“Sleeping Fairy” in the Northern Song Dynasty: sleep for more than 100 days in one sleep and lived to be 118 years old

  There was a strange man in the Northern Song Dynasty. The most prominent advantage of this man was “sleeping”. Known as the “Sleeping Fairy”, he once slept for more than 100 days. This is not fabricated or groundless. His life is clearly recorded in the history books. This person is Chen Tuan. In addition to sleeping, he is said to be able to predict the future, and he did not die until he was 118 years old.
   There was a strange man in the Northern Song Dynasty. The most prominent advantage of this man was “sleeping”. Known as the “Sleeping Fairy”, he once slept for more than 100 days. What makes him different from others is not only sleeping, but also predicting the future. This is not fabricated or groundless. His life is clearly recorded in the history books. This person is Chen Tuan.
  Late bloomer imperial defeat, into the practice of the road accident
   Tuan and most young people only dream is to enter the career, but why is not satisfactory. Chen Tuan could not speak until he was 5 years old, and his parents were very anxious.
   It is really a strange thing to tell how Chen Tuan spoke. When Chen Tuan was more than 5 years old, he ran to the river to play. At this time, an old woman walked over. The old woman insisted on breastfeeding Chen Tuan. Unexpectedly, after breastfeeding, after the old lady left, Chen Tuan could speak magically. This shocked Chen Tuan’s parents. They thought that his son was instructed by a nobleman.
   After Chen Tuan was able to speak, he became mature and quick thinking. After flipping through a book, Chen Tuan was able to recite his memory very quickly. Chen Tuan’s intelligence is well known to the people in eight villages, and people praise him. Because of this, Chen Tuan became arrogant. After reading the Four Books and the Five Classics, he felt that he would be the top of the high school rankings, so he ran to the exam with confidence. But he failed the rankings and his results were very unsatisfactory.
   This made Chen Tuan, who has always been praised by others, lost. He had never been hit so hard before. After failing the exam, Chen Tuan never appeared in the exam room again. He said that he would not take another exam, and that he would spend his wealth and travel around everywhere. On the journey, he came into contact with Taoism and developed a keen interest in Taoist culture. After that, he began to concentrate on Taoism research.
   Although his official career was unsuccessful, the Daoism he came across occasionally pointed out another way for Chen Tuan. Later, Chen Tuan became an excellent master of Taoism, and he was called the ancestor of Chen Tuan. During the days of renunciation and practice, Chen Tuan spent a full twenty years in Wudang Mountain. During this period of time, he not only had a profound insight into the essence of Zhouyi, but also practiced a peerless magical skill-“Sleep Skill”.
  Sleep can sleep for a hundred days, “the sandman” well-deserved reputation
   Tuan sleep is not a virtual pass, his power sleep there are records in the official history. Chen Tuan once wrote this in “Song History”, saying that he “can not afford more than a hundred days”, which means that he can sleep for more than 100 days in one sleep.
   Chen Tuan’s cultivation base is very high, and his name is known from far and near. During the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, the Emperor of Later Zhou had heard of Chen Tuan’s name for a long time. The emperor was quite superstitious. He had always wanted to figure out whether he could turn stones into gold. He finally asked Chen Tuan. After Chen Tuan heard the questions asked by Emperor Zhou, he was immediately furious. Instead of showing the slightest respect for the emperor, he cursed. Chen Tuan believed that the emperor should look like a emperor, and he should focus on governing the country and peace, instead of studying these useless spells, like Qin Shihuang, studying the elixir of immortality, but in the end he was killed by these pills.
  When the Emperor Zhou saw that Chen Tuan was disrespectful to him, he was angry and admired him. The Emperor Zhou proposed to make Chen Tuan a doctor of advice, but Chen Tuan refused, and he insisted on returning to Wudang Mountain. The Emperor Hou Zhou embarrassed him if he didn’t want him to go, and asked him to sleep in the room for a month, let him go as long as he could sleep for a full month, and did not provide Chen Tuan with anything to eat or drink. But Chen Tuan agreed, and he hadn’t moved anything for a month. A month later, the Emperor Zhou sent someone to open the door to check and found that Chen Tuan was still sleeping soundly, so he had to let Chen Tuan go.
  Future familiar with the matter, to their own pre-Death
   Five Dynasties Later Tang Dynasty years, the alien violated the Central Plains area, the people hard times, back and forth. Chen Tuan came to Huashan to practice from Wudang Mountain. On the way, he saw an old lady carrying a pole, and two baskets hanging underneath, each with a child. Chen Tuan made a calculation and predicted that these two children were the destiny of the emperor, so he stepped forward and said to the old lady: “Who said that there is no real dragon now, and the two emperors bear the burden.” He left after saying that. The old lady and the two children did not understand what he meant, and these two children were the Taizu and Taizong later in the Song Dynasty.
   Zhao Kuangyin had been to Huashan before he became the emperor, but he did not bring enough dry food, so he was hungry and thirsty for a while. At this time, Chen Tuan came to him and handed him a basket full of peaches. Zhao Kuangyin gobbled up the peaches, only to find that he didn’t have any money on him. He was extremely anxious but helpless.
   Chen Tuan was not a greedy person for cultivating in Huashan, but he predicted that Zhao Kuangyin would become emperor in the future, so he asked him to play chess. If Zhao Kuangyin wins, this basket of peaches will be given to him for nothing; if Zhao Kuangyin loses, Huashan will be handed over to Chen Tuan. Zhao Kuangyin thought that Huashan had nothing to do with him, so it wouldn’t matter if he lost to Chen Tuan, so he readily agreed.
   The two came to the chessboard and sat cross-legged. After three rounds, the outcome was divided, and Zhao Kuangyin lost three consecutive rounds. Chen Tuan found pen, ink, paper and inkstone, and the black paper and white words made an agreement. Zhao Kuangyin unconditionally surrendered Huashan to Chen Tuan. Zhao Kuangyin didn’t know what the old man was doing, but he didn’t seem to be losing anything, so he signed and slapped it.
   It was not until Zhao Kuangyin became Emperor of Song Dynasty that he knew Chen Tuan’s intentions. It turned out that Chen Tuan had the ability to predict the future. Even if he could be the emperor long ago, he believed in his words and gave Huashan to Chen Tuan and called him into the palace many times, but Chen Tuan refused. Chen Tuan replied to Zhao Kuangyin, that he had Huashan is enough, and he still needs to continue to practice with great concentration. He just wants to live a life like a wild crane, so Zhao Kuangyin had to give up.
   After Song Taizong came to the throne, he was worried about who should be the prince. At this time, he thought of Chen Tuan who was far away in Huashan, so he sent someone to ask him to come out to see the princes. Before entering the palace, Chen Tuan passed the gate of Shouwang’s Mansion, and then returned to Huashan without even going to the palace. He only sent his entourage to Song Taizong with a sentence: Shouwang’s guards are all generals. The meaning of this remark is obvious who should be the prince. Sure enough, King Shou was later Zhao Heng of Song Zhenzong.
   It is said that Chen Tuan can not only predict the future, but also accurately predict the time of his death. According to the “Song History” record, Chen Tuan once told his disciples that he was exhausted and there was nothing left to miss in the world. He would pass away on the 22nd of that month. On that day, the disciple pushed open the door of Chen Tuan, and Chen Tuan really drove to Hexi at the age of 118. Seven days after his death, there was still warmth in his body, which is surprising.

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