South Gate of England

Everything is full of symbolism, when Rashford stood in front of the penalty kick.

Obviously, Rashford was a little nervous. He kept observing the position of the Italian goalkeeper Donnarumma, trying to find opportunities that could be used, just like the English audience at Wembley did.

The whole of England is very concerned about the European Cup final between England and Italy, “Football is home”, but whether the Delaunay Cup can stay in England, this is the biggest suspense of the British-Italian final. This also brought tension and anxiety to England coach Southgate (Southgate), so that in just a few minutes of the second half of the final overtime, Southgate replaced Sancho and Rush one after another. Fude, all the last substitutions have been used up. Obviously, South Gate is preparing for the penalty shootout, but the “spoiler” substitutions at the most critical juncture of the game have to affect emotions and tactics.

Rashford, who was responsible for the penalty kick, took a breath, took a step and made a very fancy move, seeming to want to divert Donnarumma’s attention, and then quickly raised his kick to kick the football. According to Rashford’s slightly turning foot, the football drew a silver arc and went straight to the left side of the Italian goal, but it was close to the goal, perhaps because of the fancy footwork, and the beautiful arc hit the head. On the goalpost, bounced back, wasting a great opportunity to score a goal.

In the TV footage, Nanmen’s disappointment was revealed.

The goal of South Gate is to make Sancho and Rashford break the Italian goal with beautiful skills through a beautiful change of skill, but the result of showing off their skills is not necessarily beautiful. Rashford’s performance almost reproduced the entanglement in Nanmen’s heart: anxiety, doubt, and speculation.

Nanmen’s misunderstanding comes from his lack of self-confidence against Italy, so that his actions are out of shape. England and Italy have faced each other 27 times in A-level matches in history. Italy has 11 wins, 8 draws and 8 losses. However, in the last 14 matches, England has only won 2 games. The last win was 9 years ago in 2012. This is also the only victory in the last 8 clashes. Perhaps because of the faint anxiety deep in my heart, Nanmen wanted to earn glory for England through some technical arrangements at the most critical juncture of the game. But it is obvious that what is not available on the “battlefield”, “skills” may not be available. This is true for Rashford, and so is South Gate.

Compared with England, the happy people on the Apennine Peninsula seem to be much calmer. The Italian team did not make consecutive substitutions to prepare for the penalty shootout, nor did Donnarumma, like the England goalkeeper Pickford, kept beating inside and out trying to interfere with the opponent. This may be self-confidence, or the peace brought by purity of mind.

After Rashford’s setback, the England team seems to have lost its soul. Sancho, the fourth player who followed Rashford on the field, was another “penalty star” who was replaced in overtime. He also made a fancy move to kick the penalty into Don. Narooma’s arms. Fortunately, the fifth Italian player Jorginho’s penalty was also confiscated by Pickford, but the England team Saka, who played last, missed the penalty again. In other words, starting from Rashford, none of the three famous players in the England team scored a penalty! It was strange that England could get the Delaunay Cup in five free throws.

Character determines fate. The failure of the South Gate may be due to bad luck, but a series of divine operations at the South Gate also indicates that this may be inevitable. Because the South Gate and the England team showed more and more like their country’s temperament in recent years: hesitant and reckless, big-hearted but weak.

The countries in the south gate are arrogant about who has the advantage of the EU and leave the European Union, but after leaving the European Union, they regretted not in the first place. I wanted to follow the boss and go up to the Black Sea to provoke me, but after being thrown a bomb, he knocked out his teeth and swallowed and said he didn’t throw it. Obviously, after Brexit, there is a need to establish a golden relationship in the major eastern countries, but they just wanted to drive the “Elizabeth” to the South China Sea for trouble and forgot the lessons of the “Amethyst”.

The mood of the country cannot but be projected on the people.

Because of Brexit, in the pre-European Cup final survey conducted by the French “Team Daily”, 69% of French fans supported Italy, and only 20% of fans supported England. The President of the European Commission and German von der Lein can finally no longer remain neutral. Her spokesperson said: “Her heart is with the Azzurri, and she will support Italy in the final.”

The most meaningful thing is that just the day before England lost the Delaunay Cup, in the Copa America final, Argentina defeated Brazil 1-0 to win the championship.