled/pressed) have the effect of inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. In skin care, the value given by essential oils is great. Most problematic skin conditioning can be improved by proper compatibility of essential oils and even the symptoms disappear completely.

Selection of summer aromatic essential oils

According to the characteristics of summer skin, the idea of ​​choosing essential oils: cleans the skin, inhibits bacteria, prevents infection, prevents clogging of pores, and balances water and oil.

①Base oil

It must be refreshing, non-greasy, and non-clogging of pores. Among them, grape seed oil, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil are the first choices. For special skin types, consider different base oils.

②One-way aromatic essential oil

The main choices are rhizomes, lipids, and leaves. Such as sandalwood, rock rose, tea tree, lavender, mint, blue chamomile, chamomile, frankincense, orange blossom and so on.

③Aromatic Hydrosol

There are many choices for summer aromatic hydrosols, such as rose hydrosol, tea tree hydrosol, lavender hydrosol, chamomile hydrosol, wormwood hydrosol, purslane hydrosol, wild chrysanthemum hydrosol, sandalwood hydrosol, orange blossom hydrosol and so on.

3. Autumn skin care

Skin care in autumn is the easiest, which is based on the basic understanding of the human body in Chinese medicine.

Keep the skin moisturized

Of the four seasons of the year, autumn is the best response to the body’s physique and health. Because autumn is the season of maturity, autumn is the season of harvest, and autumn is the stage of preparing for severe winter. Therefore, during this period, the human body reserves the most energy, and the human body has the best balance of yin and yang energy. In the autumn, under the natural state, the atmosphere of the atmosphere is declining, preparing to return to the underground, and the sky is clear on the ground. In the human body, the lung’s ability to subdue and subdue is the most powerful at this time, because the functional attribute of the lungs is “subdial”. The lungs dominate the fur. At this time, the skin is also the strongest defensive function, and the pores are ready to close. Qi is stored in the body and not released outside, and the skin channel is in the smallest open state, just like the skin is basically resting.

During this time, the main purpose of skin conditioning is to keep the skin moisturized as much as possible, and not to over-care the skin and over-nutrition the skin. For problematic skin, the conditioning during this period should conform to the laws of nature, and should not overly damage the skin’s defense function, and should not over-treat the skin. Skin problems in autumn are caused by poor maintenance in spring.

Choice of aromatic essential oils in autumn

Ideas for choosing essential oils in autumn: clean skin, smooth skin breathing, moisturize skin, and inhibit bacteria.

①One essential oil

Mainly leaves, rhizomes, fruits and lipids. Such as sandalwood, breast, rock rose, blue chamomile, tea tree, sweet orange, lavender, rose and so on.

②Base oil

Seabuckthorn fruit oil, rosehip oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, sandalwood seed oil, etc.

1. Winter skin care

Skin care in winter is actually the most test of the ability of the caregiver. If the skin is not well maintained in winter, the chance of skin problems will increase greatly when the hair grows in spring. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, there are too many six evil qi in the body in winter, and these evil qi will grow and grow in spring, and skin problems will be more troublesome.

Reduce dryness

The human facial skin is the most vulnerable in winter. Because of the cold, the surface of the skin will be dry. This dryness is called “cold dryness” in Chinese medicine. The moisture on the surface of the skin evaporates quickly, and the body’s moisture and lipids are not replenished in time. In addition, excessive cleaning of the skin can also cause the skin to become cold and dry.

Excessive cold can also make the skin too red and swollen. This is actually a mechanism of the internal microcirculation of the skin to resist external cold. Especially in the northwest region, the cold and strong wind will form the “two red masses” characteristic of Northwestern people on the cheekbones of the face. Once such a mechanism becomes a habit, that is, once the body’s internal mechanism is established, this skin symptom will continue. If you want to change, unless you improve your living environment or change your living area.

Promote skin microcirculation

In winter, the Yang Qi is stored in the body, the facial microcirculation capacity is reduced, the skin nutrition supply will be less than the other three seasons, the surface of the skin will lack blood color; if there are internal problems in the body, such as qi deficiency, blood deficiency, phlegm dampness, etc., the skin will become It shows a state of lack of blood color. If this state is maintained for more than a year, it will be more difficult to improve.

Solving this problem is exactly what aroma therapy is best at. This is because the special structure and refining methods of aromatic essential oils (distillation/squeezing) make the aroma essential oils strong in penetration and promote blood microcirculation. In winter, the use of aromatic oils to care for the skin is not aimed at the surface of the skin, but the microcirculation under the skin. In winter, the body’s blood circulation is the worst. At this time, aromatic essential oils can help the microcirculation of subcutaneous tissues, and the combination of techniques can achieve better results.

Selection of essential oils in winter

Winter essential oil selection ideas: strengthen skin defense (antifreeze), inhibit bacteria, and moisturize the skin.

①Base oil

Nut oil, sea buckthorn seed oil, sweet almond oil, rose hip, sandalwood seed oil, etc.

②Unique essential oil

Rhizomes, lipids, leaves. Such as sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, vetiver, tea tree, rock rose and so on.

The skin care and conditioning of the four seasons, using the mode of combining aromatic essential oils with the theory of Chinese medicine, has a good effect on all kinds of skin problem symptoms.


In Chinese culture, the cycle of the four seasons is a natural law. People living between heaven and earth must realize the relationship between themselves and heaven and earth. The guiding ideology of Chinese medicine is produced in the process of understanding the laws of nature. It is necessary to understand the meaning of conforming to the laws of nature in the care of the health of the body and the care of the skin of the face.

Selection of aromatic essential oils in spring

①Basic emollient oil

Argan oil that is not heavy, refreshing, and moderately moisturizing is preferred. Such as sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, rosehip oil and so on.

②Unique essential oil

According to the characteristics of spring skin, the selection of aromatic essential oils should be based on the coordination of flower, leaf and root essential oils. There is a big difference between China’s north and south, and the living environment here is mainly at 30 degrees north latitude.

Essential oil: You can choose blue chamomile, chamomile, rose, rock rose, vetiver, lavender, frankincense, orange blossom, orange blossom leaf, etc., and use it according to the skin type.

In spring, the skin texture is still dry and oily, and there are still all kinds of problematic skin. In terms of conditioning, the characteristics of the skin in spring are the first consideration, and secondly, as stated in the opening chapter of “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”, it is necessary to distinguish between yin and yang.

③Aromatic Hydrosol

In spring, there is a wide range of choices for aromatic hydrosols. Because spring is a period of high incidence of skin allergies, when choosing a hydrosol, you should also choose your own skin characteristics. Among the hydrosols, rose hydrosols, chamomile hydrosols, blue chamomile hydrosols, and purslane hydrosols are less likely to cause allergies.

Aromatherapy under the guidance of TCM theory, when treating skin problems, different treatment programs are also adopted according to different skin problems. Of course, it also needs to cooperate with certain techniques to achieve the best results.