Turning waste into treasure, the Belgians have a very wonderful idea of ​​turning waste into treasure

Compared with the fashion of the French lady, the handsome Italian brother, and the slow pace of Spanish life, Belgium, which is located in the heart of Europe with a population of only more than 10 million, has no iconic characteristics to describe. Through my observations, the unpretentious Belgians are best at turning all kinds of useless waste materials into pieces that are creative, artistic and practical through ingenuity and skill. To express their love for life in an environmentally friendly way.

Recently, using kitchen waste to raise maggots to feed chickens is the brightest trend in organic farms in Belgium. In the past, Belgian kitchen waste was mostly used for composting, but composting requires complete fermentation of the waste, otherwise it will produce a lot of odor, and the time cost is relatively high. The efficiency of using kitchen waste to raise maggots is very high. It is not the larva of ordinary flies, but the larva of fruit flies, so there is no need to worry about pathogenic bacteria in its body. Put healthy fruit flies into kitchen waste and let them lay eggs. After about 5 days, the maggots can smoothly transform into chicken delicacies. In addition, the remaining kitchen waste from maggot breeding can continue to be composted and become environmentally friendly organic fertilizer for the field.

Alan is an organic farmer. Since his chickens ate the fat maggots at the beginning of the year, they not only grew fast, but also rarely got sick. The number and quality of eggs have increased a lot. At the same time, the cost of feed has also increased. Greatly reduced. “Maggots are perfect chicken feed. The protein content is high, but the price is not high. It can be put into the feed according to the proportion. The operation is very simple and the chickens are also very fond of eating.” Bednet raised a few in his backyard. A hen, she said, “Since the hens have eaten maggots, they have rushed over every day when they eat. I think they really love to eat.” One of the initiators of the project of feeding chickens with maggots from kitchen waste. Etienne Tofin explained that the core of the project is: “Develop technology to breed insect larvae so that they can be used as food for farm animals and pets.” The ultimate goal of the project is to extend this feeding method to more Many animals such as fish, dogs, cats, etc.

In Belgium, where it rains more than 200 days a year, it is worth thinking about what kind of bag to carry when going out. Although Belgium and neighboring France have world-renowned luxury bags, it is a pity to get wet in the rain. , The ordinary bags sold in the store are mass-produced, and they are less unique. Therefore, Belgians who love to ride bicycles have picked up tools and used waste bicycle tires to make unique bags by themselves, which are not only rain-proof. Windproof, environmentally friendly and individual. Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, many people’s home time has increased a lot, and posts sharing bicycle tire packages on major forums have become more and more popular. Recently, a new bicycle tire waste utilization store opened in Liege, Belgium. If you feel that you are not able to do it yourself, you can bring your own bicycle tires here. After communicating with the designer, an experienced and skilled tailor Made into bags, belts, mobile phone cases, notebook covers, etc. The owner of the shop believes that waste utilization does not mean cheapness, but is synonymous with environmental protection and creativity.

In fact, Belgians still have many skills to turn waste into treasure. For example, they like to pick up a few branches or roots when walking in the forest near their home, and make a small coffee table or a small chair when they go home. Like to make all kinds of toys for children using waste clothes and drink bottles.

Waste utilization, in addition to saving money and environmental protection, is actually a manifestation of Belgians’ love of life.