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Reading boundary

  Some people say that “the boundary of reading is the boundary of the world of cognition”, and the heart follows the eyes to travel where the feet can’t reach, and then reaches the place that the feet can’t reach. From tangible reading such as Oracle, bamboo and silk, sheepskin, and paper, to modern online reading, audio reading, and mobile phone reading, the form of reading is undergoing unprecedented changes, and the boundaries of the world seem to extend infinitely.
  Is there a boundary for reading? Of course there is. For most people, especially in the era of fragmented reading, the value orientation of reading is more practical. The students are diligent, and most of them will choose to read some books related to the exam. After all, the score is the last word; young people are more inclined to succeed and inspire, heavy schoolwork and work, and the deep desire for success is understandable; Those who like health preservation will naturally read some health care books in order to solve some practical problems; those who like to travel will read some travel books, which can’t be reached on foot and have a good eye. Most people read because of habit, read because of interest, and cruise slowly in their comfort zone.
  Is there a comfort zone for reading? Of course there is. In a familiar area, reading some relatively interesting content, humorous brushwork, seductive pictures, pursuing relaxed and pleasant feelings, pursuing visual enjoyment, without thinking, let alone gains or losses, is a way of “killing” time. But there is no room for improvement, or the room for improvement is relatively small, unable to pull the upward curve, and gain little.
  Reading has no boundaries. There are too many books that can be read, and there are too many books that need to be read. The rich variety will bring people a different reading experience, but a person’s time is limited, life is limited, how to be in a limited time Here, choosing a book worth reading is a matter of knowledge.
  For those who can read, the classics have eternal charm. Only after the washing of time and the test of life, the pearls left on the beach of the years will have immortal light. Read the handed down works, examine yourself in the book, enrich your experience, improve your taste, and build your own life coordinates. Read classics, broaden your horizons, nourish your life, enrich your soul, and build your own spiritual world.
  Lightweight readings may be fascinating, but it is difficult to gain more. Books that are difficult to “gnaw” will definitely benefit a lot if you insist on “gnawing” them down. With the spirit of exploration, you will open the boundaries of reading little by little. There is also a kind of book, advanced and professional, no matter how hard you can push the door, if you really push it open, you will find a wonderful world unfolding in front of your eyes, unique and surprising.
  People who like to read will squeeze time out of trivial and complicated affairs to experience the pleasure of reading. Read one more book, you can see the world from another angle, and you can see a different world from another angle. The accumulation of quantity will change qualitatively and will continuously improve the level of cognition. Only by standing at a certain height can one overlook life and see the overall situation.
  There is a saying that goes well: “Fitness and reading are the cheapest ways to appreciate in the world.” Fitness is one’s own business, and reading is also one’s own business. With a little time cost or a little economic cost, you can enter a brand new one. world. Only by widening the boundaries of reading can you broaden the breadth and height of life, and follow the author’s perspective to experience unknown fields, unknown spaces, unknown things, and unknown worlds, and travel in the ocean of books. Reading is the greatest shortcut in life. Reading more, reading good books, reading valuable books, absorbing the essence, and absorbing nutrients is to save yourself the greatest wealth.
  British writer Woolf said: “It’s more important for a person to be yourself than anything else.” Reading is a way and a path to reach a distant place. It broadens the boundaries of reading, broadens the horizon of life to a certain extent, and explores in the uncomfortable zone. , Accumulate, think, challenge one’s own reading boundary, and reach a wider world.
  The beauty of reading is to open yourself more effectively, learn to accept, tolerate and forgive, make yourself a better version of yourself, make reading a part of your life, and make the spiritual world deeper and broader.

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