It is inevitable to go to clinical practice to study in a medical school, and the first department I went to was the operating room.
  The teacher Zhang who took me is one of the few male nurses in the nursing team. He is a few years older than me, but he has been working here for several years. When I first entered the department, I was still not used to the surrounding environment. Teacher Zhang patiently explained to me the daily work flow and precautions, helping me to gradually become familiar with the environment of the operating room. Under the leadership of Teacher Zhang, I began to try to do some auxiliary work. The operating room is busy, and I often feel tired and tired after my work, but Teacher Zhang laughed and said that I had been tempered into an iron man. I asked him more than once why he insisted on staying here and he always laughed without saying a word.
  The night before New Year’s Day was the night shift for Teacher Zhang and I, and it was also the last day I stayed in the department. At the time when the north was cold, I walked quickly to the hospital in the snow. To the hospital, I patted the snow, looked up and saw Zhang has been in high spirits at the door waiting for me, in my heart can not help but sigh: “! How he has been so much spirit.”
  That evening, came a need The rescued patient was initially diagnosed as acute cerebral hemorrhage and urgently needed craniotomy. We immediately began to prepare for the operation, and all the doctors and nurses involved in the rescue are racing against time. After the operation, the chainsaw squeaked, the air was filled with the smell of burnt bone debris, and the patient’s skull was opened…I was uncomfortable with the “bloody” scene when I first entered the hospital and turned away. come out.
  Standing in the corridor, I clutched my chest and took a deep breath. Turning my head, I saw Teacher Zhang hurriedly walking towards me. He waved to me and said, “There is a task. You have to come with me. Let’s talk while walking.” He followed him out in doubt, and heard him say to me: “For temporary rescue operations, we have to go out and bring the patient’s personal clothing to the family members.” I disapproved and said, “Isn’t it enough for me to go to such a small matter?” Teacher Zhang looked at me and didn’t say more, we just kept walking in silence like this.
  When the door of the operating room slowly opened, I was stunned by the sight in front of my eyes. On the left is a pair of newlyweds in wedding dresses, sitting in the waiting area hiding their faces and crying; on the right is a middle-aged man pacing anxiously, and the old woman sitting behind him is constantly rubbing her hands and moving towards the operation from time to time Looking around the room. Teacher Zhang explained to me in a low voice: “The aunt who had a craniotomy inside was suddenly ill at her son’s wedding, and she was a single mother. She pulled the child up by herself, but this happened. The family on the right. It’s the one who performed the cesarean section inside, the wife was born prematurely, and the first child…” Before I finished speaking, I heard news from the operating room that the cesarean section operation went well and the mother and child were safe. The middle-aged man on the right was taken aback when he heard it, then turned around excitedly and said to an old woman: “Mom, great! Mother and child are safe! Great!” The old woman was also very excited, and said no. When speaking, he could only wipe the tears from the corners of his eyes with trembling hands.
  When I was still standing in a daze, Teacher Zhang returned the patient’s personal clothes to the family and gave a simple comfort, and then hurriedly greeted me to come in. When I turned to go in, I saw the groom in the tuxedo behind him clutching his mother’s coat tightly. His tears were dripping on the bright corsage, which had soaked the clothes, and the bride leaned over her husband’s shoulders and sobbed. , Has already been crying and spent makeup.
  On the other side, the simple middle-aged man showed a simple smile, his excited hands nowhere to lay, the old woman was also immersed in joy, still wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes over and over again.
  At the moment when the door was closed, I seemed to see the cycle of life. Some people were crying, some were laughing, some were leaving, some were coming, and some would come back. Some people already knew it was too difficult to see each other again. What we can do is to have kind thoughts in our hearts and do our best to save every life.
  In the early morning of the next day, I was sitting in the duty room packing up my things and preparing to leave the department. Teacher Zhang suddenly came over and said with a smile, “I’m leaving?” I nodded, and then asked: “Did the aunty come here for rescue yesterday? Teacher Zhang silently shook his head. After a while, he slowly said: “Before you always asked me why I stayed here. You see, life here is a reincarnation. Some people pass away forever, some people To regain a new life, and we can only do our best to do our own job, treat life with kindness, and respect life.” Then, he handed me a beautiful notepad and said: “The teacher has no gifts for you, keep it for you. A memorial.” Then he walked out with a smile.
  I opened the notepad, and on the title page was Wordsworth’s verse: “It was once brilliant, but life and death are boundless, although you can’t find the time, the radiance of the grass, the fragrance of the flowers, don’t be sad, but draw the remaining strength from it. “The following is Teacher Zhang’s vigorous characters: “Life is in reincarnation, and the healer is benevolent.”
  I looked at his figure disappearing at the end of the corridor with awe.