The Secretary of Health’s sex scandal hits the British government hard

  The British spent the last weekend of May in a complex mood of eating melons, watching the excitement, and angrily denouncing. Photos of the country’s Minister of Health Matt Hancock and his close assistant Gina Coladangelo embracing each other in the office are on the front page of every mainstream media outlet. After watching the gossip of the two married people, public opinion was quickly dominated by anger. Because the British people discovered that when they could not even hug relatives and friends at the funeral, the makers of the epidemic prevention ban were violating the regulations in such a dirty way.
  Almost one-sided criticism made Hancock, who did not want to resign, finally submitted his resignation letter on the evening of May 26. This scandal has also become the latest blow to the Johnson administration. At the same time, the scandal has exposed the scandals of British politics to the world.
  ”Double standards are unforgivable”
  Hancock apologized for his actions after the scandal was exposed on the 25th, but insisted that he did not intend to resign. However, only one day later, he had to submit a letter of resignation to Prime Minister Johnson-the British media was full of fierce criticism of him, and some Conservative and Labour MPs publicly pressured him. The British “Observer” said on the 27th that the politician made this decision after experiencing a “humiliating day.” The British “Sun” and “Sunday Mirror” relentlessly stated that “Matt is finished.” The “Daily Star” report entitled “Clown’s Tears” said, “We won’t miss you.”
  Surveillance screenshots were originally published exclusively by The Sun. The photo shows that Hancock and Coradangelo were kissing in the office on May 6. Hancock, 42, and Coladangelo, 43, are both married and both have 3 children. The report quoted a source from the British Ministry of Health as saying that the two tried to keep secrets, but everyone in this building knew what was going on. “I was just surprised that he was so brazen as a cabinet minister. At the same time, it was shocking that he let her hold such an important government-paid position.”
  According to BBC reports, Hancock and Kola Dangelo Met in Oxford University. In September last year, Koladangelo was appointed by Hancock as the non-executive director of the Ministry of Health, with an annual salary of £15,000 and only needs to work 15 to 20 days a year. The deputy leader of the Labour Party, Angela Renner, wrote to the cabinet secretary of the UK’s highest civil servants requesting an investigation.
  However, these are not the biggest reasons for igniting the anger of British public opinion. “This is not about morality, nor is it about using power for personal gain, but about Hancock’s disregard of his own rules and betrayal of the United Kingdom.” According to the Sun, the mutant strain of the new crown virus, Delta, began to spread in the United Kingdom last month. The whole country is striving to comply with epidemic prevention regulations to avoid further loss of life. Families who have lost their loved ones cannot even hug their family and friends at the funeral, but the surveillance cameras captured the Minister of Health kissing the female assistant during working hours.
  At that time, British epidemic prevention regulations prohibited people from different families from gathering indoors, and people were required to keep a distance of two meters and avoid face-to-face contact. The British “Guardian” stated that this is by far the most shocking example of “rules only apply to small people”, and it is more dangerous than the excursion of the Prime Minister’s senior adviser Cummings to break the blockade order. A fierce commentary in The Sun on the 27th stated that the “rat love” of the social ban makers revealed two sets of rules. “Double standards are unforgivable.” Some truly angry things are happening in this country.
  On the evening of the 26th, Hancock apologized again for his violations in his resignation letter, saying that he did not want his private life to distract the public and thus affect the country’s anti-epidemic efforts. “Naked hypocrisy.” British political commentator Ian Dutt scolded angrily on Twitter. Yahoo News said that the scandal caused Hancock to be accused of “two-faced”. Last year, when Ferguson, a scientific adviser to the British government, was found to have violated the ban to meet his lover, Hancock criticized the practice as “extraordinary”, saying that Ferguson should resign and expressed support for the police to take action against him, even though the police had decided not to Sue Ferguson.   After the scandal of
  ”fish start to rot from the head” was
exposed, British netizens swiped the screen on Twitter with an emoji that spoofed Hancock’s resignation, making fun of the former minister who would “crying” in line at the employment center. At the same time, the British government has also been criticized. “Hancock resigned because of a kiss and hug, not because he handed over his personal protective equipment procurement contract to the company owned by his sister. Isn’t this crazy?” Netizen ETHAN said that the British political system is at its worst.
  The epidemic situation in the UK is still severe, with 14,876 new confirmed cases and 11 deaths on May 27. Johnson announced on the evening of the 26th that he accepted Hancock’s resignation and appointed former Chancellor of the Exchequer Said Javid as the new Minister of Health. However, after Hancock apologized on the 25th, a Downing Street spokesperson said that “the Prime Minister believes this matter is over”, and he was confident in Hancock. “Hancock is a liar and a liar, so the Prime Minister chose to forgive him.” The British “Daily Mirror” said sarcastically. The “Daily Star” headlined “The Hopeless Hopeless Chosen to Support Another Hopeless Hope”. The Guardian’s editorial stated that Hancock’s resignation did not solve the broader lack of integrity in the government and exposed a decadent culture of impunity. In this culture, blind and firm loyalty is far more important than competence, integrity, and honesty at the top of the government.
  The opposition party also launched a fierce attack on Johnson with this incident. “Why didn’t Johnson have the courage to fire him? This proves that he does not have any leadership skills that the prime minister needs.” asked Ashworth, the shadow health secretary of the Labor Party. “A government full of scandals.” Labor Party Chairman Analis Doz said on the 27th that Hancock is gone and the Prime Minister must now clean up this nepotism government.
  Scotland took the opportunity to express its independence. The Scottish “Nation” stated on the 27th that Hancock’s resignation indicated that Scotland must “say goodbye” to the UK. Blake Ford, the leader of the Scottish National Party in the British Parliament, said on Twitter: “Fishes start to rot from their heads, and so is this British government. Of course, in Scotland, we will face a choice about the future. We can say goodbye to the British leadership. confusion and failure, step forward. “