In Australia, failing to take good care of pets is a crime

   In November 2017, Pera University announced that it would build a petting zoo on campus. This sounds a bit inexplicable. Isn’t university a place to study? Why set up a petting zoo? It turned out that this was to “help students decompress.” “Usually, everyone studies very hard.” Nelson, the school’s health expert, explained, “With the zoo, students and pets can get in touch with each other, so that they can effectively reduce stress.”
   In fact, the school can come up with such a “caring And the thoughtful “decompression” plan is also based on the national conditions-Australia is indeed a country with a popular pet culture, and people’s love for pets can be described as “crazy”.
   In Australia, the proportion of households with pets is as high as 65%. There are about 24 million people in Australia, and there are more registered pets than people, with a total of more than 26 million. In this country where all kinds of exotic animals are infested, the types of pets are also very diverse. In addition to common cats and dogs, Australians also prefer fish and birds. In the suburbs, there are still many people raising small mammals and reptiles. It is very common to keep kangaroos, koalas, etc., the national treasures, as pets.
   Not only is the number of pets surprisingly large, Australians also have a deep affection for pets. A report released by the Animal Health Alliance shows that Australians trust their pets even more than they trust their friends. Probably because of this, Australians are willing to spend money for pets and are committed to letting their friends enjoy superior services.
   In China, it is very convenient to take a taxi, but not in Australia, where there are a lot of people. In many cities, people’s travel problems have not been resolved, but pets have already enjoyed private car services. According to the owner’s needs, the pet car company will send people to pick up pets and take them to beauty salons, hospitals, etc. During the pick-up process, the drivers will also play classical music in the car to soothe the pet’s emotions.
   “I have transported dogs, cats, fish, rabbits… Pets are likely to be anxious or barking in an unfamiliar environment. At this time, classical music can really calm down.” Joe was a former financial industry practitioner. Because of his love for pets, now he resigned and worked as a pet car driver. At work, he likes to play some French songs from the 1980s in the car. “They really like this.” He said, “If it is a dog, I will shake down the rear car glass a little bit. The little guys like the breeze.”
   Besides, in Australia, Pet meals are very popular, and they have captured the hearts of a large number of owners with the concept of scientifically catering and balanced pet nutrition. In Australia’s supermarkets, you can often find food shopping areas exclusively for pets. The foods inside are matched according to pet nutrition. The types are very rich. There are dry foods, miscellaneous grains, vegetables, fresh meat, poultry, etc., which are not inferior to human diets.
   Not only “walking” and “food”, Australian pets can also enjoy a fairly high-quality “living”. In Adelaide, there is a five-star pet hotel built at a cost of 9 million Australian dollars (about 45.83 million yuan) to provide pets with ultra-luxury services and care.
   This hotel has 262 rooms, including luxury suites and apartments, spacious, and the rooms also play programs suitable for pets. Whether it is hot summer or cold winter, in order to make pets feel comfortable, the hotel room is kept at a constant temperature. There are play areas both indoors and outdoors, as well as special fountains for pets. In addition to these, the owner can also choose SPA, beauty and other meticulous care for the pet. If you want, your pet can make a video call with the owner at any time.
   Pet hotel manager Jones said that he has received many different types of customers: “We not only accept cats and dogs, but also mini pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Recently we also received an appointment for a bird, which will be picked up. Stay in the next few weeks.”
   In fact, pet care in Australia is much more than just being a spa or grooming. Reflexology, acupuncture, pedicure, hydrotherapy…These are all very popular in Australia. For owners, pets are really a lot of money. In addition to allowing pets to eat and drink, live well, and enjoy life to the full, the owners will also buy insurance for their pets. It is this kind of intention that the pet and related industries are very prosperous and can create nearly 10 billion Australian dollars (approximately RMB 50.9 billion) in value for Australia every year.
   Australians’ love for pets is also reflected in legal protection. To keep a pet in Australia, you must ensure that you have enough time to take care of it, otherwise you may accidentally “break the law”.
   As early as 2008, a Chinese student in Melbourne was struggling with his homework and had no time to take care of his pet dog with a fractured leg. As a result, he was sued in court. The prosecution pointed out that the owner had not fulfilled his obligation to take the dog to the hospital for treatment in time. In the end, the judge convicted the crime of cruel treatment of injured animals, and the foreign student was fined 2,000 Australian dollars (about 10,000 yuan). If it is for assaulting a pet, it is not as simple as a fine and may face up to two and a half years in prison.