New crown mutant strain “Delta+” may be more infectious

According to the World Health Organization, the threat of the “Delta” strain of the new coronavirus mutant first discovered in India has spread to 92 countries. Puvolawan, a virologist at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, said that “Delta” is expected to become the main epidemic strain of the global new crown pneumonia epidemic in the next 4 to 5 months. Just as many parts of the world adjusted their policies to respond to the threat of “Delta”, India on the 22nd listed the “Delta+” that was further mutated on the basis of “Delta” as a “mutated virus that needs to be concerned”, triggering new localities. Whether the mutated virus will trigger the third wave of pandemic concerns.

Fauci: “Delta” is the “biggest threat” facing the United States

The “Delta” strain of the new crown variant virus is spreading rapidly in the United States. White House chief infectious disease scientist Fauci called it the “biggest threat” currently facing the United States in eradicating the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the 22nd. Some experts said that “Delta” is the most transmissible branch of the new crown mutant virus. It has now replaced the “Alpha” mutant strain in the UK. The same situation is likely to come to the United States.

William Lee, vice president of the Helix Technology Department, a US new crown virus testing equipment manufacturer, boldly predicted that the “Delta” sweeping the United States may only be “a matter of a few weeks.” According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the two weeks from the end of May to the beginning of June, about 10% of the newly confirmed cases in the United States originated from the “Delta” mutant strain.

According to CNN, the communication ability of “Delta” is about 60% higher than that of “Alpha”, which greatly raises the threshold of “herd immunity”. Justin Lesler, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, said: “It looks like we are going to see the epidemic re-emerge in late summer or early fall.” According to modeling analysis, even if the vaccines for American vaccinators of the right age The injection rate has reached 75%, and there will still be a high incidence of more than 3,000 deaths per week in various periods of autumn and winter this year.

Fauci believes that this situation can be avoided by vaccination. Data analysis shows that if the vaccination rate of American vaccinators reaches 86% in late November, the country can effectively reduce about 10,000 deaths. However, in recent weeks, the vaccination work in the United States has slowed down significantly. The White House confirmed on the 22nd that the country is not expected to achieve the goal of giving 70% of adults at least one dose of the new crown vaccine set by President Biden before Independence Day on July 4.

Adjust policies in many places to respond to “Delta”

Facing the menacing “Delta”, many places are also adjusting their epidemic prevention policies. The German Medical Association issued a warning on the 22nd, urging people not to travel to countries or regions where the “Delta” mutant strain is rampant, including Britain and India. The country has also tightened entry regulations, requiring travelers to undergo a 14-day quarantine, regardless of their vaccination status and nucleic acid test results.

In New South Wales, Australia, in order to prevent the further spread of cluster infections related to the “Delta” mutant strain in Sydney, the governor of the state has announced that starting from the 23rd, a one-week restriction measure will be implemented in the Sydney metropolitan area. .

Israeli Prime Minister Bennett said in a televised speech on the 22nd that the “Delta” mutant strain has spread to Israel. The number of confirmed cases in the country has increased significantly recently, and the epidemic has re-erupted in the country. Bennett said he will reconvene the cabinet to discuss plans to contain the epidemic. According to reports, Israel may expand border restrictions and add new coronavirus testing facilities at the airport.

“Delta+” found in many places in India

While the world is still worried about the rapid spread of the “Delta” mutant strain, Indian Minister of Health Rajesh Bushan said at a press conference on the 22nd that the three local states of India have detected the “Delta”. On the basis of the latest discovery of another new variant strain “Delta+”, this type of variant strain is listed as a “mutant virus requiring concern”.

India’s New Delhi TV reported on the 23rd that the country has reported more than 40 confirmed cases of “Delta+” Covid-19, including 21 cases in Maharashtra, and in Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, and Thailand. “Delta+” cases have also been found in 7 states including Milnadu. Due to mutations in the spike protein region of the RNA virus of this mutant strain, it may be more contagious. Indian authorities have advised local states to strengthen related testing and tracking.

The New Coronavirus Genomics Alliance of India stated that “Delta+” has the characteristics of “easier transmission, stronger binding to lung cell receptors, and possible reduction of monoclonal antibody response”. Although the threat of “Delta+” remains to be seen due to limited data, many health experts worry that this mutant strain may trigger a third wave of epidemics in India. According to reports, Maharashtra, where the most cases have been detected, is already preparing for the third wave of the epidemic.

India’s disease control expert Kumar told the Global Times that the “Delta+” mutant strain was first discovered in Europe in March this year. India has actually only recently tracked the “Delta+”. Most of the confirmed cases still originate from “Delta”. He said that from the current known situation, “Delta+” is resistant to monoclonal antibody cocktail therapy, and there seems to be signs that the mutant strain has a certain immune escape ability against the vaccine.

Singapore’s “Straits Times” reported that in addition to India, confirmed cases of the new crown of the “Delta+” variant strain have also been found in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Japan, Nepal, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey.