So bitter, whoever doesn’t love can hold on

  Sometimes I will be asked: What is the biggest feeling of the next crew? The biggest feeling is that it is really hard with the crew. The crew who filmed the war scenes were especially bitter, not only bitter, but also dangerous.
  Once, I had an interview with an explosion scene. I went to visit the class. The shooting location was set in an idle scenic spot, and there was not a single tree. After standing for a few minutes, I was exposed to gold stars. The director sits in the shed, with a monitor, drinks, melon seeds, potato chips, raisins, and hawthorn sticks in front of him. All the staff members have one cap and one cap, and they use various fabrics (the turban with the pirate skull pattern, the white towel in the hotel, the pillow towel) to cover the area below the eyes. From a distance, this group makes the whole team feel like a mob. temperament.
  The blasting point is the first step in shooting an explosion scene. The pyrotechnics team first selects the scattered blasting points, digs holes at the blasting points, fills them with gunpowder, puts a certain amount of sawdust, and finally presses one or two cotton threads on them. A square black cloth bag tied up. The pyrotechnician explained that the sawdust can lift up smoke and dust about one meter high during the explosion, and the effect is good. After the black cloth bag is blown up, it can create a “stone splashing” look and feel, and it is not easy to hurt people. After the explosion points are buried, each point is inserted with a red flag, and all the actors are allowed to repeat their positions and test shots to remember where the explosion occurred. If the director is not satisfied, he will have to reshoot over and over again, and the pyrotechnician will have to bury the explosion point over and over again. Therefore, the explosion scene was the slowest.
  Of course, there will be “casualties” if there is an explosion, and those who want to “sacrifice” are waiting in line outside the special effects team shed waiting for their own blood packs. The blood plasma is made of a mixture of honey and cough syrup. Under the blood bag, there is a set of miniature blasting device pressed. The wires are buried in the clothes and connected to the manipulators in the hands of the soldiers who want to “sacrifice”. When I was about to die, I pressed the button, and the plasma was forcefully squeezed out, and the effect was shocking.

  The makeup artists were putting “seriously wounded makeup” on a platoon leader who was bravely covering his comrades. The makeup artist cut his clothes, pasted cotton wool on his chest, arms, calves, and cheeks, and then dipped his brush with red and black paint. Dye the cotton wool. The cotton wool soaked in paint looks like blasted flesh.
  Just when the platoon leader was ready to “make a heroic sacrifice”, the director said: “It’s out of light, let’s call it a day.” At that time, the sun had set and natural light suitable for shooting was taken away. The wound that took two hours to stick on was completely useless and could only be taken back to the hotel to be washed away slowly. I asked the camera assistant a silly question: “So bitter, do you still love movies?” He replied: “So bitter, who doesn’t love who can hold on!”
  I heard “Tyrant” James Cameron on the set The act. Many people who have worked with Cameron recalled that entering Cameron’s set was like falling into the abyss of the devil. The most difficult movie Cameron has ever made is “The Abyss”, which is still one of the most difficult works in film history. During the filming, the cast and crew stayed underwater for an average of 10 hours a day, started working after sunset, and only climbed out to eat lunch at 2 o’clock in the morning. When I climbed out of the water tank, my hair froze and my bleached eyebrows fell off in the wind. Harris, the star of the film, is known for playing tough guys, who cried too hard because of filming. Cameron took the lead and stayed underwater for a long time with everyone. People who have worked with Cameron gave him mixed praise. Many people think he is an unreasonable lunatic, but they also have a T that says “You can’t scare me, I worked with Cameron”. Proud of the shirt.