Afghanistan reappears fears of large-scale civil war

since the United States and NATO withdrew from Afghanistan on May 1, the Taliban has launched several rounds of large-scale offensives against the Afghan government forces, which has continued to deteriorate the security situation in Afghanistan. At present, the Taliban claim to have occupied more than 80 of the 421 regions in Afghanistan. On the 22nd, they captured an important border passage between Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

According to reports, the Taliban recently launched an all-out offensive in northern Afghanistan. Not only did they occupy a large area of ​​rural areas, they also captured Sikhambadar, an important hub town in the Atta border area on the 22nd, and even surrounded the nearby capital city of Kundu. Taxi.

Some Afghan government soldiers fled into Tajikistan. It is reported that the Afghan government forces will launch a large-scale counter-offensive, but as of this writing, the border town of Hikham Badar is still in the hands of the Taliban, and it is not clear what counter-offensive plan the Afghan government forces have in the border area.

The UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Lyons, stated that the Taliban currently occupy areas near the capitals of several provinces in Afghanistan, which shows that they are trying to attack the capital cities after foreign troops have completely withdrawn. Lyons said at a meeting of the UN Security Council on the 22nd: “We must accept this fact. The intensification of the conflict in Afghanistan means that many countries near and far will face a more severe situation.”

The report said that as the Taliban stepped up their offensive, Afghan government officials began to call on civilians and militia members who had previously participated in the anti-Taliban fight to take up arms to help government forces fight the Taliban, but such calls also exacerbated the possibility of Afghanistan’s return to large-scale Worries of civil war. The US Department of Defense said on Monday that it will complete the withdrawal before September 11 as scheduled, but taking into account the Taliban’s offensive, it may slow down the pace of withdrawal.