Biden: Social media is “killing”

The new crown epidemic in the United States has rebounded in many states. Although many susceptible people have been vaccinated, vaccination in recent weeks has almost ceased. US President Biden blamed some people’s refusal to get vaccinated on social media’s failure to control the spread of false information, and said that “they are killing people.”

The Associated Press reported on the 17th that when asked what to say to social media such as Facebook, Biden said on the 16th: “They are killing people! The people who are currently infected are all people who have not been vaccinated. They allow the vaccine. False information spread on the platform, causing some people not to be vaccinated, they are killing people!”

On the 15th, U.S. Department of Health Vivek Morsi stated that false information about the new crown vaccine is a serious threat to public health, which may cause confusion, sow seeds of mistrust, and undermine public health-related efforts. Morsi believes that given the role of the Internet in disseminating misinformation, technology companies and social media must make meaningful changes to their products and software to reduce the spread of false information while increasing authoritative and fact-based sources of information . Morsi said that these platforms “always encourage rather than curb the spread of false information.”

The White House spokesperson Psaki had also accused Facebook of spreading false information about vaccines, and specifically referred to “12 people with false information”, claiming that they were responsible for spreading a large amount of false information about the new crown virus. Psaki said that about 12 people made 65% of vaccine-related misinformation on social media platforms. These people include Robert Kennedy Jr., a well-known figure in the anti-vaccine movement (from the famous Kennedy family in the United States, and the third son of Robert Kennedy, the brother of former US President John Kennedy). His Ins-tagram account was shut down at the beginning of the year for spreading false information about the new crown virus. However, Kennedy’s Facebook account with 300,000 fans has not been banned. Psaki put pressure on Facebook: “This is a matter of life and death. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that the information is accurate. They are private companies and can decide what measures to take. Obviously, there is still a lot to do. ”

Faced with these allegations, Facebook denied in a statement. Facebook spokesperson Danny Lev responded on the 17th: “We will not be distracted by accusations that are not based on facts. The fact is that more than 2 billion people browse authoritative information about the new crown virus and vaccines on Facebook, more than others. There are many platforms on any platform. More than 3.3 million Americans also use our search tool to determine where and how to get vaccinated. The facts show that Facebook is helping to save lives.”