Do you know the 20 weaknesses of human nature?

1. Paranoia-an attachment that focuses on the self
Being assertive, mindful, not agreeing with the voice, and not ups and downs with the world, this is undoubtedly a commendable good quality, but it should be premised on not holding one’s own opinion, not being biased and stubborn.

Whether you are a person or doing things, your mind should have a dialectical point of view, keep a corner, sit down and watch your own prejudice as the truth, and never realize it. It is very likely that you will stray into the blind corner of life and be unable to get out.

2. Eager for quick success and short-sightedness-“nearsightedness” who doesn’t think about the long-term
People who are eager for quick success have short-sightedness, blindfolded, and do not see Mount Tai. As long as they smell the fragrance of sesame, they will forget the sweetness of watermelon.

Their vision can only be seen in front of them, the so-called “headache heals the head, foot pain heals the foot” is a consistent way of behavior for those eager for quick success and quick profit.

In order to get rid of the current situation, these people can disregard the interests of the future, just for a momentary pleasure, without long-term consideration. The result is often not worth the gain.

3. Fantasy-a giant of thought, a dwarf of action
When people encounter setbacks or difficult-to-solve problems, they divorce themselves from reality, think about it, put themselves in the imaginary world, try to deal with the setbacks in a fictitious way, and get satisfaction.

Daydream is a kind of fantasy. If daydream replaces meaningful action, it will become a means of escaping from reality. It may also become a sign of mental abnormality and develop into a fantasy disorder. Fantasy is beautiful, reality is cruel.

Fantasy is just a feeling. If you want to be successful in life, you should base yourself on reality. Especially when you are in the world, you must not be unrealistic, otherwise you will not be able to effectively solve the problem and seek change and development.

4. Hasty-the root of losers
This situation often occurs in life. Some people do not consider things when they encounter them, regret it after rushing to make a decision, and sometimes even cause an irreversible situation. But there is no regret medicine in this world, and we cannot predict tomorrow, so the success or failure of many things often depends on whether we are cautious or rash.

The reason why some people fail may be that they lack thinking and preparation, and those who are sane always take action after careful consideration, so such people are the easiest to succeed.

5. Arrogance-dignity without support
As the saying goes: “The sky does not speak for itself, and the earth does not speak for itself.” Generally speaking, the more people who know things will be more humble, and the less knowledge and the less powerful people will be more arrogant. Therefore, we It can be said that arrogance is a combination of vanity and half-knowledge.

People who are overly arrogant put on an attitude of “to be arrogant and unwilling”, which makes them often disgusted by others, making them run into walls everywhere and make it difficult to move.

6. Suspicious-the shackles of the soul born out of nothing
There is an old saying: “Knowing each other without doubting each other”, in fact, this sentence can also be said in reverse, without doubt, one can know each other without doubt. But suspicion is one of the weaknesses of human nature, and it has always been the bane of harm to others and ourselves.

Suspiciousness will make people habitually think badly and negatively about everything around them. Once a person falls into the trap of suspicion, he will easily become hypersensitive to everything and make others suspicious of himself. This is against normal people. Interpersonal relationships are unfavorable, and suspicion will eventually put oneself into tension and anxiety.

7. Luxury-show off when you have money, go hungry when you don’t have money
Luxury is a kind of poison. Once contaminated, it will continue to spread. Moreover, it spreads quickly and spreads to a wide range. When a person starts to pursue a luxurious life, then the people around will soon become extravagant.

Waste is the biggest crime. If you waste time, it is consuming life; if you waste money, then you are on the road to destruction.

8. Autism-painting the ground as a prison, shutting the world out
Close yourself up to avoid wind and rain, but the sun can’t get in either. A person who can open his heart and welcome the sun will never be autistic. If there is a sunshine-like mentality, you will not lose yourself in depression and loss, and you will not lose your way.

It is a positive attitude towards life to correctly assess your own value and allow yourself to continue to “value added”. In this way, your life will not be spent in vain, and you will feel that every day is meaningful.

9. Negativity-shrinking from reality to avoiding
Negative people often give people a false impression that they don’t want fame or fortune. In fact, their hearts are extremely empty, and they are also negative in dealing with things. This kind of people don’t think about anything, do nothing, no matter how strong they are, they will achieve nothing in their lifetime. Negativity and positivity lie in the difference between perceptions and perceptions.

Walking on a life path with too much information, too much desire, and too much competition, we always have a few traces of worries, how much hesitation, and often a little helpless. But in order to succeed in business and happiness in life, a positive attitude must be established. Give yourself a hope every day, you will have a good mood, and your mentality is often your true master.

10. Ego-the self-inflation of the ignorant
Confidence is very important. There is no doubt about it, but if you are “overly” confident, you will become “conceited.” There is a degree between “confidence” and “conceit”, but many people have become self-inflated because of their success, so that they fall into the trap of conceit.

Self-conceit sometimes manifests itself as arrogance, thinking of being omnipotent, overestimating oneself, and despising the people around him. Therefore, conceited people often fall into a state of mania and eventually fail.

11. Greed-the root of the poverty of the soul
In reality, it is impossible for people to live without desire. The desire for money is hard to fill. The desire for money makes many people extremely greedy. It is true that money is the basic guarantee of people’s lives, but after solving their needs in life, they cannot be greedy blindly.

The old saying goes: “It is better to use less than more greedy.” People should have a certain degree of desire for money. If it exceeds the degree, you must find a way to stop yourself. Don’t regret the result that is beyond your reach because of excessive greed.

12. No Principles-Discarded Morality
Interests are often sought after in life, and some people even like to equate all their rules with their interests. When you get along with your relatives, friends, and others, you always put your own interests first.

It is true that for many people, interest is very important, but if you regard interest as the criterion for doing things, then in the future, those who do this can only shoot themselves in the foot.

Interests sometimes become a trap for others to seduce themselves, and people who use interest as the criterion are more likely to fall into the trap than to jump over.

13. Jealousy-the poison of the soul
Denigrate the achievements of others and expose one’s incompetence

Jealousy is a tumor on the human heart. Jealousy can make beautiful people ugly, and passionate people can become frosty.

Jealousy is a kind of hateful feeling. People who have jealousy will grit their teeth with hatred when they see that others are better than themselves and have better luck than themselves; and when they see that others are less lucky than themselves and live better than themselves, they will be exuberant proud.

Such feelings can have extremely adverse effects on interpersonal relationships. People should look at the world with an open-minded heart, because jealousy can only send people to the brink of madness and collapse, and will not let them achieve beauty and happiness.

14. Stubbornness-the source of stupidity in the soul
Stubbornness is a psychological phenomenon that persists in prejudice and does not know how to be flexible.

People’s cognition of things and the judgment of the value of things must be completed through their own values, which itself has a very strong subjective color. If you have a wrong understanding of a thing, but you are unwilling to accept the opinions of others to make effective corrections, mistakes will be added to mistakes. Stubbornness is not a synonym for persistence.

In fact, it is not difficult to open the shackles of stubbornness. As long as you can correct your wrong views in time and accept new things effectively, you can easily open the shackles of stubbornness.

15. Promises and trustworthiness-the easier it is, the more difficult it is
Honesty is the foundation of one’s life. To achieve honesty, the important point is not to make promises easily, so as to avoid perfidy. If you agree to the requirements of others without careful consideration and fail to do so afterwards, such a person will not gain the trust of others. Promise other people’s things to do, and make promises. Confucius said: “The people cannot stand without credibility.” People’s words and deeds must be based on honesty.

16. Publicity-the friend of the shallow
People with a public personality are arrogant, domineering, and too sharp. They tend to cause criticism between words and deeds, hurt others and themselves, so be cautious in their words and deeds.

“Modest gains, full recruits lose.” Whether it is full of talents or high ambitions, you should not be arrogant, arrogant, LV bags, but should give full play to your talents at the same time put away your edge and live a low profile. “Lao Tzu” said: “If you don’t see yourself, you know; if you don’t see yourself, you can make sense; if you don’t cut yourself, you have merit; if you don’t know yourself, you are long.”

Even when you are talented and unwilling, you don’t need to be pessimistic or complain about the injustices of life, you have to deal with it indifferently and behave with a low profile.

17. Vanity-all evil deeds revolve around vanity
Vanity is the pursuit of personal glory and superficial aura, in order to win the appreciation and respect of others.

Vanity-loving people have a strong inferiority complex. They don’t know it, but people who are empty and ignorant and glamorous on the outside are annoying.

In fact, everyone will have some vanity more or less. It should not be expanded and upgraded. Instead, they should see their own shortcomings and shortcomings through vanity, strengthen learning and improvement, continuously improve and motivate themselves, and move forward.

18. Worshiping gold-putting yourself on the shackles of gold
There is no doubt that money plays an important role in people’s lives, but money is not all of life. Money is a foreign thing, don’t be fascinated by money and your own greed, you should stop at it in moderation.

Get rid of greed, so that you can be content with happiness and untie the fetters that bind people. Besides, don’t be stingy. It’s also a blessing to be able to help others.

Don’t take money too seriously and learn to be willing to grasp the opportunity and destiny of life.

19. Impulse-trapped in a whirlpool of regret and self-blame
In daily life, there are indeed many things that make us angry and helpless, but no matter how impulsive our emotions are, we cannot lose our minds, let alone take aggressive behaviors recklessly.

“Slow things go well” The solution of any matter is the result of rationality and fairness. Blindly impulsive is not only useless, but often results in consequences that we cannot bear.

For this reason, it is a wise choice to control your behavior rationally when you are in a difficult situation.

20. A fluke-the indulgence of self-deception
The fluke psychology is a very unhealthy psychology. This kind of psychology blinds people’s thoughts and makes them unable to make correct judgments and even lose their way.

Over time, people’s thoughts will change unconsciously. In fact, serious consequences are formed by the accumulation of little things bit by bit, so we must start with the small things to prevent them. Occasionally, a fluke may make people achieve results or gain some benefits, but one day they will fall.

At any time, you must discard your luck, improve your morality, and realize your ideals one step at a time. It is important to know that “the edge of the sword comes from sharpening, and the fragrance of plum blossom comes from the bitter cold.” Only by working hard can we embark on the road to success.