Regardless of occupation, ability is the last word

  People often ridicule: There are three kinds of drivers in the world-new drivers, old drivers, and female drivers. In addition, you may also hear female programmers, female scientists, female directors…In life, people always have stereotypes about certain occupations, and they think that occupations have gender attributes, such as nurses, kindergarten teachers, and babysitters. Basically, it has become an industry “contracted” by women, while technical positions and high-end and sophisticated positions are dominated by men. As a result, so-called “masculine” and “feminized” occupations have formed in society, which constitutes the phenomenon of occupational gender segregation.
  In the variety show “How Is She Feeling”, as a UFC women’s world champion gold belt winner, Zhang Weili still suffers from a strange look. “Everyone will have this kind of professional prejudice, that is, how can girls go to the male octagonal cage? Boxing?” In the hearts of many people, they have always adhered to the “traditional” concept, thinking that girls should be quiet and gentle, and boxers and fighting athletes should be done by powerful boys. There is also the “Lipstick Brother” Li Jiaqi, who has also been ridiculed by many people as a beauty anchor. He said: “My mother is a teacher, they would say:’Mr. Li, your son puts on lipstick on the Internet, do you care about him?'” In the face of occupation, ability should be more important than gender, but people are stereotyped about occupation. Impressions have limited many people to discover their strengths and buried countless dreams.
  In recent years, with the continuous improvement of education level, women have a broader career development space, and more and more women have begun to enter some traditional male professional fields. In the report on the core competitiveness of the two sexes in the workplace given by the workplace social platform LinkedIn, there are data showing that in some sub-fields of “disruptive skills”, women have shown their advantages and potential, including genetic engineering. (Women account for 54%), data science (women account for 41%), nanotechnology (women account for 30%) and human-computer interaction (women account for 30%). The 2019 report of BOSS direct employment also listed the proportion of women in the 15 technical positions with the highest average salary in the year, and the proportion of women in 60% of the positions has increased. The practice of degendering has proved that women can not only survive in these masculine industries, but also achieve good results. Just like the four protagonists in this issue of planning, they are welders, racers, photographers carrying Steadicams, and Sichuan cuisine chefs. These occupations that originally belonged to “women should not be close” have made them famous, even in the first place. Among the male counterparts, they are also outstanding.
  Nietzsche said: “Ability can make people avoid pain.” To break people’s prejudice against career, the fastest way is to improve yourself. When you succeed in that discriminated occupation, you not only prove yourself, but also redefine the profession.

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