Be wary of negative voices online

Now there are more opportunities and more ways to read. A weak person, a happy and convenient person, can easily indulge in fragmented browsing and consume in messy gossip, various insights, vulgar videos, rumors and gossip. Lost precious time. Our time is so cramped, the time of the Internet age is like an arrow, and it is not three to five years, but more than ten years. There is nothing more worth cherishing than today’s time. This is very different from a century or even ten years ago. The two seem to be not equivalent in time measurement. This is for the reader, but it is actually for the author. A current writer must first settle down and think carefully about what kind of group and category he belongs to.

This is really a serious question.

Following fashion, drifting along the flow of fashion and habits, unknowingly arrived at a certain station of life, it seems that there is nothing wrong with having a good time. There is never a shortage of such a temperamental and gentle old man, but if we are such a good old man, our world will be a mess – no, we have to treat this world more carefully, contemplate and discern, think twice.

If you want a pen to carve different marks, be strong, have abrasions, and let the numb thing seep out red, you have to press it down and use force. In the time when the mud and sand are under the sand, there are not fewer words, but more. Write your own rationality and insight, sincere and truthful, and then simply keep silent. Can’t cater to the humble people who can betray everything for their own self-interest, and can’t satisfy those who are bored.

The principle of literature is the same as the others, but it is a true word, a love word, plus talent. Talent is the sum of nature and nurture, it is something that cannot be forced. But sometimes it is not reliable to rely solely on talent, because we have seen too many talented and unconscionable words since ancient times. So in this period, it’s really important to keep introspecting yourself.

In this messy network, there must be the sound of heavy metal. It falls and is submerged; it falls again and is submerged again. But if it keeps falling, it makes sense. There must be an extraordinary soul in the pages of good literature, and this soul will end up like a lotus from mud due to its poetic pursuit of truth. We love it, cultivate it, and plant it together. We also want to be it.

In the self-media era, the deep voice is not without, but it is always hurt by the rush of shameless voices. This grief is understandable. We found that at any time, there is a mess that cannot be uniform, and it is impossible to seek uniformity and simplicity; but once a gate is opened, it will still be shocked: so much darkness and humbleness, so much ignorance and hatred, so much sinisterness With cowardice, the traces are there and cannot be erased. Tenacity and integrity are there, courage and determination are there, persistence and indignation are also there, compassion and kindness are also there; the key is: silence is also there. There are countless silent people. But why do you want to be silent? For self-esteem? As speechless? For tomorrow? For greater use? For night and day? do not know. The answer is also in silence.

So, with a pen, work hard to engrave every word seriously. There are real readers. We only write all this for the clear and indifferent eyes, leaving our own labor.

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