Amir Khan’s marriage

  Unexpectedly, two days ago, I actually ate melons from the Indian national male god Amir Khan.
  He and his wife Kieran suddenly announced their divorce and ended their 16-year marriage, stating that “to open a new chapter in life, it is no longer the relationship between husband and wife, but the parents and each other’s family”. Continue to cooperate on other projects.
  This divorce statement sounds so familiar. It is exactly the same as when Bill Gates divorced in the previous paragraph. After reading it, the first impression is that Uncle Mi’s design is about to collapse.
  Chinese people are no strangers to Uncle Mi. The most famous is the phenomenon-level movie “Wrestling!” “Dad”, Douban scored 9.0, with a box office of 1.3 billion in mainland China.
  The enthusiastic shooting of wrestling, a sport that we don’t usually watch, also deeply reflects the feminist issue in India.
  The film is full of golden sentences, teaching women to face the inherent discrimination.
  Uncle Mi is the golden signature of Indian movies, and whenever there is his film, it is always well received. Every time acting in a movie is like firing a gun, hitting the shortcomings of Indian society.
  ”Three silly gangsters in Bollywood”, the title of the film is so earthy that people frown, but the film is good to see the explosion. Uncle Mi, 44, played an 18-year-old student without any disobedience. He is free and has nothing to say about the duck-filling education.
  Directly hitting the pain points of education makes people look sour and refreshing.
  ”My God” is even more fascinating. The gunfire is aimed at religion, and it beats all those who blindly worship religion in secret. You must know that in India, religion is sacred and inviolable, but Uncle Mi dared to confront it.
  The aliens he played were lost in India, and the Indian people told him that you are going to find God, and God will help you.
  So he looked around, and saw someone selling the gods near the temple, and they said it was handmade. The alien asked: Did you create the god, or the god created you.
  The lines were so sharp that they wanted to muffle the sound. They once made sectarians angry and burned Amir Khan’s photo posters in public. Uncle Mi was not afraid, but silently replaced the car with a bulletproof car.

  There is also “Mystery Superstar”. He took the little Gita from “Daddy Wrestling” and shot two female-themed movies in a row. In India, he hit the hammer, and women can stand in the spotlight, stand on the wrestling ring, and stand there. More places.
  In a magical country like India, Uncle Mi is a magical actor. He is more anxious for a male star than anyone in the fight for feminism.
  Not only did he make a movie, but he also personally planned a program called “The Truth Interview”, which is like a mirror, illuminating the dark places in India. The problem is widespread. Everyone has committed a crime or acquiesced in it.

  For example, in the heartbreaking rape case, Uncle Mi directly pointed out: Indian law protects rapists, not women who are harmed.
  Each episode of the program invites a victim to talk about his experience. Because she was pregnant with her daughter, she was taken to the hospital by her husband’s family to be in a coma and directly underwent abortion operations. This happened 6 times in 8 years. As the host, Uncle Mi is often choked by these tragic stories.
  How valuable is this show? It puts the unreasonableness of Indian society on the table, so that more people begin to face these problems squarely.
  After the episode of “Truth Interview” was broadcast on child abuse, the Indian Parliament passed the Child Protection Act. Before that, children in India had no legal protection.
  As an actor, he is far more than just an actor. He is more about injustice and peace. Uncle Mi’s persona is not much higher than Gates. Even Time magazine described him as “India’s conscience”.

  However, no matter how perfect people are, there are also shortcomings. Because of this divorce, Uncle Mi’s view of marriage is very problematic. He has been married twice, and each of them started vigorously and ended in a feathery place. His view of marriage is lacking. Two words, let’s have a taste with everyone today.
  Amir Khan was born in Mumbai, India on March 14, 1965. His father is a producer, his uncle is a director, and a grandfather who is open to the public. He organized an independent movement and was the first director of the Indian Education Bureau. In India, born in such a family, Uncle Mi can lie down for a lifetime.

  Amir Khan’s true love is also like acting in a movie. When he was a teenager, he fell in love with the neighbor’s girl Rena. The windows of their two houses faced each other. Amir Khan looked at the opposite girl in front of the window every day. Just watching him confessed. He later recalled in an interview: I told her that I loved her and hoped that she felt the same for me.
  To be honest, if you weren’t handsome, the girl would definitely treat you as a pervert.
  Unsurprisingly, Rena rejected him. Amir Khan recalled: She said she didn’t, so I was very sad. I am not the kind of person who gives up easily. I don’t accept her rejection.
  Therefore, Amir Khan used his own blood to write a love letter to Rena. My mother, please fill in the mental shadow of Rena when he received the blood book.
  Amir Khan said: I think this is my way of expressing my deep love for her. This is love.
  As a result, she was naturally rejected again, and Rena replied: Don’t do this kind of thing in the future.

  After confessing 5 times in a row, Amir Khan was disappointed. He began to hide from his own window and wanted to stay away from her. Who would have thought that Rena didn’t know what was wrong, and one day she suddenly accepted him.
  Because the two people have different religious beliefs, Reina is Hindu and Amir Khan is Muslim, so their love has never been public. When he was 21 and she was 19, the two secretly eloped to register, got married and returned home silently, continuing to keep secret, because at that time Reina was still in school and Amir Khan had not made enough money.
  However, as Amir Khan’s debut became more and more popular, his hidden marriage was finally exposed, and the family were shocked. Amir Khan’s family felt that it didn’t matter, but Rena’s parents were very angry. It is said that Amir Khan often went to work at his mother-in-law’s house at the time, and he gradually gained recognition.
  The two married and gave birth to a son and a daughter. Reina was originally a staff member of a travel company, but was later brought into the business by Amir Khan and started working as a producer.

  As the years went by, Amir Khan seemed to have taken preservatives and did not change at all, but Rena was visibly aging.

  We have been together for 16 years, and finally announced a friendly breakup. Reina gets the custody of the two children, and Amir Khan can see the children three times a week.
  Neither of them stood up and talked about the reason for the divorce, but it was reported that Amir Khan had an affair with many actresses during marriage, and there was even a British journalist Jessica Haynes who claimed to have an affair with him. An illegitimate child.

  After divorcing Rena, Amir Khan lived in chaos for a while, even drinking heavily, until his second wife, Kieran, called him.
  Amir Khan and Kieran met very early and worked together on “Once Upon a Time in India”. At that time, Uncle Mi was still in the first marriage. Reina was the producer of the film and Kieran was the assistant director.
  Kiran is very talented and has high double quotients. Such Indian women are rare. She called Amir Khan to discuss the commercial shooting. Amir Khan felt refreshed after the phone call, “It was so pleasant to chat with Kieran.”

Uncle Mi and Kieran

  The two married in 2005, three years after Amir Khan’s divorce. This pair fits well from life to career. Amir Khan sprinkles dog food everywhere, and even is completely vegetarian like her. He said: It is a lucky thing to have her in life. We are very close in life. We always like to stay together and will be happy for the same thing.
  She also knows and helps each other in her career. Amir Khan has made great efforts in his middle age, and one film after another has become a classic work. There is a lot of credit behind her.
  The only regret is probably that Kieran would not have children. The two had an IVF and gave birth to a son through surrogacy.

a family of three

  This marriage looks perfect on the surface, but as Amir Khan’s wife, Kieran has endured a lot in silence.
  Amir Khan’s private life has never ceased, and his confidantes are overwhelmed. For example, the first-line Bollywood actress Kangna Lalete has been in an affair with Amir Khan since 2015.
  Have a party together and travel together. The most exaggerated was the 2016 charity party. In front of Amir Khan and Kieran, Kangna asked directly on the stage: If you have the opportunity to marry me, will you? Amir Khan smiled without saying a word, but put his arms around him.

  The host was still witty, and said quickly: Card! The performance is very good!
  Kieran then left the meeting alone and kept a reluctant smile in the face of the off-site media.
  When Amir Khan’s daughter was suffering from depression, Kangna was still diss Kiran on Twitter: She is an incompetent stepmother, if I do it, I will do better than her!

The first one is Uncle Mi’s daughter

  Kieran ignored her, and in the end it was Amir Khan’s daughter who clarified publicly: Aunt Kieran is one of the best mothers in the world, and my father owes her too much.
  It seemed to this daughter that Kieran did a great job, and often framed with Amir Khan’s ex-wife, and they talked and laughed happily.
  Amir Khan and Kangna later tore their faces, and Kangna shook Amir Khan’s black material: domestic violence wife, publicly said his wife was infertile, forced the child to believe, said one thing to do. Set and wait, while Amir Khan fought back and asked her to go to the psychiatric department.
  What is Kiran’s attitude towards her husband and confidante tearing each other? She said meaningfully in the interview: I think it makes sense for her to criticize my husband.
  After the news of the divorce between Amir Khan and Kieran broke out, another actress also followed the hot search. She was Fatima Sana Sheikh, who played the heroine Jitta in “Daddy Falling”, Amir ·Khan played her dad.
  In 2018, the two also collaborated in the movie “Thugs of India”. It is reported that Fatima was able to star in “Indian Thugs” because she was “close” to Amir Khan. At present, neither Amir Khan nor Fatima has clarified the scandal.
  Both marriages ended in 16 years. At the beginning, there was a lot of passion and dog food. Do you think he is infatuated or bothered?
  When he and Kieran were together, he said: I think Indians value marriage too much. For me, marriage is not important, but the relationship between two people is the most important. I can’t imagine a life without Kieran, but maybe one day, me or her will change, which is also possible, and then our relationship has entered a new stage.
  It sounds like a scumbag quotation. When feelings are strong, you are the wind and I am the sand. When the feelings are weak, you will be happy. The previous article said that his view of marriage is missing two words, which is “responsibility.”

  It has been regarded as the “conscience of India” before, speaking for women’s rights, but his married life cannot withstand deep digging. Then the question arises: Will Amir Khan’s image of equal rights only be a personal design that he carefully manages? ?

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