Seventy percent of the mayors of Fukushima City, towns and villages opposed the discharge of pollutants into the sea

In response to the Japanese government’s decision to discharge nuclear contaminated water from the Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the ocean, Japan’s Asahi Shimbun recently conducted a questionnaire survey with the governor of Fukushima Prefecture and the mayors of 59 cities, towns and villages in the prefecture. The results showed that about 70% The interviewee opposed the government decision. Many voices are skeptical of the response of the Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Company, saying that their response to “risk assessment” (referring to the loss of reputation and economic losses to relevant focal persons or groups due to rumors) and compensation is insufficient. And Japan and abroad cannot understand the necessity of “discharging” nuclear contaminated water.

According to the “Asahi Shimbun” report on the 15th, the survey was held in late May and received responses from a total of 60 respondents. The question was set to choose one from four. Regarding the Japanese government’s decision to exclude seas, 7 people answered “cannot tolerate”; 34 people answered “If you must choose, you can’t tolerate”; the opposition accounted for 68% of the total, 41 people. When further inquiring about the reasons for “intolerance”, the three most answered were: 32 people thought that “there is insufficient understanding at home and abroad”; 29 people said that “the state and TEPCO did not adequately evaluate the damage and compensation measures of the country. “; There are also 25 people who said that “most fishery practitioners oppose.” In contrast, when answering the reason for “tolerable”, only four people said that “in order to promote waste furnace operations, it is necessary to do so” and “there is no other effective means”. According to the report, when talking about concerns about the possible future impact, 44 people believed that it was due to “stop buying Fukushima agricultural products”; 35 people were worried about “decrease in tourists.” When dealing with the problem, has the Japanese government reached a consensus with the local area? Thirty-five people said that “if you have to choose it, the evaluation is not high”; 10 people directly said that “the evaluation is not high”.

According to the Asahi Shimbun, the Japanese government made a decision in April that it is expected to discharge nuclear contaminated water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the ocean two years later. Even after treatment, the residual radioactive substance tritium cannot be removed. In this regard, some Japanese netizens commented that “rather than trying various methods to prove the safety of nuclear-contaminated water after treatment, it is better to think about the feasibility of other methods”. Some people also said, “Fukushima, which has not recovered from the’wind critics’ victimization, will probably encounter another round of victimization.”

The new crown epidemic has not prevented the frequent shootings across the United States. On the 14th local time, the police in DeKalb County, Georgia, the United States stated that the shooting in a supermarket in Atlanta that day had resulted in one death and two injuries. The incident was caused by a dispute between shop assistants and customers over wearing masks.

According to a CNN report on the 15th, a suspect entered a supermarket in Atlanta’s DeKalb shopping mall and had a dispute with the cashier over wearing a mask. The suspect then fired at him, and the female cashier died from her injuries. Subsequently, a security officer from the mall opened fire on the suspect, who fired back, and both were sent to the local hospital for treatment due to gunshot wounds. According to the police, the injured security guard is a retired police officer with 30 years of police experience. He wore a bulletproof vest when he was on duty. He is currently in stable condition. The police also said that another cashier was also bruised by the bullet, which was not a major problem.

DeKalb County Sheriff Maddox only revealed a little information at a press conference on the 14th. He said, “The dispute arose because of masks. I don’t know whether the suspect and the cashier are wearing masks. They are wearing them or not. People have different views on this now. This is a headache at the moment.” However, an eyewitness told CBS that the cause of the incident was that the cashier asked the suspect to wear a mask. After the argument, the suspect became very frustrated. Shot the cashier. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation released information late on the 14th that the suspect was named Victor Lee Tucker, a resident of Georgia, and he was 30 years old.

The Washington Post reported on the 15th that 2020 is the worst year for gun violence in decades. As far as the situation is concerned, 2021 will be even worse. This year’s gun violence incidents are everywhere, not only at celebrations and funerals, but also in workplaces and places of worship. The drive-throughs of grocery stores and fast food restaurants have also claimed many lives. According to data from the Gun Violence Archives of the United States, more than 120 people were killed in shootings last weekend alone, with three particularly dangerous shootings in Chicago and Georgia. In the first five months of 2021, more than 8,100 people in the United States were killed by gunfire, and about 54 people were killed every day, which is 14 more than the average death toll in the same period of the past six years.

US experts attribute the increase in shootings to a combination of new and long-standing problems, including deep-rooted inequality, soaring gun ownership, and tensions between the police and the communities they serve. These problems have been exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread racist struggle. Gun violence and its causes and solutions are now once again arousing widespread and fierce debate.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning on the 14th that after the Capitol attack on January 6, online “QAnon” conspiracy theorists may commit more violent actions. They are shifting from the “keyboard man” of the digital world to taking more actions in the real world.

CNN said on the 14th that according to an unclassified threat assessment report on “Anonymous Q” obtained by CNN last week, some radical followers of the conspiracy theory group believed that they “cannot believe it anymore.” The plan made by its mysterious leader Q”. The report indicated that “Anonymous Q”‘s prediction for the election failed to materialize, but this did not cause followers to abandon this conspiracy theory. Instead, they believe that individual efforts will determine the future direction of the organization.

CNN reported that “Anonymous Q” is a far-right conspiracy theory organization that believes that there is a deep government within the US government that opposes Trump and his supporters. This theory originated from an anonymous user named Q in the forum in October 2017. The name “Q” comes from the highest level “Q-level license” in the U.S. confidential license. Supporters of “Anonymous Q” are also called “crazy conspiracy theory cult” and “some of the most fanatical Trump fans on the Internet” by the public.