A wealthy murder case “solved” by the documentary

   Robert Dusit. Born in April 1943, a New York Jew, the eldest son of the Dusit family, a famous American real estate wealthy. Arrested and jailed for murder in 2015.
   From witnessing his mother jumping off a building to commit suicide when he was a child, to the second generation of infatuated and rich marrying “Cinderella”, to the silver-haired old man who is now in jail, Robert Dusit has always had a transcendent temperament, his body is thin, but he speaks. The determination from within, as if the whole world had nothing to do with him.
   He is the eldest son of a New York real estate giant, but he did not inherit the ancestral business empire. Instead, he became a mysterious and weird old man with a childhood shadow and several murders. Around him, murders happened one after another-his first wife disappeared inexplicably in 1982, his close friend was killed in Los Angeles in 2000, and his neighbor was shot and mutilated in 2001…
   clues to these cases And the spearhead is directed at Dusit. He spent a lot of money to hire lawyers to get rid of crimes again and again, but unexpectedly he took the initiative to apply for a documentary, stood in front of the camera and starred in his life, thinking that he could escape the relationship again, and by the way mocked the world. However, the police found new evidence from the film and took him to prison for murder. Some analysts say that Dusit may be sentenced to life imprisonment. Whether the 77-year-old rich man can live to the trial day and receive due punishment is a cause for concern.
  The reality version of “The Lost Lover” is
   “happy, happy, happy.” When asked about the feelings of getting along with his mother, Dusit rarely opened his heart. He grew up in the small town of Scarsdale in New York, USA, and received his mother’s meticulous care. This is one of the few warm memories of his life. Unfortunately, the happy time of childhood is too short. When he was 7 years old, his father suddenly called him to see his mother one evening. When he hurried away, he saw his mother standing on the roof. Dusit waved to her. Then he heard the maid screaming-mother from the top of the building. Jumped down.
   Witnessing his mother’s suicide has become a lingering shadow in Dusit’s heart. He was depressed, and asked his father about the reason for his mother’s suicide more than once, but he never got the answer. My father is busy with the huge family business all day long-the Dusit family has at least 4 billion U.S. dollars (1 U.S. dollar is about 6.9 yuan) in assets. The 15 skyscrapers in the heart of Manhattan belong to the family, even Times Square in New York. It was also rebuilt with its support.
   Losing the care of his mother and the comfort of his father, Dusit began to treat the world maliciously: truancy, rebellion, and often talk to himself. When he was 10 years old, his family invited him a psychologist. The diagnosis result was “there is the possibility of multiple personality splits”, but he did not attract attention.
   Thus, Dusit became the elusive and neglected child in the family. As the eldest son, he should have inherited the family business, but he seemed to have no interest, and his father simply paid more attention to Dusit’s younger brother Douglas.
   After graduating from high school, Dusit entered Lehigh University, obtained a degree in economics, and then applied for a doctoral program at the University of California, Los Angeles. However, before the course was over, he voluntarily dropped out of school and returned to work in the family business. He did not leave until his younger brother was selected as the company’s successor in 1990. This appointment caused the relationship between Dusit and family members to deteriorate further.
   Although he didn’t get his doctorate degree, Dusit met the cheerful Catherine during his stay at UCLA. The two had complementary personalities and hit it off. It was the United States in 1971, and the campus was filled with restlessness and rebellion in the autumn. The unsmiling Dusit, like a mysterious prince, has frequent dates with the civilian girl Catherine. The two fell in love and lived together naturally, and got married two years later. The wedding was arranged in spring, which was the 30th birthday of the groom.
   The offspring of a wealthy real estate tycoon married Xiaojiabiyu, which seems to be a replica of a fairy tale. However, no one noticed the twisted heart hidden under Dusit’s calm appearance. Before marriage, he asked Catherine to never have children because he had a childhood shadow and had a grudge against the offspring. The couple’s sweet life in the suburbs of New York did not last long, and the rift in the marriage gradually appeared and widened sharply-Catherine became pregnant unexpectedly, Dusit was rude and asked his wife to abort. Can do it. Once, she confided the true situation while treating a facial bruise in the hospital: “My husband beat me, I am going to apply for a divorce and ask for a compensation.”
   In 1982, Catherine suddenly disappeared from the world. The last time she appeared was at a dinner at a friend’s house. Friends found that she was depressed and dressed casually, and her image was very different in peace. During the dinner, she went out after receiving a call from Dusit, and her whereabouts have been unknown since then. When asked by the police, Dusit insisted that he took his wife on the train bound for New York, and talked with his wife on the phone later, and never saw her again. Although many clues pointed to Dusit, due to lack of sufficient evidence and the corpse was not found, the case fell into a protracted investigation, and the truth finally came to an end.
  ”For self-defense, I cut him up.”
   In 2000, a female prosecutor who wanted to make a big splash in the political arena restarted the investigation of Dusit’s wife. Dusit’s long-time close friend Susan served as his media spokesperson in the year of the incident, helping him tide over the difficulties. Susan was originally the daughter of a gangster, but she fell behind in her family and became a poor writer.
   Maybe the inside story she holds can be a breakthrough for solving the case. However, when the investigation was restarted, the key witness was killed at home-a bullet passed through the back of her head, like a quick and decisive vendetta among gangsters.
   Her death brought people’s attention to Dusit once again. Although there is still no tangible evidence, Dusit is deeply panicked by the pressure from justice and public opinion. He simply fled to Texas and rented an apartment to live in. In order to hide his identity, he bought wigs, women’s long skirts and handbags, disguised as a middle-aged woman, and led a simple life. This trick is very effective. His landlord always thought he was a flat-chested and beautiful middle-aged woman.
   Dusit and his 71-year-old neighbor, Maurice Black, became friends. The two talked about philosophy of life from poems and songs, and they were similar to each other. During a drunk chat, Dusit confided his identity to Morris. After Morris knew that he was a rich man, he secretly made up his mind.
   However, it didn’t take long before Morris was unloaded, packed in black garbage bags, and floating in Weston Bay. Dusit confessed to killing Morris and smashing his body with a bow saw. He quickly paid bail and escaped. Just when people thought he would escape the French net again, he was arrested for stealing a $6 bread in the supermarket, and there were obviously hundreds of thousands of cash in his car.
   Dusit finally stopped running desperately and will face the jury in the court. Dusit spent a lot of money in hiring top lawyers. He left his hometown and disguised himself as a woman’s lifestyle, and was packaged as evidence to escape the female prosecutor’s pursuit of personal achievements and ambitions; the lawyer team also successfully persuaded the jury that he killed his neighbor in self-defense and was not guilty of murder. . “Morris died in an accident during a legitimate defense. After he learned of Dusit’s true identity, he broke into Dusit’s house with a gun and wanted to blackmail him a sum of money. During the dispute between the two, he shot Morris. . Therefore, Dusit did not kill his friend, but dismembered him in a panic with a knife, saw, and axe.”

   Since Morris’ head was not found, the lawyers’ testimony on self-defense could not prove the authenticity, and Dusit was acquitted again. The result of the trial caused an uproar. Many talk shows and news programs in the United States circulated the phrase “I cut him up for self-defense” as a paragraph.    Take the
  initiative to star in the documentary
In 2010, the film “All the Good Things” filmed by director Jericho based on Dusit’s experience was released. Dusit immediately called the director and asked for an interview. After finally getting rid of the whirlpool of homicide, but inexplicably voluntarily asked to be interviewed. He had unreasonable thoughts, and he couldn’t use ordinary people’s criteria to guess. Perhaps he thinks it is too boring to know the truth alone, and wants to share his bizarre and absurd life with the world? Or does he feel old and lonely and hope to get attention again?
   Jericho will interview Dusit into a 6-episode documentary film “The New York Scourge”. Dusit, who appears in the camera, is an old man with introverted personality, calm face, and logical speech. He narrates slowly in front of the camera, and many viewers will feel that he is not only innocent, but also a victim who is entangled in the shadow of childhood, family pressure, and outsiders.
   However, no one expected that at the last minute of the documentary, there was a big reversal-Dusit forgot to remove the headset and went to the bathroom. He thought the interview was over, and while flushing, he mumbled: “I What the hell did you do? I killed them all…” The audience didn’t know if this was true. The lights in the room were turned off one by one, and Dusit muttered to himself in the dark, as if waiting for death. Come.
   Many years of unsettled cases were solved in this way. On March 14, 2015, the day before the finale of “Scourge of New York” was broadcast, the FBI arrested Dusit. In addition to not confessing when acting in the documentary, the police also grasped Dusit’s handwriting evidence through interviews in the documentary-the day after Susan was killed, an anonymous letter was sent to the Los Angeles Police Department, which read Susan’s home address and the words “there is a corpse” in the words seem to hope that Susan’s body will be found soon to prevent it from decay. This letter spelled “Beverly” to “Beverley”. And Susan’s adopted son sorted out the relics before accepting the interview with the crew, and accidentally found a letter written by Dustian to Susan. The address on the letter also spelled “Beverly” into “Beverley”. When the director brought the two letters to Dusit, he began to panic and a little incoherent.
   After being imprisoned, Dusit had thoughts of suicide and was once transferred to a mentally ill cell. I don’t know whether the person who died unjustly and the 7-year-old boy who lost his mother’s love and was panicked and helpless in his mind have ever crossed or overlapped. Moreover, he took many pictures of close friends with him in prison, including his and Catherine’s wedding pictures. If time goes back, will he choose to have children with Catherine and spend a peaceful and innocent life in a villa in the suburbs of New York?