Work is a marathon

  To further ahead vision
  I had an interesting observation, foreign companies and more 25 to 35-year-old white-collar workers, aged over 40 employees rarely. Employees of foreign companies in their 20s and 30s are high-spirited, but managers around 40 are embarrassed.
  Most of the managers of foreign companies around the age of 40 I have seen have been hopping. The success of foreign employees is largely the company’s success, not personal success. Siemens is indeed bigger than Gome, but it does not mean that Siemens China manager is better than Gome’s boss, or even far worse. People who enter foreign companies often don’t understand this early, and attribute 90% of their success to their own abilities. In fact, a foreign company’s casual change of general manager in China will not have any great impact on performance. When these managers are in their 40s, their salary requirements have become very high, and their talents are actually not so outstanding. As the boss of a foreign company, how would you choose? There are many shrewd, strong and energetic young people who want to make a career without a high salary. Why use you?
  From the above example, we can actually see our work trajectory. When we are in our 20s and 30s, our life pressure is relatively small and our health is relatively good. There are no children to go to college, and being a small white-collar worker in a foreign company is still very glamorous. But after all, people have to get married and have children, and they will get old after all. At the age of 40, their parents are old, they have to see a doctor, take medicine, have to be cared for, they have to repay their mortgage, they have to live a basically decent life, and they have to raise children… At that time they need to earn money. How much money is enough to spend is important. Therefore, when you look at work, you have to take a long-term view, and who is high and who is low for a while does not mean anything.
  Salary for the first job
  From this perspective, I am not in favor of paying too much attention to the salary of the first job, and there is no need to compare the salary of the first job. Normal people have worked for about 35 years. This is like a marathon. Unlike a real marathon, there are no professional players in this race. Everyone has only one chance. You know, there are many people who even insist on not reaching the finish line. Most people reach the finish line in the end, and only a few people cross the finish line. Therefore, at the beginning, it doesn’t make much sense to grab the lead. When you first enter the society, if you join a Fortune 500 company, you can probably get a monthly salary of 3,000 to 6,000 yuan, and some special technical talents may be able to get 8,000 yuan. But the question is, how much will you get in 5 years? It is estimated that 5000~10000 yuan is great. Although the starting point is high, the increase is limited.
  I asked a salesperson of mine two days ago. You know these things a newcomer has learned in 2 years, but the salary required by the newcomer is only half of yours. Then, what will you do?
  Work is a game
  career as a sporting event, there are preliminaries, semi-finals and finals. In the preliminary rounds, everyone was just entering the society, and most of them were ordinary people. At this time, working hard and being serious will quickly make people stand out. So some people became managers in their twenties, some finally won the preliminary round later, and became managers in their thirties. Then there is the semi-finals. Those who can participate in the semi-finals will win the preliminary round. Everyone has some ability and is not a problem in intelligence. At this time, it is not so easy to win. It is not enough to rely on a little hard work and seriousness. You must have a strong spirit of perseverance, you must know how to rely on the strength of the team, you must know how to subdue people, and you must have a long-term vision…
  It seems that winning the rematch is not easy, but it is not that difficult. Because the law of this world is to give people a little success while making people proud and complacent. People who have just won the preliminary round often don’t know that they only won the preliminary round. With a little result, most people will become proud and complacent, thinking that they have already won. If you understand everything, you don’t need to work hard and learn again. Although they are still difficult to deal with, they have no patience, no tolerance for measurement, and no clear and long-term vision. Just like an angry bullfight, although it is fierce, it will eventually be defeated, and the person who wins the rematch is like a matador, not impatient or impatient, following his own beat, slowly exhausting the opponent’s patience and physical strength. After winning the semi-finals, he is probably already an amazing professional manager. He has become the general manager of a small and medium company, and the deputy general manager of a large company, in charge of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of business each year.
  The final finals are here, and I have not won the finals myself, so the decisive factors for the finals can only rely on my own guesses. Winning or losing at this time may be just like what is written in a martial arts novel. Everyone is a master and can only wait for the other party to make a mistake. It is impossible to defeat the opponent easily. In addition to making every effort, it takes a bit of luck and time. Those who won the semi-finals are no longer just arrogant and complacent. Some people become grumpy, their mood becomes impetuous, and their bodies become bad. Their biggest enemy is themselves. What they have to do in the final is not to be defeated by themselves, and to wait for others to be defeated by themselves. This is the same as a sports game. In the final game between masters, whoever makes fewer mistakes wins the final.