Russia ushered in a new type of “aerospace shield”

   On July 20, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced a video of the S-500 “Prometheus” air defense missile system using a new type of interceptor to strike an air target. This is the first appearance of the air defense missile system in front of the world.
   Judging from the composition of the S-500 air defense missile system and related performance indicators, Russia’s positioning of it can be summarized in four words-“strategic air defense.” What it has to deal with is not ordinary warplanes and missiles, but directly at strategic bombers, strategic reconnaissance aircraft, intercontinental ballistic missiles, hypersonic missiles, and even low-orbit satellites.
   In the video released by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the launch vehicle of the S-500 “Prometheus” air defense missile system uses a 5-axle 10-wheel chassis. The maneuverability conferred by this chassis enables it to perform combat missions in a large air defense area on a larger scale.
   According to the functions of each component, the S-500 “Prometheus” air defense missile system can be divided into three modules: situational awareness, fire strike and command and control. Its situational awareness module mainly includes four types of radars: large long-range alert radar, medium and short-range situational awareness radar, anti-missile fire control radar and multifunctional fire control radar. With the help of these radars, the detection range of the S-500 air defense missile system can reach 800 kilometers, with a higher degree of automation and faster response.
   The “arm” of the S-500 air defense missile system is very long and can be raised very high because it is equipped with a new type of interceptor. It is said that these new interceptor missiles have both the follow-up improvement of the 40N6 interceptor from the S-400-the 40N6M interceptor, which is mainly used to strike the enemy such as strategic bombers, strategic reconnaissance aircraft and other large-scale combat missions. For aircraft targets, there are also two new interceptor bombs, 77N6-N and 77N6-N1. These two new interceptor bombs are said to be able to intercept targets using kinetic energy collisions.
   Russia positions it as “the only multi-channel air defense and terminal high-level anti-missile, and low-orbit anti-aircraft combat capability in the world today.” Its interceptor speed is said to reach more than 20 Mach (1 Mach = 1224 km/h), coupled with the advanced guidance system, the interception efficiency is doubled.
   In addition to these personalities, the S-500 air defense missile system also has some “common features”-it can “join hands” with other air defense missile systems. S-500 can be integrated with S-300 and S-400 air defense missile systems to form a unified network, share data, and work together. This combination will help the country quickly establish an efficient “air and sky shield” wherever it is needed.

   At the press conference of the 13th China Air Show held on August 31, the Chinese Air Force spokesman Shen Jinke said that the Chinese Air Force has historically entered the strategic air force threshold. This statement immediately aroused the attention of the outside world, especially the Taiwan media.
   Taiwan’s “United Daily News”, “Central News Agency”, China Times Electronic News and other media reported the content of the spokesperson of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force at the press conference of the China Air Show. At the same time, the above-mentioned media also specifically reported on the J-20 and Y-20 fighters, and carried out “add oil and vinegar.”
   Military expert Wang Mingliang once said that the strategic air force must have three capabilities at the same time: one is the ability to defend the territory, territorial waters, and airspace from any foreign forces; the other is the ability to attack strategically. Geographical obstacles and breakthroughs in the enemy’s borders to strike at the enemy’s strategic goals in depth; the third is the ability to strategically project combat resources to designated locations in a relatively short time, on a large scale, and on a large scale. This is the key to defeating the enemy. When making the above statement, it coincided with the shipment of -20 troops. He said that the Y-20 is a large military transport aircraft, and its deployment is bound to greatly enhance the three capabilities of our air force.
   In fact, entering the strategic air force threshold is only a “small goal” for the Chinese Air Force. At the “Journalist Meeting to Celebrate the 69th Anniversary of the People’s Air Force” held on November 11, 2018, the Chinese Air Force announced a road map for building a powerful and modern air force. According to the “three-step strategy” of the Chinese Air Force’s modernization construction announced at that time, the first step is to basically cross the threshold of the strategic air force by 2020, initially set up the “air and space integration, offensive and defensive” strategic air force structure, and build a four-generation equipment The weapon and equipment system, which is the backbone and the three-generation equipment as the main body, continuously enhances the combat capability of the system based on the information system. The statement made by the Air Force press spokesperson on August 31 should be the official announcement that the Chinese Air Force has completed the first step. The second step is to further build a brand-new air force military power system on the basis of achieving the 2020 goals and tasks, and promote a substantial increase in the air force’s strategic capabilities; take a period of time to fully realize the modernization of the air force’s military theory, organizational form, military personnel, and weapons and equipment. , Basically complete the strategic transformation of the Air Force, and initially build a modern strategic air force by 2035, with a higher level of strategic capabilities. The third step is to fully build a world-class strategic air force by the middle of this century, and become a powerful aerospace force with overall strength that can support the status of a major country and national rejuvenation.