6 negative textbooks for breakfast, have you been recruited

  Modern people’s life is fast-paced. Many people rush to work and school in the morning and don’t have time to prepare breakfast, so they just eat casually and fool around. Related surveys show that the current situation of Chinese breakfast is: about 20% of people do not eat breakfast, and a considerable number of people who eat breakfast have an unreasonable breakfast structure. In this regard, Chinese physician Wang Wenying, director of the Endocrinology Department of the Affiliated Chinese Medicine Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, introduced a few cases of “negative textbooks” for breakfast that citizens, especially elementary and middle school students, and office workers often eat at present. You can compare them and see what is wrong.
Pairing 1: Room temperature yogurt or pure milk + bread + sliced ​​ham + egg + apple

  Comment: This example seems to have many varieties and many elements, but in fact, the staple food only contains pasta, lacking the intake of whole grains, such as corn, mixed beans, etc., and sliced ​​ham is a highly processed meat product. Breakfast is not recommended. Eat as little as possible.
Pairing 2: Fast food restaurant soy milk + hamburger

  Comment: The element in this example is relatively single, soy milk is good, low sugar is recommended; but burgers are fried foods, and it is not recommended to eat more.
Pairing 3: Buns + Eggs + Congee from Chinese Breakfast Shop

  Comment: In this case, there are duplicate elements and insufficient elements. Steamed buns and porridge are staple foods, one is pasta and the other is rice. This increases the intake of staple foods, thereby increasing the intake of carbohydrates, but lacks dietary fiber and vitamins.
Pairing 4: Instant Oatmeal + Corn + Bacon

  Comment: This example increases the number of cereals, but the amount needs to be controlled. The instant oatmeal has a high degree of processing, and its original dietary fiber, vitamins and other nutrients are greatly reduced. The low-processed whole oats should be preferred. Bacon is a highly processed meat product with high fat content and is not recommended for consumption, and it lacks dairy products and fruits.
Pairing 5: Fried dumplings + porridge + eggs

  Comment: The fried dumplings in this example are fried foods with too much oil. Although they contain a certain amount of vegetables, it is not recommended to eat, or it is better to change to vegetable dumplings or steamed dumplings; in addition, it lacks fruits and milk, etc. .
Pairing 6: Egg and Vegetable Cake + Congee

  Comment: This example of egg vegetable cake contains animal protein, vegetables, and staple food, which is relatively good, but the porridge repeats the staple food and increases the weight of the staple food. It is recommended to change the porridge to milk or sugar-free soy milk.
  Due to the limited morning time for primary and middle school students and office workers, breakfast is best to save trouble, time, simple and nutritious. Combining the body’s energy metabolism rate, Wang Wenying recommends the following combinations:
  1. Low-sugar/sugar-free soy milk or 250ml of milk, 1 egg, 50 grams of multigrain pie, 1 apple.
  2. 1 cup of yogurt, 1 egg, 6 vegetable dumplings or 1 corn, 3 cherry tomatoes.
  3. 1 purple potato, 1 tomato, 250ml milk, 1 egg.
  4. 250ml of milk, 1 tael of oats, 1 egg, 1 vegetable or fruit.
  Wang Wenying said that there are actually many reasonable collocations, but it is necessary to grasp a general principle, that is, dairy products should not exceed 300ml for breakfast, protein should not exceed 50 grams, staple foods should not exceed 2 taels, vegetables and fruits should be properly matched, and 25 grams can be eaten in leisure time. Avoid pickled products, fried products, high-sugar, processed meat products, etc. for the left and right nuts. If possible, increase the intake of fish and use whole grains such as corn and miscellaneous beans.