Brazilian political party submits “super petition” to impeach the president

Brazil’s procurement of India’s Covaxin new crown vaccine corruption case has fermented, and President Bolsonaro is facing increasing pressure. According to a report by the Brazilian news website “G1” on June 30, many political parties and civil organizations in the country submitted a “super petition” to the House of Representatives on the same day, demanding the impeachment of Bolsonaro.

According to the report, the 46 individuals and groups who signed the complaint include Bolsonaro’s former allies, 11 leftist and center-left parties (7 of which have seats in Congress), and the Brazilian Institute of Democratic Jurists. This complaint combines 123 impeachment requests previously submitted to the House of Representatives, lists 23 “crimes” of the President of Pakistan, and classifies these “crimes” into 7 major categories, including endangering national security.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives of Brazil’s Congress, Lila, has the right to submit the “super petition” to a vote, but he said that he would not continue the impeachment process. Lila is Bolsonaro’s ally. The submitters of the “Super Complaint” admitted that they currently cannot obtain the necessary majority in the House of Representatives to approve the initiation of impeachment proceedings, but hope to exert greater pressure on members who have not yet made their position clear.

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused more than 510,000 deaths in Brazil. According to the Brazilian website “UOL”, a telegram from the Brazilian Embassy in India showed that the price of the Covaxin vaccine in India was US$1.34 per dose, while the purchase price of the Brazilian Ministry of Health was as high as US$15 per dose, with a purchase volume of 20 million doses. Some members said that Bolsonaro ordered the purchase and knew that the transaction was suspected of corruption, but he did not come forward to stop it. On June 28, three senators formally filed a complaint with the Brazilian Supreme Court, accusing Bolsonaro of malfeasance.

Brazilian media reported on Wednesday that the Covaxin vaccine has not yet received emergency authorization from Brazil and the World Health Organization, and Brazil has not yet imported the Covaxin vaccine. On June 29, the Brazilian Ministry of Health decided to suspend the Covaxin vaccine procurement contract. On June 30, Bolsonaro dismissed the head of logistics at the Ministry of Health, and the Brazilian authorities announced a criminal investigation into the Covaxin vaccine contract. The Brazilian Senate Epidemic Investigation Committee (CPI) stated that the focus of the current investigation is on why Bolsonaro would promote the purchase of the vaccine at a high price. According to Brazil’s “São Paulo Page”, the latest news shows that the Ministry of Health of the country asks sellers for rebates when purchasing AstraZeneca vaccines. The claimant announced his resignation on June 29.

Bolsonaro said that there is no problem with the procurement of Covaxin vaccines. The leaders of CPI are “bad guys” and he will not be overthrown by these “bandits”. He reaffirmed the political alliance between the government and Congress, and once again emphasized the role of the military. The Brazilian news website “247” stated that there have been 177 demonstrations against Bolsonaro that will be held on July 3.