The hallucinations of middle-aged women

   My friend Wang Kai, a senior media person, posted a Weibo because he even read two novels written by female writers about the reunion of middle-aged couples:
   an article about two men’s fighting around a still-beauty female classmate; the other one She wrote about the men’s attention to the former couple who had been unmarried, and finally she told him that this was the last side of life. The text permeates the warmth of middle-aged Mary Su.
   how to say? Basically, it’s still an illusion novel.
   In fact, when middle-aged men and women meet at a secular level, the people who meet more often are snobbery and calculated. Even if there is no interest at all, they will first measure the other party according to the market price. The hot reminiscence of the wine is just a little residual warmth. I really pulled it inside, and the sparks soon dissipated. I don’t know if it is because of my male perspective. I am very impatient with this middle-aged warm writing.
   I can’t wait to tell them in front of the computer, wake up, and not play the “Bridge Bridge”.
   As a woman, seeing this passage, I feel sad and funny. Sadness is the understanding of the same kind. The illusion is the last spark of a middle-aged woman. The funny is really true. Most of my life is living in illusion. It is true that the majority of people are women.
   The love brain is the most. When I was young, I was immersed in the love of one after another, and always said that I was reading all kinds of love stories. One of the most horrifying examples I have ever seen is that when I was in college, I had a flat-looking and introverted roommate who had never had a boyfriend. She seemed very lonely in the crimson romance that was full of the bedroom. Suddenly one day she began to receive a letter telling us that it was a love letter from her high school male classmate. We all believed, but we wondered why we never met this male classmate. When she was about to graduate, her parents came to school and said that she had delusions and was about to drop out. Only then did we know that the thick letters were all written to herself.
   And when people reach middle age, the kind of firm and virtuous wife who believes that all men in the world cheat, and only my husband will not cheat. Sometimes, even if the man has been cheating on the streets, and even if someone who has done something plainly tells her, she will firmly believe that her husband is wronged after a round of questioning, and that the person who has done something is wrong. Want to deliberately divorce their relationship between husband and wife.
   The other is the postmodern life of my aunt, who has been vigilant for a lifetime, and suddenly jumped into a slaughter plate: some were cheated by old and unscrupulous old men, some were cheated by the little handsome guy who took care of the insurance, or even never seen. A glance at the netizens deceived… until the last years of savings were squandered.
   In addition to the above two kinds of love brains, there is another kind of life, which is to worship one’s outstanding children wholeheartedly. I once ran into an old classmate who wanted to eat a meal to reminisce about the past, but ended up talking about her excellent son for three hours. I later discovered that in this world, my classmate Xiaofang had completely disappeared, and only Xu Zhongde was his mother.
   Suddenly, it was terrible to start a business. Halfway through my life, without any skills, I suddenly announced that I would start a business. I had a student who was very beautiful when he was young, and he was also very cute. After thirty, he suddenly abandoned his husband and abandoned his son, and started a business called private maintenance all over the world. Every day, he flew around the country as if he was beaten up with chicken blood. The team has a set of big words, and a discerning person sees it as a scam business. But in the same way, you can’t wake up a man with blood.
   Many years ago, Tennessee Williams wrote a famous play called “A Streetcar Named Desire”. The young lady played by Vivien Leigh is a typical woman living in fantasy: she is obviously lonely and helpless, but still wants Disguising herself as a noble southern lady, wearing a tulle skirt, she feels that all the men in the world are pursuing her. When her brother-in-law forced her to tell the truth, she began to cry out in pain, “I don’t want reality, I want fantasy.”
   It’s a pity that the middle-aged women who live in fantasy in reality have not yet reached the level of Vivien Leigh. They live in their fantasy world like a fish and take these as real. In this fantasy world, They have a perfect husband, perfect children, perfect career, perfect love… They seem to have lost their normal sense of reality in this world. They can’t perceive their true position and real situation in this world at all. It is to live in the life they want.
   Sometimes it is shockingly absurd, but their common characteristic is that they do not communicate, as if as long as they are firmly trapped in a castle, her world will be established forever.
   Why middle-aged women can easily live with hallucinations? This is probably because reality is really difficult. Illusion is the only match we carry with us. Occasionally, one can be used for heating and lighting, but in the final analysis, we still have to find a way home and find a house with hard walls where we can settle down. It’s best to build this house by yourself, so that no one can drive you away.
   It’s a pity that many people who live in illusions either regard the borrowed house as their own, or simply imagine their scribbled straw shed into a magnificent mansion. All their strength is to use hallucinations to keep warm all day long, and to burn matches into mountains.
   If you are lucky enough, such a straw shed can indeed be sheltered, regardless of the eyes of others. But the sky is unpredictable, and the hayloft is the hayloft. As long as the wind blows and the fire burns, life becomes a wasteland.
  Eliot said that April is the cruelest season, and for women living in hallucinations, the cruelest thing is those who pierce them.