The Jilongshan Airport is built on the top of the Jilongshan Mountain, under the mountain is Jilong Town. This is an unheard of airport, with only one plane landing every week.
  I came to this airport because of accidental reasons. The friend who drove me to the airport said that he tried his luck and didn’t know if the plane would come today.
  The locals call the plane that landed at the Jilongshan Airport a passing plane, that is, there must be a plane flying in during the week, but they don’t know when and when it will come. It’s like a temporary crossing. Whenever an airplane has a vacant seat, just fly and stop to see if there is anyone, and someone will take it with you.
  I asked my friend, even the people at the airport don’t know when or when there is a plane coming? My friend said, it’s almost the same, they can only receive a notice one hour in advance that a certain flight from a certain place to a certain place will land here. But you have also seen it. We drove up from the town and it took us an hour and a half. Even if the people at the airport know you well and confided to you that there is a plane coming over today, it’s too late for you, isn’t it?
  We parked the car at the gate of the airport terminal. The wind on the mountain is very strong. My friend said, after you get off the car, lean against the car door first, grab the handle, and wait until you are stable before walking. His reminder made me scared, could I be blown down the mountain accidentally?
  The airport terminal is only as large as a grocery store. I told my friend that this is not like a waiting room at all. My friend said, but it’s not like a grocery store. Does the grocery store have such a comfortable chair to sit on? Indeed, although the waiting room is small, this row of chairs are authentic airport waiting chairs, exactly the same as the chairs at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. There are also toilets. I went to the toilets. The toilets are not only clean, but there are also paper tubes on the wall next to the washbasin. I took one out to wipe my hands. The texture of the paper is the same as that of Shuangliu International Airport. An old man in blue overalls was mopping the floor with a mop. I asked him, is there a plane coming today? The old man glanced at me and didn’t respond. He didn’t seem to understand what I was saying.
  My friend said that today is Wednesday, and the last time he flew here was Wednesday. What he meant was that the probability of a plane coming on Wednesday was higher. But I don’t believe it very much. His statistics are not convincing at all. I asked him, besides you, anyone in your town has ever been here by plane? He said of course, the mayor, the deputy mayor, the director of the police station, and the head of the chicken cage middle school have all sat there. He himself is the director of the chicken coop health center. Did they all get on the plane on Wednesday? I asked again. do not know. He took out his cell phone, should I call and ask? I said no, it’s definitely not Wednesday. He smiled and put the phone back in his pocket.
  I could have taken the train back to Chengdu, and there was a train from Ningbo to Chengdu that passed through Jilong Town. But my friend said, since you are so anxious to go back, you might as well consider flying. So he told me about Jilongshan Airport. I am a very curious person. What he said about the airport on the top of the mountain immediately aroused my interest. I was in a hurry to fall behind.
  I have also asked my friends, what is the need for this airport that is not even sure about flights? My friend lowered his voice mysteriously and said two words: preparedness. I laughed as soon as I heard it. I said, I can understand that you are building an airport in the Himalayas. It is a war preparation, because there are both India and Nepal, and Bhutan, which has not yet established diplomatic relations. But who do you think you will fight in Jilongshan? The friend waved his hand and said, you don’t understand, this can only be understood.
  Finally, I have to admit that my friend’s intuition without data support is correct, and the probability of coming to the plane on Wednesday is very high. Just when I had no hope at all, the horn in the waiting room sounded a sweet female voice. She broadcasted the exciting news in the airport Mandarin and English that we are familiar with: Gentlemen and ladies, please pay attention. Flight CA4278 from Zhengzhou to Chengdu is about to land at Jilongshan Airport. Please hurry up and get ready for boarding.
  I asked my friend, there are still female staff at this airport? My friend said, yes, it was a retired flight attendant.

  I don’t remember where I flew from. The names of places in Africa are hard to remember. But I remember the plane I took.
  First of all, I found that the security check of this plane was too sloppy, so I took a lighter with it easily. Then I found out that this was the narrowest airplane I ever flew—not the smallest, but the narrowest. The plane is long enough, with more than 20 rows of seats, but there are only two rows in one row, separated on two sides, with the aisle in the middle, giving it the feeling of sitting in a bullet-shaped commercial vehicle.
  Most of the passengers on the plane were white, only a few blacks, and I was a yellow person. The captain and the pilot showed their faces before taking off. They were also white. But the two flight attendants were black, one man and one woman. Before takeoff, the cabin was filled with all kinds of voices and laughter. I didn’t understand foreign languages, and I didn’t know what they were talking about. I suddenly felt that this kind of single-person seat is also very good, avoiding the embarrassment of talking with people. I originally had an interpreter, a Sichuan girl who worked as a tour guide in Africa, but when she arrived at the airport, she discovered that the laptop had left the hotel. I had to go first and wait for her at the next airport.
  When the plane took off, it jumped twice on the runway, which evoked a scream; it finally rose into the air, and everyone laughed and clapped together; when it rose to a certain height, it entered a smooth flight , The cabin suddenly became quiet. I saw someone adjust the back of the seat, put on an eye mask, and prepared to sleep for a while. Some people took out a book and held it in their hands to read it. Others turned their heads and looked out the window. Except for the clouds outside the window, there is a blue void.
  I couldn’t sleep on the plane, nor did I have the habit of reading on the plane, so I tilted my head and looked out the window. But there’s really nothing to look at outside the window, it’s boring to look at it for a while. When I turned my head, I saw the one on the right, who probably thought there was nothing to see outside the window, and looked back boredly. Our eyes just happened to meet-a blond young man. He smiled at me and nodded, and I nodded instinctively, but didn’t smile like him. I always feel that if the language is not fluent, it is impossible to bring out the corresponding expression. He suddenly started talking, his expression changed from a smile to a variety of smiles. Fortunately, I found out in time that he was not talking to me, but to his girlfriend (or wife), who was sitting in the chair in front of me, and she was also a blond young man. I breathed a sigh of relief and continued to turn my head to look out the window.
  At this time a mountain appeared outside the window with snow on the top of the mountain. I was a little nervous, not afraid of nervousness, but excited nervousness, because I heard an interpreter before-the Sichuan girl said that this time the route is to pass Kilimanza Luo, it is the mountain that Hemingway wrote about. When I found Mount Kilimanjaro, the one on the right also got up from his seat, and he yelled at his girlfriend (or wife), which was equivalent to saying “Look, look quickly” because he You can’t see it over there, you can only see it from our window. His girlfriend was leaning on the back of the chair listening to the Walkman, and she was very intoxicated. She probably had her eyes closed, and she didn’t know where he was dancing and shouting. He saw that she should not, so he ran over and pushed his girlfriend on the shoulder. His girlfriend opened her eyes and looked at him quite surprised. He pointed out the window again to show her. The girlfriend turned her head, and this look made her yell, and a kiss and hug came with him. He seemed like this was not enough to share his inner joy. He turned around and talked to me wow wow wow, and kept pointing out the window with his fingers. This time I understood one of his words: Kilimanjaro. He was afraid that I didn’t understand it yet, so he took a book in his pocket and showed it to me. It was a travel guide book. The page he turned to was a picture of Mount Kilimanjaro. I hurriedly told him in the English words of “yes and yes”, I knew this was Kilimanjaro, and I also knew Hemingway, Gregory Parker and Ingrid Bergman. He gave me a thumbs up, OK, “so too”.

  The plane flew slowly over Kilimanjaro until it finally disappeared from our sight. Afterwards, the plane dived into a thick cloud layer and began to turbulence and shake violently. The captain’s voice sounded from the horn, and he was telling us that the aircraft was being affected by the airflow. Please sit down and don’t panic.
train station

  When I got off the train, I followed a group of people to the exit of the station. From dress to accent, these people feel that they are all locals.
  First, walk in the direction of the rear of the train on the platform. It was getting late and there were street lights on the platform. But as we walked, the street lights suddenly disappeared, and I realized that we had left the platform and walked on the rails instead. I asked a middle-aged man with a black leatherette wallet next to him, did he leave the station like this? He glanced at me and said nothing. Can’t you understand my accent? I switched to Putonghua again. This time he didn’t even look at me, and speeded up his pace, as if he didn’t want me to follow him.
  At first I didn’t care too much, thinking that the people here are just like this. But the farther I went, the more I felt wrong. I didn’t even have a house like a train station after walking so far. The more I went, the more desolate I went. I know that in a county-level city like this, the train station is generally simple, but no matter how simple it is, it is not like weeds except for railroad tracks, right?
  I grabbed a young man and asked him if this is the way to the exit? The young man was very honest, and although he didn’t speak, he nodded at me with certainty. I looked at the front, except that the railroad tracks were weeds, I was still a little worried, and took a few steps to catch up with a woman in a flowered shirt and a red bucket bag. Are you going to the exit? The woman glanced at me. Are you a foreigner? I say yes. She asked again, what are you doing here? I said to come here to attend a literary conference. She smiled, then you must have a ticket? What ticket do I ask? She said of course it was a train ticket. Could you ask if the food ticket is not valid? I said yes, I have a train ticket. The woman laughed out loud this time, since you have a ticket to go with us, why? We are all people without tickets. Seeing that I still didn’t understand, she said, you could have gone through the ticket gate there. We went here to evade fares. Do you understand? I understand now. Should I go back now? I asked. She laughed again, now you are going to leave the station, and you are going back to be a ghost.
  Indeed, in a short while we left the rails and climbed up a dirt slope, outside of which was the road. But leaving the station like this naturally missed the person who picked me up at the exit. I stood stupidly on the road, a little at a loss. At this time the woman came over and asked, do you know where the meeting is? I then pulled out the meeting notice from my pocket, which read: Shuicheng Hotel. The woman said, follow me, just on the way.

  His ideal in life is to live in a hotel for the rest of his life, like the writer Nabokov did. He also told me that novels like “Lolita” were written in the hotel. But he is not a writer and has no plans to write novels in a hotel. He just likes the feeling of staying in a hotel. The room is cleaned, the sheets are changed and washed, there is free breakfast, and the other two meals can also be taken care of in the hotel. But this is not the main thing, mainly because of the strange and wandering feeling of staying in the hotel, as if I will always be a stranger. When he was almost forty years old, he realized his ideals. He sold his apartment and all the belongings in the apartment, condensing his personal belongings into a suitcase. That night, he dragged the suitcase and checked into one of the most luxurious five-star hotels in the city. He called me and asked me to have a drink to celebrate. The wine is readily available in the hotel room, Scotch whisky. The romantic put on a hotel room pajamas, and suggested that I wear it too, but I refused. As a realist, I asked him a financial question, how much did the apartment cost? How long can you stay in such a hotel, and have you ever calculated it? And I also told him that as far as I know, after the publication of “Lolita”, Nabokov earned a large amount of royalties, bought a villa in Switzerland, and finally ended his career in a hotel. He was a little unhappy, he felt that I was too practical and my eyesight was too short, don’t I have the ability to continue earning this hotel room rate? Besides, what does Nabokov’s purchase of a villa have to do with me? However, he only stayed in this hotel for a month and then moved to another hotel, this time it was four-star. But he denied that he changed rooms because he listened to my warning. It has nothing to do with financial planning, he said. His reason is that one cannot stay in the same hotel for too long, and one month is the limit, otherwise, the sense of strangeness and wandering will be gone. As he said, he frequently changed hotels afterwards. Because of the frequent changes, he didn’t bother to tell me every time. One day, almost ten years later, he called and asked me to have a drink at his place. I followed the navigation map he sent me and found a small area near the zoo in the north gate. I was a little surprised and asked him, if you bought a house, you won’t live in a hotel? He smiled and looked around the two-bedroom apartment he lived in, and then said to me in a provocative tone, “Why do you say that this is not a hotel?” I also looked around the room. All the furnishings are the same as ordinary homes, except that the furniture is less, the clutter is less, and the living room is a bit like a hotel. Is it really a hotel? Really, he nodded. This is a very special hotel. It is different from all the hotels you have seen. It does not have a fixed and centralized building. Tens of thousands of rooms are scattered in the city. In each community, it’s like this, but the management is still hotel-style, the rooms are cleaned, the sheets are changed and washed, the light bulb is broken, the faucet is broken, and some are repaired. The most important thing is that the sense of strangeness and drifting is still very strong. You can live in this community for a week, and you can live in another community with your suitcase the next week, or even if you want to live in another community every day. When talking, a woman came out from the bedroom. He only talked and didn’t introduce me. The woman was a little embarrassed, and she was not sitting or standing. He didn’t know how to say hello when he saw me. I had no choice but to nod her head first and said hello. She also smiled back, but did not speak, watching my friend who was still talking and waiting for him to speak. He said that this is definitely a revolution in the hotel concept. Think about it, all future communities may be hidden hotels. Having said that, it seemed that he suddenly found the woman, and then introduced to me that this is Xiao Liu, and she loves staying in hotels just like me. But he still didn’t introduce who I was. Xiao Liu had to smile at me again and asked, shall we stay for dinner? I’m going to buy some food. After Xiao Liu went out, I asked him, are you planning to get married? He said that marriage is also possible. Nabokov used to live in a hotel as a family.

  Lao Wang traveled back to ancient times and became a scholar. On the way to Beijing to take the exam, he lived in a temple, but found that a scholar had already lived in the temple before him. The scholar asked him, why not stay in the inn? Lao Wang said, I heard that there are often amorous encounters in temples. The scholar sneered and met a ghost. He asked the scholar again, why do you live in a temple? The scholar was also very refreshed, and said frankly, I have no money to live in an inn, and I have to save my money on the road to buy steamed buns. He asked Lao Wang again, how many times did he take the test? Lao Wang said, for the first time. Ask the scholar again, how about you? The scholar sighed, ten times. Ten times? Live in the temple ten times? The scholar nodded. Lao Wang jumped up, then you must have had an affair. There is always one in ten times, right? The scholar shook his head and said, not to hide from Xiongtai, not even once. Lao Wang was a little frustrated. Now, what’s going on, it is clearly written in the book that scholars who go to Beijing to rush for exams often have an amorous encounter in temples. Is it false news? Seeing Lao Wang’s dejected look, the scholar said, you don’t look like a person short of money, so go back to the inn. Living in the temple is very hard. But Lao Wang is not reconciled, he is here, how can he convince himself without trying? In this way, the old Wang said goodbye to the scholar and settled down on the other side of the temple. As the scholar said, the temple is no better than the inn. Not only is it inconvenient to wash, but the floor is hard to sleep. I had to take out the book from the bookcase and revisit the chapters of the book with the bright moonlight outside the window. When the love was strong, I solved it by myself before falling asleep in a daze. As the saying goes, it is better to come early than to come by coincidence. Just when he was about to enter a dream, the dream became reality, and a strange sound awakened him. Lao Wang stood up and listened carefully, and found that the sound came from the other side of the temple, where the scholar slept. After saying goodbye to the scholar in the evening, the two never met again. In other words, it was only natural that we were all scholars and met on the way to the exam. They lived in the same temple, sat down for a drink, and exchanged their reading and exam experience with each other. But Lao Wang was inexplicably wary of the scholar and didn’t want to talk too much. The scholar did not seem to be interested in making the uninvited guest. So the two of them looked at the sky outside the window at the same time, said goodbye to each other, and went to sleep on each side. It now appears that the scholar regarded Lao Wang as a competitor to the temple’s Aventure, so he was so indifferent. What a deep-seated man. Lao Wang sighed while watching the scholar’s affair. But he was still very happy. Although the affair did not happen to him, at least the certificate was true, and it was common to have affair when staying in the temple. The next day, he went to wash up at the well platform. When he met the scholar, he said to him, “My husband is not honest enough. He wanted to lie to me back to the inn because he was afraid that I would ruin your good deeds?” Scholar Arch He said, ashamed and ashamed, so Xiongtai laughed. Lao Wang said, “Where, Mr. Yanfu, it’s too late to be envious.” The scholar froze for a moment, and then smiled, Xiongtai misunderstood that it was my lady who came to deliver the clothes. Because it was too late, she stayed for one night. No, she sent her back at dawn. Lao Wang still didn’t believe it, so he turned out the book and showed it to the scholars. The scholar took the book and flipped through it, and then laughed. I’m really sorry, let Xiongtai believe that it is true. This book is written by me, it’s just a novel. Lao Wang was shocked, dare to ask Mr.’s surname? The scholar said, my surname is Pu and my name is Songling.


  Xiaowu asked me, brother, do you want to buy a tank? I said buy it. Although I know it’s useless to buy it now, it’s okay to treat it as a value preservation and investment. Xiaowu said that many people are now collecting tanks. I don’t believe it. I said you don’t need to seduce my appetite. If everyone is collecting it, I don’t want it. Xiaowu said, brother, I was joking.
  Xiao Wu took me to a warehouse to see tanks. To be honest, the tank’s appearance is not very good, and the gun barrel is a bit curved. I asked Xiao Wu, what’s the matter with this gun? Xiao Wu said, brother, this is the real product, and it is naturally a little bend because there are too many cannons. I nodded, I believe this. I circled the tank, the track is intact, and there are a few bullet marks on the rear of the tank, which is also good, indicating that this tank has experienced actual combat. Xiao Wu helped me climb to the top of the tank again, opened the lid, and asked if I want to go down and take a look? I asked how is the air inside? He said that it might not be very good to keep covering. I hesitated, let’s take a look. Unexpectedly, the inside of the tank is still so spacious, and the seven-seat Highlander can’t match it. I touched the interior of the tank, and it felt a little rough, and it smelled of a mixture of scrap metal and expired diesel. I asked Xiao Wu, can I have a test drive? Xiaowu said, you can be a C1 driver’s license. So I got into the cab, started the tank, and drove around in the dam outside the warehouse. Driving a tank for the first time didn’t find it particularly difficult. It felt easier than driving a Wrangler. I drove the tank back to the warehouse and said to Xiaowu, I will discuss it with your sister-in-law when I go home.
  In fact, there is nothing to discuss. My wife also said that it is right to buy a tank at this time. My wife manages money and bought some funds. I know more about this than I do. But where do you stop when you buy it? Is a problem. My wife had an idea, it’s better for us to buy another pavement on the ground floor, put tanks and invest in the pavement, and we will kill two birds with one stone. So, my wife and I spent a few days looking for shops in the city, and finally found a second-hand shop in a secluded area of ​​Sima Bridge. It turned out to be a noodle shop and the business was down. We wanted to sell it. The location and area are quite suitable, so I immediately decided to buy it. On the way home, my wife and I discussed what should I do after the tank is bought? My wife is more romantic than I think. She said that we can stay in the tank for one night every weekend. I asked how could there be such a strange idea? She said, haven’t you always wanted to go camping in the wild? I say yes. She said, it feels more like camping, right?
  On the day I went to pick up the goods, I said to Xiaowu, could I find a truck with a roof? Xiao Wu asked, what do you do? I said tanking. Xiao Wu said, why spend the wrong money and just drive the tank away? I said that driving a tank on the street is too ostentatious, so it’s better to be more concealed. Xiaowu contacted Ant Moving for me, they have the kind of box truck that can hold tanks. However, I regretted it when I went to the street and saw tanks all over the street. I also saw a few tanks, like my tank, with slightly curved gun barrels. There is even more exaggeration. A green camouflage net is placed on the tank (with the gun barrel), giving it the appearance of rushing to the front. I told my wife that Xiaowu didn’t seem to be joking. Indeed, many people are collecting tanks. The wife said that it’s okay. There are more people in the collection, which means more room for value-added. Also, unpopularity means silence. I have always trusted my wife’s words.

  Gillian has a hobby. Whenever she goes to a place, she always visits the museum in that place. Unlike some people, she has to write a book when she goes to a museum, a guide to the museum of XX, the mystery of the museum of XX, and explore the origin of XX from the museum of XX. She just took some photos and posted them to Moments. But one day, her troubles came, and the police contacted her and said that the Luoyang Museum she had just visited had a painted pottery with Huixin round pattern stolen. The police chased Gillian from Luoyang to Chengdu and found Gillian at the hotel where she was staying. Gillian asked what does this have to do with me? The police said that through surveillance video, you were the last to leave the museum that day, and you stayed the longest in front of the cultural relic of the Huixin round-patterned painted pottery basin. Gillian is very angry, and this can’t prove that I stole it. Do you have any more reliable evidence? The police said that there is not yet, but we have checked the museum theft cases in recent years, and compared your circle of friends, and found that you have all been there. Gillian sneered and shrugged. Are you trying to arrest me? The police also shrugged, unfortunately, not yet, you are just suspected, and the case is still under investigation.
  Gillian left Luoyang instead of going back to Hangzhou this time. Instead, she took a detour to Chengdu. In addition to wanting to taste the sweet water noodles that she has always admired for a long time, she wanted to visit the Sichuan Provincial Museum; however, her mood was greatly affected by the police. To go or not to go? Gillian can be regarded as a super museum fan, and she can’t sleep well if she doesn’t go to a museum to see it. Before coming to Chengdu, she had read several articles about ancient Shu on the Internet. She was very fascinated by the history of ancient Shu with science fiction. Now that she is in Chengdu, can she not go to the museum to see the real thing? But now that the suspect is here, is it appropriate to go to the museum? Gillian soaked in the bathtub, thinking about it, and finally decided that Lao Tzu is going to go, she is not afraid of the shadow crooked.
  When Gillian arrived at the Sichuan Provincial Museum of Sending Fairy Bridge, she found that something was wrong, and she seemed to be tracked and monitored. This caused her to always feel uneasy in the museum. She was not attentive enough to look at each of the exhibits. She looked a little jogging, and she felt that this appearance was suspicious as the saying goes. Forget it, I was not in the mood to watch it, went to eat sweet water noodles, and went straight back to the hotel after eating sweet water noodles. By coincidence, she was told the next day that a bronze mask in the Sichuan Provincial Museum had been stolen. The police said that according to surveillance video, she stayed in front of the bronze mask three times as long as she stayed in front of other exhibits. She also remembered that when she was distracted, she had indeed paid special attention to the bronze surface with protruding eyes. This happens to be a token of the ancient Shu Kingdom, unearthed in Sanxingdui, Guanghan, Sichuan in 1932. She still remembers that she took a lot of photos from different angles against the mask and sent them to the circle of friends. Moreover, only a photo of this mask was posted. She became a little frightened, thinking about the articles about split personality that she had read before, did she have another personality, that personality did such a thing? But the policeman touched her shoulder (a policewoman who touched her shoulder) smiled and said, don’t be nervous, we have been monitoring you yesterday and today, at least you did not do it this time. Not only did it not happen to her this time, it can basically be presumed, and it is very likely that she did not do the other thefts.
  The police began to search her circle of friends. It was speculated that there was such a person (or gang) in her circle of friends who stared at the museum photos she sent as the target of theft. In other words, the museum photos she posted in Moments became a guide for others to steal. The police searched for more than half a year. Many of Gillian’s friends were invited to the police station to drink tea, but they were released due to insufficient evidence. The theft cases of Luoyang Museum, Sichuan Provincial Museum, and the previous museums are still pending. But from then on, Gillian had a lingering fear and never went to a museum anymore. She was determined not to go to any museum, including when she walked through the Louvre in Paris. It is a coincidence that since Gillian did not go to the museum, he has never heard of the theft of the museum.

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