Value investing lasts forever

Anyone familiar with Warren Buffett knows the influence of economist and investor Benjamin Graham on him. Graham’s book “The Smart Investor” inspired Buffett to form his own value investing philosophy. Buffett said that if it weren’t for this book, he might still be delivering newspapers. He saw the book “The Smart Investor” when he was undergraduate at the University of Nebraska, and was shocked, so he applied for a master’s degree in economics at Columbia University where Graham taught. Since then, Buffett has briefly worked for Graham, and his first son is also named after Graham. The book “The Smart Investor” was first published in 1949 and has been continuously reprinted since then. It has been translated into 36 languages ​​and has been selling well. In 2020, it was ranked 89th in Amazon’s 100 best-selling books. This is largely due to Buffett. Every time he mentions this book in public, it will bring a small peak in sales of this book, and gradually help this book become a bible in the investment field. And the core idea of ​​this book is not to treat investment as a gambling, keen to listen to gossip or just luck, but to do it as a career, carefully study the fundamentals of the company, identify stocks that are undervalued, and determine the investment Hold for a long time after the object

Armin Raschelt: Candidate in question

The 60-year-old Raschett is the most populous governor of North Rhine-Westphalia and the chairman of Merkel’s party, who has served as prime minister for nearly 16 years, but now no one wants to follow him. Most politicians will temporarily hide their ambitions, or at least look more cautious. But Raschelt, on the contrary, wanted more. Lashett made successive misjudgments during the new crown pandemic. When the number of infections rose, he allowed the state to open furniture stores and staged a failed talk show. In the end, he was blamed by Merkel for not complying with the common new crown agreement. Lashett’s poll results in recent months have been very poor. If you ask German citizens who they want to see in the Chancellery, they would rather choose a politician with no experience in power than Rashet. The Green Party announced on Wednesday that it will nominate its candidate for prime minister on April 19. The CDU-CSU alliance must also decide who will replace Merkel, whether it is CDU chairman Rashet or CDU’s party. Soder, Governor of Bavaria. The party group has been very nervous for several weeks. There are rumors that Rashet wants to make a decision. He called everywhere in the party, trying to find people to support him, and then said that the whole thing will take a while. However, there is still a rumor that continues to circulate: the more likely candidate is still Rashet. The reason for supporting Rashet as a candidate is simple and obvious: he is the chairman of the larger party in the CDU-CSU caucus, and he has the right to enjoy the “priority” of the CDU. Only if he gives up, no one else is qualified to get it. There is currently no sign that he will give up. Another reason is that he defeated two other opponents in the party at the Party Congress in January.

The “vaccine passport” leads to freedom

As more and more people get vaccinated around the world, many countries have begun to study and implement a “vaccine passport” that can prove immunization, hoping to restart the economy and restore normal life order. Israel has begun to implement a “green pass” system on a large scale in the country, and has signed agreements with Greece and Cyprus to allow holders of the “green pass” to travel freely internationally without being isolated. As of April 4, more than 31.3 million people in the UK have received the first dose of the new crown vaccine, of which 5 million have been vaccinated with two doses, the fastest vaccination rate in Europe. The British government plans to vaccinate all people over the age of 50 with a dose of the vaccine by mid-April and all adults by the end of July. At the same time, the British government plans to take the lead in testing the “vaccine passport” in England in the near future, so that people can show the “vaccine passport” through mobile apps or paper. The information on the “vaccine passport” includes whether the vaccine has been vaccinated, whether it has been tested for the new coronavirus recently and the result is negative, whether it has been naturally immunized, and so on. This is undoubtedly good news for the British people who have been blocked from travel for more than a year, but there are still some British people who believe that distinguishing people based on whether they have been vaccinated will cause discrimination and division, and it is unfair to those who have not been vaccinated .