Earn 4 billion a year, the originator of Internet celebrities has been popular for 30 years

  In summer, all kinds of tea beverages have become a magic weapon for many people. Merchants keep scrolling in, creating new products and new topics. However, there is a “big brother” in the industry who is not diligent. Since its establishment 81 years ago, there are only a handful of new products, but it is still the tea drink that dominates the hearts of young people, and many convenience stores use it to attract customers and become one of the town’s beverages. one.
  It is Vita Lemon Tea, which is similar to other black tea beverages, but a bit more bitter. It is also seen in Hong Kong movies. Even in the past so many years, every time I see a lemon drink in a yellow packaging, it will always remind people of its taste.
  Lemon tea left hand, right hand milk
  a lot of people do not know, VITA lemon tea from Hong Kong Vitasoy International Group (hereinafter referred to as “Vita Group”), as early as the 1970s there. In addition to lemon tea, Vitasoy, another product of the Vita Group, is also quite effective. In the 1950s, Vitasoy’s annual sales reached 12 million bottles, making it the most popular drink in Hong Kong. As early as 1997, Maggie Cheung was holding a glass bottle of Vitasoy in “Sweet Honey”.
  Later, Vitasoy spread to the mainland and became the childhood memory of the people of Guangdong. When I was young, I saved money to buy a bottle of Vitasoy at the school gate. It was refreshing and delicious.
  In 2016, Vitasoy ranked first in the soy milk market in the Mainland, with a market share of 41%. The first half of 2021 fiscal year performance report just announced some time ago showed that as of March 31, 2021, the entire Vitasoy The Group’s mainland market revenue is approximately 4.1 billion yuan.
  Holding the two major items of lemon tea and Vitasoy in hand, Vita Group is indeed very confident, but this old company did not expect such a phenomenal explosion.
  Founded for 81 years, the explosion depends on “lying to win”?
  Vita Lemon Tea is phenomenally hot, and it is destined to hit it.
  Mainly “astringent”, strange and unique. When other beverages emphasize that they taste good and are in line with popular tastes, Vita Lemon Tea is unique and focuses on the “astringent” taste. In May 2016, the slogan of Vita Lemon Tea was “a bit astringent when it tastes good, real tea + real lemon”. In 2017, it was changed to “astringent when it is true enough”.
  According to consumer reviews, after drinking Vita lemon tea, they were uncomfortable with the previous brands. After checking the ingredient list, it was found that all of them were “sugar”. It is said that the sugar content is higher than that of cola, but the taste of Vita lemon tea is still astringent. This contradictory taste experience makes consumers addicted.
  A cup of lemon tea-social currency. Before the lemon tea fire, no drink could be so popular on social media. In the past, it was simply drinking beverages, but now it’s an experience to drink. Vita lemon tea has become a spit talk after a meal, just like social currency.
  Vita lemon tea is not so much a kind of beverage as it is a kind of pop culture. Vita Lemon Tea does not have an overwhelming publicity about its sales, but a bright attitude and identity, allowing young people to take the initiative to participate. This is passive because the Vita Group itself is very low-key. The founder Luo Guixiang founded the company to produce Vitasoy, mainly because he wanted to make dairy products affordable to refugees. It was also called “the nutritional drink for the poor.”
  Vitasoy even left Hong Kong and exported to overseas, Singapore, Australia and other places. Set up factories in Dongguan, Wuhan, Shanghai, etc. in the Mainland, occupying the first brand in the field of liquid soy milk in China. Even in the epidemic, it has not been affected. The report for the first half of the 2021 fiscal year showed that revenue from the Chinese mainland fell by only 2%.
  The dazzling results have made Vita Group’s current CEO Luo Youli confidently respond that a series of new products will be launched to enrich the product matrix and re-enter the growth track. But in fact, Vita Group is a patient with severe procrastination. The speed of new updates has been delayed, and it has been urged by netizens, but it does not panic at all.
  Keep up their positions in
  a short red net product cycles, say collapse would collapse, but Vita Group is able to turn red after a few decades, leading the trend. These seem to happen by accident, but in fact, it is all due to the Vita Group holding onto its best advantage.
  It’s easy to fight the country, but it’s hard to keep it. Huiyuan Juice, once known as the national beverage, is a typical example. In its heyday, big stars came to endorse it. Until now, many people can sing the four words “Huiyuan Juice”. No one knows Huiyuan’s reputation. The products can also keep up. Huiyuan’s fruit content can be called conscience, and it has ranked first in China’s juice market share for 10 consecutive years. However, in the ten years after 2009, Huiyuan Juice suffered losses year after year. In January last year, it was also disqualified from listing.
  where is the problem? In addition to the impact of the failure of the Coca-Cola acquisition, the company’s internal management chaos, excessive external debt, and fluctuations in the transformation have become mistakes that cannot be ignored.
  On the contrary, the coconut palm juice, which is also the production of fruit juice, was also taken over from a small factory that was on the verge of closing down to the market, but it has been popular until now. The reason for its endurance is inseparable from the word “speciality”. The main focus is coconut milk. In order to make a different blend of coconut milk from the market, the coconut tree has gone through more than 300 scientific experiments to achieve oil-water separation and retain the original taste of coconut milk. On the other hand, the “earth-flavored” painting style of the coconut tree, even if it is pointed out by others, still remains to this day.
  This perseverance is similar to that of the Vita Group. On the exterior packaging, it is always conspicuous yellow and a large logo. Even if other consumer beverages are madly new, Vita Group still has a few new ones in one year.
  The master of martial arts is often the most calm one. If you don’t believe me, look at the 2013 Tenwow Honey Grapefruit Tea, which allowed Tenwow International to go public in Hong Kong and achieved annual operating income of more than RMB 5 billion for three consecutive years. However, after the success, Tenwow International has launched new products without any memory. Losses and on the verge of bankruptcy followed one after another.
  In addition, Vita Group cherishes its feathers and never blindly enters a new market. Investing and building factories is to test the water first, and then talk about mass production. Vita Group has been established for more than 80 years, and the secret to its long-term success is to never lose its position.
  Nowadays, no matter what product is on the Internet, whether it is the future or Qianjing, it is expected by all parties. For example, Internet celebrity brands such as Yuanji Forest and Xicha have doubled their sales in a short period of time, and their valuations have reached billions or even tens of billions. For the brand itself, who doesn’t envy such traffic? After all, it has brought real sales growth and word of mouth evaluation.
  But after becoming an Internet celebrity, whether they can stand the test of time and whether they can go further is the most important thing. Only by recognizing your own strengths can you turn Internet celebrities into everlasting celebrities.