Road coffee

  A coffee truck traveling more than 40,000 km on the road, on the way, met backpackers, self-driving people, elderly people selling watermelon on the roadside, Buddhists, and sanitation workers on Mount Everest…Many of them were the first of their lives. Cup of coffee. There are also many people following this erratic coffee truck, running all the way, and now in Guangzhou Jueyuan, Highway Coffee has finally “settled” down.
Ashu’s first cup of coffee from “Coffee Xing 1.0” to “Road Coffee”

  In 2012, Lavazza, a century-old Italian store, opened China’s first Lavazza coffee shop in Guangzhou. When the mellow aroma of coffee radiated from the store, it floated to the street and captured Ah Shu’s heart. A month later, Ashu became a clerk in this coffee shop, and at that time, he drank the first cup of coffee in his life. He was moved by the mellow aroma of coffee that lingered between his lips and teeth after the bitterness of coffee dissipated, so with a learning mentality, he started from washing the cup. After four years of accumulation and tempering, he has become a professional in 2016. The barista runs a coffee shop as the manager.
  It takes about 3 minutes to grind beans, filter water, concentrate, and mix with milk to make a cup of coffee. Ashu’s day’s work is to repeat these mechanical steps in the coffee table. Shouldn’t life have a different desire? For freedom, for the unknown, for a journey that just walks away. That year, although the slogan “The world is so big, I want to see it” was inevitable to be ridiculed, it also inspired many “restless” people to take their own steps. In the depths of Ah Shu’s heart, there was a blazing fire. So he quit his job, took the coffee he loved, and went to the mountains!
  In 2017, Ashu and two friends bought a second-hand van and converted it into a mobile coffee cart. They named it “Caxing”, which means to travel with coffee. Like all newborn dreams, Ashu did not go smoothly. As the coffee carts were not compliant with traffic regulations, Ashu and the coffee shop never left Guangzhou, and because they were driven out in the city center, the coffee shop could only appear in remote suburbs for a long time, so the coffee business was not easy to do. In this way, the two partners of Ashu chose to leave after half a year, and the coffee cart was sold to make up for the economic loss, and “Caxing 1.0” officially declared bankruptcy.
  As if it had just dawned, there was a heavy smog. A Shu is in an endless depression, is she really unable to see the future? But the negative emotions did not overwhelm him for a long time. The “restless” people seem to be optimistic by birth, and they have enough energy and energy to toss. At the end of the same year, Ashu pooled enough money to buy a car for modification, and “Caxing 2.0” was born. “2.0” means rebirth, with the experience and lessons of “1.0”, this time is a journey through all obstacles! Fortunately, at the beginning of 2018, Ashu ushered in his two new partners-Song Chundan and Qiu Zhixiang. One is a barista who has won numerous awards, and the other is a newcomer who is bold in creative coffee and attracts attention. They are attracted by Ashu’s creativity and ideas, and Ashu has regained his courage because of them. Influenced by American highway movies, they changed the name of the coffee cart to “Road Coffee”. “Highway” symbolizes the unknown journey of life, and also symbolizes the desire of people to lie dormant on the road. Perhaps on a certain humble highway, as long as you set off, you can seize hope.
The 40,000-kilometer trip brings more people to “the first cup of coffee in life”

  Based on the existing business experience, three like-minded young people quietly ran this coffee truck next to Huangpu Ancient Port Park in Guangzhou. The coffee cart is extroverted, and people can see the whole process of making a cup of coffee outside the coffee cart. All the coffee products in the coffee cart are from their laboratory specializing in coffee-sweet cherries.
  People who have been persistent will always get a response. The business of Road Coffee gradually improved. At the beginning, the customers of the coffee cart were surrounding residents and occasional tourists passing by. Slowly, many coffee lovers came to check in. Later, Road Coffee was even invited to music festivals and beer. Festivals, coffee festivals, which have allowed road coffee to gain more attention. Not only has it ranked first in the keyword searches of major social media, but also the media interviews.
  When the time came to mid-2019, Ashu remembered his original intention of resigning, but over the years, the meaning of “coffee shop” has never been realized, and the idea of ​​”restlessness” has begun to breed again. Maybe like-minded is mutual achievement. Talking about the original intention, the team once again hit it off. The three young people took out the money and personal deposits made by the coffee car business in the past year, and they pieced together to buy a new car and succeeded in accordance with the traffic regulations. Transformed into a coffee car “3.0” that satisfies long-distance travel. It took seven months from the purchase of “3.0” to the listing. The twists and turns during the period were unexpected, but this time, “Road Coffee” was born.

  On the afternoon of December 18, 2019, Ashu drove his “Caxing 3.0” with his two partners and his original dream on the road! Speeding all the way, the sky is high and the sea is wide. Without any plans, this walk-and-go trip started from Guangzhou all the way to the west, passing through Guilin, Chongqing, Seda, Lhasa, Xining, Chengdu, and Lijiang. The mood to realize the dream is joyful, and the ground-breaking of a seed has accumulated too much desire and strength, so Ashu drove 20000KM in one breath on the first part of the journey.
  During this journey, there were more difficulties than imagined, but compared with the gains and emotions, it seemed insignificant. It was when vehicles were restricted and had to turn to the winding and rugged mountain roads. When a group of people was extremely frustrated, the Seda after the snow appeared in front of them, red and white, magnificent and magnificent. Everyone described it as: “The red houses all over the mountains and plains covered with a thin layer of white snow, like the cream dotted on cranberry cakes, make people happy.” Before leaving, I met two male monks, male monks. I was shocked by the three young people coming from Guangzhou, and asked carefully if I could try freshly ground hand brewed coffee. This is the first time they have tried hand-made coffee. The surprises and wonders of the first cup of coffee in life are all written on the simple face; and Ah Shu also tasted authentic butter tea for the first time here. The joy and emotion of sharing brought them warmth in the cold weather of minus 18℃. Continue to march, the dark ice on the road to Ganzi County is getting more and more, and the majestic snow-capped mountains are getting closer and closer. At the top of the 4580-meter-high mountain with minus 20°C, closer to the blue sky, the silky white clouds resemble a ribbon on the sky, and the mountain top not far away is covered with a thin layer of snow. In the snowy sky, holding a cup of freshly ground special coffee, the lingering heat melts into the air as soon as it emerges from the mouth of the cup, and the temperature of the palm of the hand radiates from the whole body, this is the romance of a long journey. In the one-month trip, all the way forward, all the way is magnificent, exhaustion is not worth mentioning.
  In 2020, the epidemic is sweeping the world, and many people are trapped at home. The world in the distance seems to be more mysterious and fascinating. With the funding of partners, Ashu started the second trip of “Road Coffee” on June 8th-all the way to the north, the second 20,000KM self-driving trip around Northwest, Tibet, and Southwest. This time, although they carefully planned the route, accidents always come. The original plan is completely disrupted, so they improvise and slowly appreciate the customs along the way. On the way to Qinghai, they came across a large group of sheep blocking their way, so they also slowly basked on the road; the navigation made a mistake, so they made the mistake and looked at the clouds at the foot of the snow-capped mountains; after crossing the Haixi of Qinghai, they met in the uninhabited land and they were riding all the way from Inner Mongolia. The two big brothers who came to Tibet; after entering Xinjiang, they met a pair of grandparents in their nineties at the beginning of the road to Duku, selling watermelons just picked from the ground by the side of the road; seeing the gesture on the Qinghai-Tibet highway The graceful Tibetan antelope, the honest Tibetan yak, the cute fox and the marmot; crossing the famous Tanggula Pass…under the snow-capped mountains, next to the holy lake, in the open prairie, at a certain intersection, taking heaven and earth as a poem, Meeting friends with coffee, Ashu meticulously collects those unexpected encounters and touches.
  Ashu believes that coffee should not be exclusive to exquisite urban life, but a symbol of freedom. It is an excitement of the taste buds and every occasional encounter, sharing and sincerity in the mountains, rivers and lakes. Going deep into the vast inland land, there are still so many people who have not drunk coffee before, breaking the physical boundaries and restrictions of tasting coffee. He wants more people to taste coffee more freely. The first cup of coffee in life should be romantic. And it’s worth remembering. The journey along the way also healed his soul under the shackles of the city.
Finding the Ownership for “2.0” Love coffee is unchanging persistence

  During the two road coffee trips totaling 40,000km, they traversed the endless desert without man’s land, crossed the Populus euphratica forest in Xinjiang, and marched on the solid ground under their feet, marveling at the vastness of China’s land and marveling at the magnificent scenery. Embracing the wind between the mountains of Mount Everest, closer to the sky and the moon, and empathizing with the snow-capped mountains and the holy lake… This is a cool thing for others, but they did not make the coffee cart stunning visuals and 4 As a gimmick topic, the story of 10,000 kilometers has been marketed vigorously, instead focusing more on the taste and aroma of coffee.
  Since “3.0” returned to Guangzhou from Tibet, they have been looking for a permanent location suitable for “2.0”. For those fans and friends who deliberately meet with Road Coffee but have been out of the air again and again, and also to find a place for “2.0”. But it was always a problem to match the right place for the eye border, until the encounter with Jueyuan 1984 by chance. Encounter is a wonderful word, which represents first-hand surprise and long-lasting comfort. Jue Garden is an old red-brick bungalow with nearly a century of history. It is located in Dongshankou, the humanistic heart of Guangzhou. It is a living aesthetic space integrating photography, music, art exhibitions and homestays. Everything here is a sense of calmness, as if time has slowed down here.

“Café 2.0” is now settled in Jueyuan, Guangzhou, and more people can go to have a leisurely cup of coffee at a fixed time. The upper and lower pictures on the right side of the right page are the special push products “Claypot Latte” and “Orange Yi” of Road Coffee.

  They and “2.0” are stationed here. In the three-person team, Ashu is responsible for the overall operation of road coffee, Song Chundan is responsible for the roasting of coffee beans, and Qiu Zhixiang is responsible for product development. Road coffee is self-roasting coffee. From bean search to roasting to coffee shop, they will do every process by themselves. There are now more than a dozen road coffee products, mainly Italian coffee, special coffee and other single products. Among them, “Orange Italian” and “Claypot Latte” are the two recommended by Ashu.
  ”Orange Italian” is a special fruit flavored coffee. The coffee beans come from Guodingding Village in Ethiopia. The coffee beans are lightly roasted. The coffee beans and green apples are hand washed together, and then left to ferment overnight. A slice of citrus and appropriate amount of honey, the fresh fruit sourness and honey’s sweetness collide with each other, and get a unique “orange” taste, which brings the ultimate refreshing experience to the tip of the tongue; “Claypot Latte” uses Yejiashefei and gold The blended beans from Mandheling, Costa Rica, Colombia and Yunnan are decorated with clay pots with Cantonese culture as lattes. The barista extracts 40ml of coffee liquid from the 4 concentrates, ensuring the mellow aroma and aftertaste of the coffee.
  In addition, they are committed to making road coffee go further and see the world farther away. In January of this year, shortly after “2.0” moved to Jinjue Garden, A Shu went to Yunnan with “3.0”. Yunnan is a province with a large coffee bean production in China. The province’s planting area accounts for 70% of the country’s area, and its output accounts for 83% of the country’s total. Ashu went deep into the coffee base in Yunnan, walked into the coffee grove, visited and learned from local coffee farmers planting coffee trees and processing coffee beans. In the future, he also wants to go to Africa. As the birthplace of coffee, Africa produces the world’s high-quality coffee beans. Only by continuous learning can we understand better, and can also take coffee with “3.0” to see the wider world. His dream is to travel around the world with coffee, to get to know the bigger world, to meet more people, and to pass the carefully brewed coffee to more people. Maybe one day, road coffee will meet you during your trip.