She is Prince Philip’s half-life confidante, even recognized by the Queen. This blonde beauty is of high rank.

  Prince Philip’s funeral was small and grand, and the Queen’s lonely figure made the world sympathize.
  Only 30 people attended, most of them were the closest direct line of the royal family, three were family members of the prince’s sister, and the last one had no blood.
  She looks like this, with first-class demeanor and temperament.
  Dress up with superb taste, black skirt jacket with round hat, fern leaf all-diamond brooch, short circle all-bead necklace and a pair of exquisite pearl earrings.

  Knowing from the pale face, it’s really sad.
  She was the Countess of Mountbatten, but it was amazing. The count was not on the list, and the countess was a character that could not be ignored.
  She is Prince Philip’s half-life confidante, the most important woman second only to the Queen. Yes, the queen personally invited her husband’s confidante to accompany him on the last journey, there is no one in this realm.

  Nicknamed Penny, her full name is Penelope Meredith Eastwood. She was born in a civilian family on April 16, 1953. She was called the “Butcher’s Daughter” by the tabloids, and she was thousands of miles away from the Queen.
  Her father didn’t even finish middle school, dropped out of school at the age of 15, served in the Army, and then started slaughtering and selling meat like his ancestors. But his father was very capable. He turned from a butcher’s job to a wealthy businessman and founded an Angus steakhouse chain restaurant with sales of millions of pounds.

  Later, he sold the steak restaurant to Golden Egg Company, and took his wife to live in Mallorca, Spain, to spend his old age, while the only daughter inherited the shrewdness and ability to get to the top.
  Penny had a wealthy childhood, grew up in a Swiss boarding school, and graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in business.
  Grows into a blonde beauty and enters the London social circle. Some people commented like this: she is the most natural girl I have ever seen, lively and outgoing, neither frivolous nor arrogant (now speaking, neither green tea nor flamboyant), she is also smart and makes people very pleasant to get along with.

  Penny met her husband Norton Norton Knatchbull at the party. Her husband is now the Earl of Mountbatten III. He is close friends with Crown Prince Charles and was a classmate at a Scottish boarding school.
  Norton has a strong background. His godfather is Prince Philip (full name Philip Mountbatten), and his grandfather is named Louis Mountbatten, who is Philip’s uncle.
  Louis Mountbatten is a high-ranking officer, serving as the British naval marshal, commander-in-chief of the Allied Forces in Southeast Asia, and the last governor of British India. Others saw him as ambitious and profound; in Prince Philip’s view, his uncle belonged to the Mountbatten family. Lead the way.

  This uncle had been married to the British royal family and hoped that the royal blood would continue the Mountbatten surname, and arranged an important meeting between Philip and the future queen.
  At that time, 18-year-old Philip was at Dartmouth Naval Academy, and only 13-year-old Elizabeth II followed his father to visit the academy. Philip came forward to receive him, regardless of whether he was thinking or not, he has met and fell in love since then.
  Since then, my uncle has been mentioning Philip as the most important life mentor. Philip and Elizabeth II were visiting Africa, and suddenly received a call from his uncle, telling him that the king had passed away, “She will be the queen tomorrow. Never forget this.”

  It can be said that Prince Philip has extremely enthusiasm for Mountbatten, the “maiden”.
  Penny dated Norton, the heir of the Mountbatten family, and quickly became acquainted with Charles and Prince Philip.
  The first encounter with the prince was in the 1974 polo match. At that time, he did not get very close, but after the turning point, the relationship lasted for half a lifetime.
  In 1979, Penny married into the Mountbatten family. The wedding specifications were super high. Her husband inherited the title of earl. Penny wore the Mountbatten star crown and became the countess.

  His family inherited the Broadlands Manor, Hampshire, from the Mountbatten family. It was built in the 18th century with 60 rooms and 86 acres.
  This was the place where the Queen and his wife spent their honeymoon. The two most widely circulated pictures were taken in his manor.
  The young couple had a good time at first, giving birth to a son and two daughters, and Prince Charles was the godfather.
  Princess Charles also came to her home on her honeymoon, and the manor was crowded with people.
  Penny is very popular. She has long blonde hair, an elegant figure, and she knows how to dress up.

  He has a free and easy personality, likes to laugh, and works very well with Prince Philip’s outgoing personality.
  She is the prince’s nephew and daughter-in-law, 32 years younger than the prince. In the eyes of others, she was a young and charming girl who would temporarily attract the prince. Who would have thought that this relationship would get closer and closer.
  The turning point occurred in 1991, when Penny’s 5-year-old daughter had kidney cancer. She saw her own daughter die in pain and suffering and suffered a major blow.
  Prince Philip understands her very well. He experienced family tragedies in his childhood. Compared with most people, he knows more about life.
  The prince began to invite Penny to drive a carriage with her to relieve her sorrow.
  In the company of each other, the two were pleasantly surprised to find that although the age difference is huge, they have a lot in common. They both like outdoor sports, fishing, swimming, and water skiing. In short, the queen has no time to play things, and both love to play.
  Every year, the Royal Windsor Horse Show is a regular partner, and gradually developed to meet twice a week to participate in all-British horseback riding events.

  The two are top Che Youhui.
  Philip has attracted many women, but Peng Niyan has become the closest female companion. How could the queen not know.
  Philip generously admitted that Penny was his confidante; Penny claimed that they had a “Platonic” relationship. Although they had maintained a deep friendship for decades, they had no bedtime love.
  The queen once went to Philip’s uncle Louis Mountbatten to walk and chat by the river. The uncle told the queen: a man has some special needs, but this does not mean that he does not love you.
  In modern times, almost no women can accept this, but it has become the reason for the queen to persist for a lifetime. She said privately that Philip attracts women and likes to have them by his side.
  What is the Queen’s way? In every activity of the royal family, Penny must be invited, and the queen even lives in harmony with her and rides in the same car.
  In the long years, it may be hard for you to believe that the Queen, like Philip, recognized Penny.
  Penny is active but cautious. The most secret words in Philip’s life for many years have been confided to her, and she has never revealed a word, and is called “the person who listens to secrets” by the royal family.
  What’s more, she is not only good at playing, she is quite hardcore. Her husband is a descendant of aristocrats who can only enjoy. He is so tired of the tedious affairs of the large estate, he almost sold the garden to Tesco Jianda Supermarket.
  Penny is on the contrary, she is willing to take on the heavy responsibility, knowing that this is the family responsibility.
  In the open marriage of the nobles, she and her husband Norton each had other partners and knew each other well. But in 2010, her husband suddenly took his mistress away to the Bahamas, making her a laughingstock of high society.

  She insisted on managing and operating the manor, and also made money. She established a children’s cancer assistance fund named after her youngest daughter, and merged it into the Mountbatten Family Fund to pass on the family’s glory.
  A few years later, her husband suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and moved back to the manor. She still managed the whole family conscientiously.
  Under her leadership, she can always survive the difficulties. This is the tenacity and dedication most recognized by the nobles. The queen also accepted her. As a result, Penny became a frequent guest of the royal family.
  Penny was even given the nickname “andalso” because the list of guests who didn’t invite her to attend was incomplete.
  For decades, whether it’s a private dinner or a public event, whether it’s important or not, just talk about “please this and that”, and then the prince will always say: “and Penny…”
  Compared to her earl husband , The Count of Mountbatten is a man who has truly stepped into the core of the royal family.
  Buckingham Palace explained: “The count is not in good health and can’t attend the event, so the countess attended the event on her behalf.” It’s so talkative!
  Prince Philip performed official duties all his life. He retired in 2017 and lived at Sandringham Farm in his later years. Penny, who is nearly 70 years old, is still one of his few close friends.
  He trusted her deeply, and she admired him extremely. In the life of the prince, she can be called the second most important woman, an eternal confidant, female companion and a person who listens to secrets.