The gentleness of the wife is cultivated by the husband

  When I do something at home, I always like to ask my wife for credit. The more often she is dissatisfied: “Have you seen an old hen raised in the countryside? Laying an egg can be called for a long time.” When
  I got home from work one day, I found that my son’s desk was messed up. Sigh: This kid, how many times he has told him, he is always deaf to his ears when he packs his things. Thinking about it this way, I sorted it out for him. Just packed up, the wife came back. I complacently asked her for credit: “Look, how tidy I have kept my son’s desk! It was messy, but if I don’t clean it up, I don’t know when it will be messed up.” The wife smiled silently and went to the kitchen to cook. .
  At the weekend, my son and some of his friends were tinkering with some experiments at my house. They made a mess in the bathroom and ran out to play without tidying up. I was anxious to use the bathroom, so I had to clean up the mess for them. After tidying up, I couldn’t help asking his wife for credit: “My son made the bathroom too dirty just now, but now I’m so clean! If I’m not busy for a long time, you won’t be able to use the bathroom later.” The wife seemed a little funny. Mianli hid the needle and said: “Yes, this family counts on you!” Knowing that her words were thorny, I said contentedly: “The facts are not obvious!” The wife chuckled and said nothing.
  They all say nothing but three things, this is true. When I asked my wife for credit again, she finally got angry.
  My wife loves to grow flowers, but she can’t. Every time she saw her favorite flower die, she would lament it. But she seldom cleaned up those yellow and withered flowers and grasses immediately, so there were so many pots of “dead branches and fallen leaves” on the balcony that were really an eye-catcher. One day I really couldn’t stand it anymore. I started to clean it up, uproot the dead, cut off the withered branches and leaves, and stacked the flowerpots with no flowers in order of size, and cleaned the balcony inside and out. When my wife came back from get off work in the evening, I pulled her to the balcony to let her see the results of my labor. I was full of pride: “Look, how tidy and bright!” My wife turned a blind eye to the results of my labor, and she kept regretting. Her dead flowers: “Oh, what a pity, I’m so sorry for them!” I couldn’t help but get angry: “I have been busy for a long time before cleaning the balcony, so you can’t see it? If it weren’t for me, your dead flowers Hastily flooded the entire balcony!”
  I don’t know if my wife is sad because her flowers and plants died, or because I asked her for merit and made me angry, she raised her voice and shouted at me: “Have you ever seen an old hen raised in the countryside? The laying of an egg can last a long time. What do you want me to do? Wear a big red flower for you, or remember the first-class work?” This woman is really unreasonable. She doesn’t praise me when I work, and she angers me and speaks rudely. I immediately threatened: “I will never do it again!” My wife was even more angry: “People do housework every day, and they don’t have so many problems like you and an old hen!”
  But after all, I saw that my house was messing up. I will still clean it up, and I haven’t gotten rid of the problem of asking for credit. My wife might really dislike me about this, and she didn’t want to fight with me, so she quickly changed her strategy: Whenever I finished my housework and didn’t ask her for credit, she played the music of “Hen Dance”. Let me listen to the rattling hens, making me angry and boring. Sometimes, my wife didn’t have time to play music, so she exaggeratedly said in the tone of the kindergarten teacher: “Look, this child loves labor, and I will reward a little red flower for a while!” It made me laugh and cry and accused her of not being able to speak. Shock my enthusiasm for housework.
  Once my wife and I went to Hangzhou for a trip. My wife has a college classmate who lives in Hangzhou. He hasn’t seen him for many years. The other party urged us to visit her home. That day, her classmate’s husband was a chef, while her classmate sat in the living room to talk to us. Throughout the day, apart from occasionally reminding the two children to be safe, her classmate has been with us. The classmate’s husband went out of the kitchen and went to the laundry room. He was no stranger to housework. However, between words, he always praised his wife in a different way: “I can achieve this result because of having a good wife, three meals a day, children’s homework, and household chores. They are all due to her. Worry!” “How much risk does my wife take to have a son? As a man, why don’t we take good care of this family?” “The greatest treasure in my life is my wife. My blessing is given by my wife. With both children and daughters, my wife is the great hero of our family!” His wife’s classmates said with a spring breeze: “Okay, don’t boast, I’m going to float anymore!”
  Looking at the luxuriously decorated villas and the luxury cars parked in front of the house, the hostess’s face is full of happiness and coquettishness. I can’t help feeling and ashamed—my wife also gave birth to my children and also took care of the housework while going to work. The material life provided to her is more than one grade different from that of her classmates, but her husband still boasted of his wife so much, which is in stark contrast to me occasionally doing some housework and asking for credit. It’s ridiculously naive to think about myself! It’s also really strange that I also run my own company anyway, and always warn my employees: “Learn to give, don’t worry about gains and losses. As long as you give, the leader must be able to see it.” With friends, occasionally mediate conflicts with others. Shi also talks eloquently: “For my family, use more affection, less argumentation! More support, less attack!” But what I did in front of my wife was completely different.
  I immediately made up my mind to get rid of the problem of always asking for credit.
  Since then, I have tried my best to help my wife with housework while trying to make my career bigger. After doing it, I will never show off myself anymore, but give up all the fruits of my labor to his wife. Once I pointed to the bright floor and said, “I can take care of the floors of such a few houses in such a short period of time, because you usually take care of it, otherwise you will not be able to finish working for a long time.” The wife listened. He said softly: “With you, no matter how much I pay, it’s worth it!” As he said, he handed me a towel affectionately: “Come on, wipe your face and rest.” A different kind of happiness suddenly surged. In my heart.
  Women’s tenderness is not all born, many are cultivated by men. And the cost of self-cultivation is very low: you only need to turn your usual carelessness into affection for her.