Life makeup

  Third-rate makeup is makeup for the face, second-rate makeup is spiritual makeup, and
  first-rate makeup is life makeup.
  I know a makeup artist who really knows how to make up and is famous for makeup.
  For this person who lives in a completely different field from me, I have added a little bit of curiosity, because in my impression, no matter how knowledgeable makeup is, it is just to work hard on appearance, which is really not what a wise person should pursue.
  Therefore, I couldn’t help asking her: “You have studied makeup for so many years, what kind of person can make makeup? What is the highest level of makeup?”
  For such a question, this makeup artist who has gradually gotten older revealed A faint smile. She said: “The highest level of makeup can be described in two words, it is natural. The most brilliant makeup is a very sophisticated makeup that makes people look as if they have not put on makeup before, and the makeup that comes out of it is the same as that of the owner. Matching her identity can naturally express the personality and temperament of that person. Secondary makeup is to highlight the person, make her eye-catching, and attract everyone’s attention. Clumsy makeup is when she comes out and others find that she has a heavy makeup , And this layer of makeup is to cover up your shortcomings and age. The worst type of makeup is to distort your personality after putting on makeup and lose the coordination of the five senses. For example, people with small eyes have thick eyebrows. People with big faces turned pale, and people with wide mouth turned red lips. ”
  Unexpectedly, the highest level of makeup is no makeup, it is natural, which makes me impressed.
  The makeup artist saw that I could hear me, and continued: “It’s not like you are writing articles? Bad articles are often piles of words and sentences, which distort the author’s personality. Better articles are radiant and attract people’s attention. , But others know that you are writing an article. The best article is the natural expression of the writer’s thoughts and feelings. He does not pile up. When reading, he does not feel that he is reading an article, but is reading a life. ”
  What a wise man! But, “The person who does make-up just works on the epidermis.” I exclaimed.
  ”It’s not right.” The makeup artist said, “makeup is only the last branch, it can change very few facts. Deeper make-up is to change the physique, let a person change their lifestyle, get enough sleep, pay attention to exercise and nutrition, In this way, her skin is improved, her energy is sufficient, and it is much more effective than makeup. The deeper makeup is to change her temperament, read more books, appreciate art more, think more, be optimistic about life, have confidence in life, be kind-hearted, and caring for others. Self-love and dignity, such a person can’t be ugly even without makeup. Makeup on the face is just the last little thing to make up. I will use a simple sentence to explain: third-rate makeup is makeup on the face, second-rate makeup It’s spiritual makeup, first-class makeup is life’s makeup.” The
  makeup artist then concluded: “Aren’t the people who wrote the article also the makeup artist? The third-rate article is the makeup of the article, and the second-rate article is the makeup of the spirit. The first-class article is the makeup of life. In this way, do you know makeup?” I stood up to pay tribute to this female makeup artist for her wisdom, and deeply ashamed of my initial views on makeup.
  I bid farewell to the makeup artist, and on my way home, I walked in the dark of night. I had such a profound realization that all the appearances of this world are not independent, and they must have deep inner meanings; then, change the appearance. The best way to compare is not to work hard on appearances, but to reform from the inside.
  Unfortunately, people who work hard on appearances often don’t understand this truth.